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Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing — Part 8

Digital Marketing: What’s Next?

Digital Marketing: What’s Next?
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Whether you’re just getting started, or you already have a successful online business, you’ve learned some of the key systems and strategies of digital marketing and driving traffic to your site.

And you’ve seen how to implement these in days or weeks, instead of the years and years it took me (I didn’t use a few of the strategies in this guide until I hired a team to show me how).

What we’ve covered:

  • Too much vs. too little: how to be strategic about digital marketing (Part 1)
  • How to deeply understand your market so you know more about their fears, hopes, and dreams than they do themselves (Part 2)
  • The counterintuitive way that free mini-courses lead to sales of paid courses (Part 3)
  • 7 critical features that every piece of content should have if you want people to share it (Part 4)
  • How successful businesses really use content as a free promotional strategy (Part 4)
  • One key indicator of remarkable content and how to spot it (Part 4)
  • The reason I fired a social media agency on the spot (Part 5)
  • Free and paid options for saving time on social media marketing (Part 5)
  • How to create a “viral loop” that makes social sharing automatic and natural (Part 5)
  • Timing: the secret sauce of pay-per-click. Miss this and watch your money disappear (Part 6)
  • Why I recommend Facebook ads over Google AdWords (Part 6)
  • How big partnerships REALLY happen in affiliate marketing (Part 7)
  • A word-for-word email script for reaching out to potential partners (Part 7)

We also heard from experts in digital marketing:

And we deciphered some common digital marketing acronyms. Here are the ones you should know before you spend any money on marketing:

GrowthLab: 6 Acronyms Every Successful Marketer Should Know

What’s next?

Now that you know the basics, I recommend two resources to continue mastering digital marketing and growing your business.

#1: General Assembly’s FREE “Digital Marketing 101” Course

General Assembly’s FREE “Digital Marketing 101” Course

In this free email course, you'll get fundamentals of digital marketing delivered straight to your inbox. Every other day, you'll receive a new lesson — from brand strategy to marketing analytics to campaign management. Just like GrowthLab produces free material that’s better than other people’s paid stuff, General Assembly went above and beyond with this free course.

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#2: My “How I Doubled My Revenue” video

I give away tons of free material about these topics. I even have a full course that takes you step-by-step from “no idea” to a successful online business. The course is closed now, but if you want to get a heads up when it opens again, enter your email below.

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Digital Marketing: What’s Next?