Get the 5-day email funnel that generated $400,000 from a single launch

Ramit Sethi
By Ramit Sethi

CEO and New York Times Best Selling Author

Want an email sales funnel that is already proven to work?

We’ve spent years and millions of dollars testing different funnels to learn what converts. Today, I’m thrilled to take you behind the curtain and share the exact 5-day sales sequence that generated $400,000 from one of our product launches.


This funnel is just a small part of Zero to Launch, the only online business course proven over 10 years, in 50+ industries, and with over 30,000 paying customers. We could easily sell this material alone for thousands of dollars, but I’m sharing it with you for free. All I ask is that you treat this material like you paid for it.

Read it, study it, and most importantly, APPLY IT for higher sales on your next launch.

Then email me ([email protected]) to share your results.

Want the entire, word-for-word email funnel that generated $400,000?

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