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Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing — Part 4

Harness The Traffic-Building Power of Remarkable Content Marketing

Harness The Traffic-Building Power of Remarkable Content Marketing
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You know it when you see it.

From the opening words to the very last sentence, you can’t stop reading it. It effortlessly pulls you down the page. It intrigues you. It tells a great story. It makes you feel good.

When you’ve devoured the final word, you bookmark it and share it with your friends. Turns out, you’re not the only one who loved it either. At the bottom of the post, you see hundreds of comments. Thousands of social shares.

All from people praising the writer. All from readers begging for more.

Welcome to the world of remarkable content marketing.

You’ve seen awesome writing like this, right? Work that creates reputations and builds businesses.

Maybe you read people like Tim Ferriss, Neil Patel, Brian Clark, or one of the other big-name bloggers who regularly produce high-caliber material you can’t get enough of.

Their amazing content marketing turned them into respected experts, helped them build a loyal fan base, and opened up huge opportunities in their business and personal lives. And it all started with great content.

Neil Patel - Remarkable Content Marketer

Neil Patel

Remarkable Content Marketer

In 2015, my friend Neil Patel published a comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Search Engine Optimization. It has video lessons, definitions, infographics, easy get-started tactics, advanced strategies, and more. Most $500+ SEO courses don’t share this much. The result? It’s been shared on social over 2,000 times and has over 200 comments that continue to add up almost a year later. This is the power of remarkable content marketing.

At GrowthLab and IWT, content marketing has been the cornerstone of our success.

Before email. Before social. And long before I spent a single penny on ads, I produced great content.

To this day, content is what keeps my readers coming back and new readers coming in. Content like my Ultimate Guides. I give more away in my Ultimate Guides than most bloggers offer in their paid courses.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Money
  • The Ultimate Guide to Social Skills
  • The Ultimate Guide to Habits

Publishing remarkable content isn't some weird strategy that only worked for big bloggers like Neil Patel and me. Thousands of my students have grown their traffic with content marketing.

Success Story

Joyce Akiko

The self-taught coder who got over 25,000 views on Lifehacker

Joyce spent years learning how to be a freelance programmer. One day, she decided to share what she’d learned along the way in a single, detailed blog post. Because she spent time — upfront — making the content truly remarkable, her post resonated with tens of thousands of people. In fact, it was so good, one of the writers at Lifehacker decided to feature her work. That one feature alone got more than 25,000 views and brought hundreds of new subscribers to her list.

Joyce Akiko

Success Story

Selena Soo

The publicity coach who made $30,000 from one guest post

Another one of my graduates, Selena, created one viral guest post. Because of how personal and detailed the post was, it received 250 comments, over 1000 shares, and she attracted over 2000 new subscribers to her mailing list.

The end result: she earned more than $30,000 from that ONE guest post.

Selena Soo

So how do you do this in your business?

Every piece of remarkable content mentioned above has the same 7 critical features.

GrowthLab: The 7 Critical Features of Traffic-Driving Remarkable Content

So how do you know if your content is remarkable?

Great content should have comments like these, from a post I wrote on getting a meeting with anyone.

James Ford testimonial: Thank you for this!

Jennifer testimonial: This was exactly what I needed to read today!

Readers are excited to interact with content that they love. They comment on, reply to, and share your content.

Acronym To Know

Key Performance Indicator

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

Here at GrowthLab, we use Google Analytics. But no matter what analytics software you use, there are a few key performance indicators, or key pieces of data you should look at regularly. These KPIs give an overall indication of the effectiveness of your digital marketing. For blog posts, one KPI to track is the “bounce rate.” The bounce rate tracks how many people leave your site after visiting just one page. If your reader is engaged, they will click other areas of your site, so a low bounce rate is a good sign of remarkable content.

You can start using content to drive traffic right now (and it doesn’t cost anything to use content marketing). I break down how to make time and write, edit, and promote your own remarkable content in my Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content. You can download the entire guide below.

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Get the Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content as a downloadable PDF

Get the Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content as a downloadable PDF

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Harness The Traffic-Building Power of Remarkable Content Marketing