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I’ve never done a contest like this

This contest is over – thanks to all who entered.

One of the biggest changes I ever made in my life was learning how to ask for help. Specifically, from the very best people in the world.

Sometimes, you might not have access to them when you’re just starting out. After all, why would they respond to you?

But sometimes, you get the opportunity to talk to someone who — with a single offhand comment — can change your life. It happened to me with a friend who taught me how to dress better. Another person, who said a simple phrase that made me realize I wanted to gain more muscle.

And for business, I’ve written before about Jay Abraham, the business coach who helped me double my revenue in one year by showing me what it really means to be a CEO.

I paid tens of thousands of dollars to fly from NYC to LA once per month for 45 minutes of Jay’s time. And you know what? It was worth even more. I would have paid twice as much for the difference it made in my business, my psychology, and my life.

Now, I want to show you what a huge difference a great mentor can make.

Today, I’m announcing a contest unlike anything I Will Teach You To Be Rich has done before.

If you win, you’ll get twenty 30-minute conversations with a hand-selected group of world-class entrepreneurs, authors, and business strategists — so you can profit from your passion with hands-on help from the best in the world.

The total value of these 30-minute conversations is around $10,000.

But you can get them all free. IWT will pick up the tab — our treat.

This is your chance to get 1-on-1 business advice — all expenses paid — from experts like these:

And these aren’t even HALF of them (in fact, I’m on the list myself).

Interested? Enter the contest here and start thinking about what you would ask these insiders.

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