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Business Casual: How this photographer stopped trading time for money

In this episode of the GrowthLab series, Business Casual, Heather Giannone interviews Peter Hurley, the #1 headshot photographer in New York City. He is also the founder of Headshot Crew, the world’s largest team of headshot and portrait photographers.

Peter started Headshot Crew specifically because he didn’t want to trade his time for money for the rest of his life. The insights he relays from starting and growing this business will definitely inspire you in your business.

Peter also talks about why your personal brand is especially important if you’re an entrepreneur. But what if you don’t have tons of cash to throw down on a Hurley headshot? Well, Business Casual has you covered, because we also got Peter to give us tips on taking a killer selfie. Even better, he has an extra special guest (sources say it’s around 13:10) help him with the tutorial.


Business Casual is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs sharing how they built their online business from the ground up.  

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