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The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home — Part 4

Make “working from home” one of your company’s benefits

Make “working from home” one of your company’s benefits
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Your current job might be the best way to embark on your new work-from-home lifestyle. Even if it’s not a common practice at your company.

But you can’t just stand up on your desk one Friday afternoon and declare, “From now on, I will work from home!”

Everyone will think you’re a weirdo, and building security will usher you out of the office.

The key is this: If you’re great at what you do, you have A LOT more leverage than you think.

To put everything into perspective, you’re not just a body they hired. They had to screen hundreds of resumes, conduct 30+ phone interviews, and then invite a handful of people to meet in person.

Many people forget this.

So if your manager gives you a glowing performance review, it’s the perfect time to bring up the idea of a work-from-home job.

Don’t give any ultimatums. That can lead to confrontation, which never works out well.

Instead, offer to do it on a trial basis. You can use what I call the ARMS techniques to make it easy to get your boss’s stamp of approval.

Those four letters stand for:

Here’s how it works in action:

Reframe as opportunity
Make your case
Shut up after asking this.

Later that day...

Big Win!

The important thing to remember is that you’re proving the concept for now. Once your boss agrees to this small request, and it works out well, they’re more likely to agree to you working from home regularly.

If your company is set in their ways, and you’re set on working from home, don’t worry. There are tons of work-from-home jobs that you can can apply for now.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Virtual Assistant - First off, let me be clear. A virtual assistant isn’t just some peon doing menial tasks. This is a demanding job. A great assistant is one of the best tools executives and business owners can have.

If you’re highly organized, can prioritize tasks, and keep confidential information (you may have access to credit cards and other personal info), this might be a great job for you. You can make anywhere between $20K to $75K a year. It depends on the responsibilities of the role and whether you’re doing it full- or part-time.

Writer/Editor - Companies need blog posts, brochures, annual reports, sales letters, case studies, and technical papers. These things don’t write themselves. If you can churn out quality work with deadlines looming around the corner, I guarantee there’s a company out there who would love to hire you as their go-to writer.

Editors and proofreaders are also in demand. It’s difficult for writers to proofread their own work, and a great editor or proofreader can reassure companies that they’re publishing quality materials.

Salaries for these jobs range from $40K to over 6 figures, depending on your experience and specialty.

Teacher - It used to be that teachers had to show up in a classroom to lecture in front of a room full of students. That’s no longer the case. High-speed internet and webcams have given way to distance learning. Now teachers can give lessons right from the comfort of their own homes.

Universities as well as public and private schools all have roles for people to teach remotely.

The pay varies. If you’re a full-time teacher for a distance learning program, you can expect what an average teacher in a similar classroom role would make. If you’re part-time, you’ll probably get a check for the hours you’re teaching. Tutoring is another good opportunity to teach and work from home.

Tech Support - Are you the person who all your friends and family come to whenever their computer craps out on them? If so, you might find yourself at home working tech support for a company.

You could be doing anything from troubleshooting tech issues or walking people through how to install software. The average salary is $34K a year.

Customer Service - Somewhere along the line, a bunch of customers got pissed because all their calls were routed overseas. People can only speak to someone named “Mark Jackson” who talks with a heavy accent so many times before they get frustrated and slam the phone on the floor.

As a result, companies are bringing customer service back home. But instead of renting expensive call centers, they’re giving people headsets and letting them work from home. Heck, lots of customer service is done via email these days, so they might not even need headsets.

Expect to make $30K as a full-time customer service rep.

Web Developer - Business owners and managers want to focus on their jobs — not deal with headaches that come with maintaining and updating their websites. Knowing about WordPress plugins, HTML, CSS, and other website tools can be your ticket to a job that pays $63K a year working from home.

Designer - Great design isn’t just a “nice thing to have” anymore. It’s a business strategy. Think about buying an Apple computer. You get a beautiful white box that makes you feel like royalty when you open it to fetch your new computer.

Companies need people who know Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These jobs typically pay $40K a year.

Sales Rep - If you’re great at sales, any company would be thrilled to have you. And since you’re making the company money, you get to call the shots. You could ask to be set up with a home office where you make all your calls and answer emails. You only travel for in-person sales calls if the job requires it.

The average salary is $55K. But for people who are really good, the sky's the limit. Commissions and bonuses can add up. It’s not uncommon for top sales reps to be the highest paid people in a company earning multiple 6-figure paychecks. They can even make more than the CEO.

Marketing Specialist - Marketing taught in schools is all about branding, market research, and strategy. But the internet has created niche work-from-home jobs that you don’t need a special degree to get. If you know SEO, PPC, affiliate, or email marketing really well, companies of all sizes need you right now.

You can make anywhere from $50K - $60K and work from home depending on your experience.

Database Manager - Just a few years ago, companies used to have dark air-conditioned rooms filled with computers where they backed everything up. That’s not the case anymore. Thanks to cloud computing, you can access data from anywhere in the world now.

The boom in big data means this isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If you can run SQL queries like nobody’s business, you may be able to command a $70K job working from wherever you want.

Finding jobs like this could free up time and money. The hidden costs of office work can creep up on you. Most people don’t even realize it.

How to land coveted work-from-home jobs and ask for double the average salary

Do the salaries for some of the jobs I listed seem low?

Are you thinking, “No way, I would never give up my job to take that kind of pay, even if I got to work from home”?

That’s because those are average salary figures. Which implies that the candidates are average as well.

The truth is, if you’re a top performer, you can find the best jobs with awesome perks, and ask for MUCH more than you think possible.

Many of my students have done it.

Chris B. Find Your Dream Job graduate
“I got a $55,000 raise” “I mapped out exactly how I wanted to expand my role in my current job... I scheduled a meeting with my CEO and laid out the vision — of course the specifics for my expanded role, which included a $55,000 raise... And I got it — on the spot. There wasn't any negotiation because it was a win/win — on both sides. Because of the work I did beforehand, the value was clear to both of us."
Marcia R. Find Your Dream Job graduate
“I sent out 7 resumes over the course of 6 months, had three call backs, which led to two interviews for two different jobs, which led to day-long marathon interview sessions, leading to two job offers paying $38,000 and $45,000 ABOVE what I made at the beginning of the year.”

What do they know about getting their dream jobs that you’re in the dark about?

Find out by downloading
The 80/20 Guide to Finding a Job You Love

Case Study: How IWT works with dozens of employees in 23 states and 6 countries

IWT started as a personal finance blog that I launched from my Stanford dorm room. Over the years, as I got more readers, I realized that living a Rich Life is about more than just money. So I expanded into careers, freelancing, social skills, and online business.

This would’ve been impossible without hiring a team to help me. Early on, I made the decision to get the very best people I could find. I didn’t want to be limited to geography. So every position I post is open to anyone in the world.

We always get a flood of applications for any job opening. The competition is fierce. But for the people who make it through the hiring process, the work is challenging. And the perks are worth it.

That’s the benefit of being a top performer. YOU get to call the shots and decide how you want to live as long as you keep producing results for the company.

As of writing this, we have dozens of employees in 23 states and 6 countries.

We have former professional athletes on the team. People who used to manage Fortune 500 companies. Marketers and copywriters who’ve worked behind the scenes on multimillion-dollar launches.

Even entrepreneurs who never have to work for anyone else again if they wanted have dropped everything they’re doing to join our team.

Had I rented office space in some New York City high rise, I would’ve never been able to attract this caliber of talent.

What IWT team members LOVE about their work-from-home careers

If you’re great at what you do, we might have a spot for you.

Click here to see IWT careers


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Make “working from home” one of your company’s benefits