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Business Casual: How to monetize a Facebook group

In this episode of Business Casual, GrowthLab product developer Heather Giannone interviews Jenny Lachs of Digital Nomad Girls, an online community of women who work remotely.

1:00 – Jenny’s “aha” moment when she started her biz

2:07 – How long it took to grow her group to 16,000 members

3:28 – Top 3 tactics Jenny used to grow her group quickly

5:38 – Jenny explains how she monetized her Facebook group

10:18 – Jenny’s top 3 tips for starting a Facebook group

12:38 – Jenny’s top 3 tips to becoming a digital nomad

15:58 – Jenny’s response to if she always wanted to be an entrepreneur or if she stumbled into it

Business Casual is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs sharing how they built their online business from the ground up.  

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