Announcing GrowthLab’s first-ever:

Bucket List Challenge

Take GrowthLab’s Bucket List Challenge
and accomplish your #1 goal
by March 31, 2017

Every one of us has something we want to do. But all the stuff we think we have to do gets in the way. Before long, the Tyranny of Little Everyday Bullshit takes over our schedule, our spending, and our sanity.

That stops now.

The Bucket List Challenge is going on RIGHT NOW!

Here’s what you’ll get when you register:

  • The #1 lie people tell you about living your dreams.
  • The only thing you need to create more time and money (and how to get it).
  • My proven formula to decide what's worth spending your time on. We've used this one system to generate millions of dollars in sales at I Will Teach You To Be Rich and GrowthLab.
  • Advanced: How to go from office drone to digital nomad.

Then, on Monday, January 16th, we’ll bring it all together with the broadcast of GrowthLab — LIVE from NYC at 9pm ET (convert to your local time). This is our first ever town hall event, recorded at the Leonard Nimoy Theater in New York City before an audience of 100 GrowthLab students.

You’ll meet 3 successful GrowthLab students and hear how they went from “no idea” to automated online incomes:

  • Zack Arnold, professional editor of 15 years for hit shows including Burn Notice and Glee.
  • Darya Rose, creator of Also a neuroscience Ph.D, author, former dieter, and proud foodist.
  • Luisa Zhou, seven-figure business owner and business coach for female entrepreneurs.

Plus, you’ll get to hear the audience Q&A where the audience got to ask me and our panel their toughest questions.

Everyone SAYS “this year will be different.”

Want to go skydiving? Take a 3-week trip to Thailand? Treat your friends to dinner at the best restaurant in town?

I’ll show you how. Give me 1 week and you’ll discover exactly what it takes to knock the #1 item off your bucket list by March 31st of this year.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Cut the crap that takes up 70% of your free time but contributes nothing to your life.
  • Create the income you need to stop worrying about the little stuff and start living a Rich Life. (For most of us, this is way less than you think. You’ll see the difference an extra $500-$2,000 a month can make and exactly how to get there.)
  • Stop being chained to a desk (or even a city) without giving up your life.

Today, you can join The Bucket List Challenge, for free, and make that hollow pledge come true.

My GrowthLab — LIVE from NYC webcast begins in…