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6 ways to grow your business with testimonials

Imagine you’ve never heard about these two books before:

Book 1:



Book 2:


You just went on Amazon, searched “careers,” and these two choices showed up in your results.

Which one would you buy?

For most of us, Book 1 is the obvious choice.

But why?

Sure, most of us have heard about Tim Ferriss. Also, you could argue that his book has a better cover, better title, etc.

But remember, we’re pretending you’ve never heard anything about either one.

So what’s really influencing your choice?

One of the biggest reasons most of us would choose Tim’s book is THE REVIEWS.

Each of those reviews acts as a tiny testimonial for the book. Quantifiable proof that it’s good.

Look at Tim’s book again.



It’s got more than 4,000 reviews and has almost a 5-star rating. There’s no disputing A LOT of people love this one. And if that many people are recommending it, it’s probably worth a few bucks to see why, right? That’s exactly how most of us make this decision.

Look at the other book again:


One review, and it’s only 3 stars. Not so good.

Even if it’s only a few dollars, it seems like it would be a total waste of your time and money. It could be 10x as good as Tim Ferriss’ book, but would you take that chance?

The simple fact is when people find your products, services, or business online, they look at these things. They want to know other people have used them. They want proof you’re a trustworthy source. And most of all, they want to know if you can deliver great results.

That’s where the power of testimonials comes into play.

If you can get raving reviews and great testimonials from your customers, you instantly get more people to follow your advice and give your products a shot.

Here are the 6 best ways you can use testimonials for your business or blog.

1 — Short Quotes From Your Happiest Customers

When people land on your website, you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression.

Using short quotes from your happiest customers is one of the best ways to do this.

For example, if your business helps people lose weight, you could include a quote from your client saying something like:

“FINALLY, after years of struggling with my weight, I was able to lose 27 lbs using Jane’s custom meal plans and workouts. The best part? For the first time in 20 years, I can fit into my high school jeans. Amazing!”

Quotes like this instantly show your readers two things:

  1. You can deliver the results they’re after.
  2. You’re an expert with some experience under your belt.

One of our Zero to Launch graduates, Selena Soo, does an excellent job of including short testimonials on her site.



Notice the quotes she uses. They come from authority figures like Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, and the editor of Oprah’s Magazine. This gives her even more credibility and gets new visitors intrigued. “Oh, she worked with the editor of O? Then she can certainly help me with my publicity.”

Those short snippets keep people coming back to your site to learn more and get the same results.

2 — Write Compelling Case Studies

Case studies are one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience.

They cut out all the marketing fluff and leave the raw experiences and emotions — in your customers’ own words.

We use case studies for almost all of our products. Here are a couple examples of the case studies we’ve written on our Zero to Launch site:


Here’s why they work. If someone finds Danny’s story compelling and relatable, they’ll get really motivated. They’ll want to learn more about how Danny built his online businesses than they would if they read 1,000 tactical posts on nitty-gritty topics.

The human connection makes it real. It makes your marketing authentic. Not to mention, it helps your sales convert really well.

3 — Including Your Social Share Count

You’ve probably seen tools like this on the sidebar of some websites:


On the surface, it looks like a way to get people to your share stuff. But it’s actually a great tool for gathering testimonials, too.

Let me explain.

When people come to your website, they naturally look at how many comments and social shares each post has. They want to know if you’re an influencer, if other people are following you, if your stuff is worth spending time reading.  

Be honest: don’t you do this?

We all do.

And looking at the number of social shares is one of the quickest ways to see if it’s valuable content. Because, hey, if other people liked it, you probably will too, right?

That’s not always true, but it is the reality of how we all think.

So make sure you add these buttons to every post you create. Each share you get is like a tiny testimonial to your work.

4 — Show The Number of Views

If you saw a big crowd forming on the street, would you walk over and see what was going on?

Yes, you would. We can’t resist things like this.

That’s because when a lot of people do something, we get curious. We start wondering. We don’t want to miss out.

That’s one of the reasons why sites like Business Insider include the number of views on all their posts. They know that when you see a lot of views on something, you click.

Here’s an example from Business Insider writer Libby Kane:


When you see that there are 1,000,000+ views on that Mark Cuban post, don’t you want to know what it’s about? Aren’t you curious why a million other people would read it?

That’s because each of those views provides proof that it’s worth checking out.

5 — Show The Number of Downloads

This is similar to the last example. The only difference is that instead of showing people how many views something has, you’re showing how many people have used your services.

McDonald’s is famous for doing this. On their signs, they include the slogan “Billions and Billions Served.”

When you read that, you unconsciously think “Well, if that many people like their burgers, surely I’ll like them, too.”

With your business, you probably won’t be asking people to try your hamburgers. But you will be asking people to give you their email addresses in exchange for some material.

By showing that lots of other people have downloaded your ebook or joined your mailing list, you put suspicion to rest. You give people a reason to trust your work.

One of our Zero to Launch alumni, John Corcoran, does a great job of this on his Smart Business Revolution site.


He shows you that more than 20,000 people have joined his mailing list and gotten these great tools. The only question: Why haven’t you already joined?

6 — Share Your Customers’ Emails Directly

This is one of our favorite ways to use testimonials. Rather than editing anything or trimming quotes down to just a few lines, sometimes you can just show the exact emails your customers send you.

Even if we tried, we couldn’t say it better than our students do in their own emails. For example, look at this student. She used our material to negotiate a $50,000 raise:

A photo posted by Ramit Sethi (@ramit) on

Untouched, the results speak for themselves. And that can be the most powerful way to connect with your audience of all.

14 more ways you can create remarkable content

Testimonials are just one way to create remarkable content. But there are a lot of ways to create something that gets devoured by your readers.

That’s why we put together this free guide for you. It shows you 15 of the best examples of remarkable content you can create for your readers. And you can download a free copy of the guide below.


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