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Business Casual: How On The Road Media lands huge clients like the UN

In this episode of Business Casual, GrowthLab product developer Heather Giannone interviews Maho Irigoyen and David von Blohn, the globetrotting founders of On The Road Media, a media production company with clients like NBC and the United Nations.

01:37 – How OTR has landed huge clients like the U.N., and the apps they use. (Which is a pretty cool industry secret that you really have to be “in the know” to know about.)

02:42 – What does the pitch process look like? David explains how much time they take to craft a pitch to big media companies. One month of research boils down to 400 words. He also breaks down how they need to find a character to bring their story to life.

05:00 – Will big media companies/brands need to get more sophisticated with their media content in the future? As amazing as video production gets, story will always be the most important thing.

06:36 – How they find freelancers to collaborate with — people like animators, extra editors, etc.

08:29 – David breaks down the steps anyone needs to follow to build a successful video freelance career.

Business Casual is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs sharing how they built their online business from the ground up.  

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