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Announcing GrowthLab Live Philadelphia

We liked it so much last time we’re doing it again. The GrowthLab team would like to invite you to our second-ever GrowthLab Live meetup in Philadelphia on September 13th at 6 p.m. (get your ticket here for $100).

GrowthLab Live

GrowthLab Live is an exclusive event (we only have 100 tickets for sale) where we’ll feature a behind-the-scenes question and answer session with Ramit Sethi and GrowthLab/IWT staff — with plenty of time to hang out with your fellow GrowthLab readers.

We’ll peel back the curtain and give you an inside look at how we…

  • Run two brands
  • Launched and maintain 20+ products
  • Operate a distributed team of 30+ people

This event will not be recorded and we will not re-publish any of the questions or answers in any other format. The only way to participate in this candid conversation about starting and growing an online business is to attend.


After receiving your ticket, you will be sent a secret link to a pre-event thread where you will be able to meet other GrowthLab readers and submit your question to be answered by Ramit and our team. And at the event, we’ll pick some of our favorites for an in-depth discussion and follow-up questions.

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