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Business Casual: How this jiu-jitsu master’s subscribers led him to a six-figure product

In this episode of our YouTube series Business Casual, Heather Giannone talks to Phil Migliarese, founder of Jiu-Jitsu Matrix, a newsletter focused on sharing high-quality information about the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Yoga for Fighters, a video course focused on helping fighters augment their abilities with yoga.

We talk a lot about the importance of listening to your audience and letting them tell you what it is they need — and Phil has a prime example of this in action.

When he started fielding questions from his Jiu-Jitsu Matrix email subscribers and answering them via video, he noticed something strange: more people were asking about yoga than were asking about jiu-jitsu.

At first, Phil says, he found it frustrating. “I didn’t really listen in the beginning,” he says. “I  wanted the jiu-jitsu questions. But they were asking me the yoga questions.”

Eventually, though, he realized: what he was hearing wasn’t an obstacle — it was an opportunity. His audience was telling him what they were looking for — all he had to do was deliver.

So deliver Phil did. He put together a system of yoga exercises designed specifically for fighters and spent five years testing the program to be sure that it worked. Finally, he put a digital download of the 30-minute program up on his site — and it worked, to the tune of 20,000 downloads within three weeks. At a price point of $9, that’s a $180,000 launch. “I always joke and say ‘Man, I wish I’d charged more for that one,’” Phil says. “But it worked.”

Also in the episode, Phil takes us inside his early email marketing efforts, when his system consisted of an Excel spreadsheet and a Microsoft Outlook account. He also shares how the way he delivers his content to his students has evolved over time, from text to pictures to video to a DVD collection to an app you can download on the app store.

Business Casual is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs sharing how they built their online business from the ground up. New episodes every Friday.

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