How to create mouthwatering blog posts, emails, and sales pages…without actually writing anything

Hour for hour, writing great copy is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. One great email, blog post, or sales letter could generate thousands of sales for you — automatically — for years and years.

There’s only one problem.

It’s tough to sit down and crank out pages of mouthwatering copy from scratch. That’s why you should stop doing that — right now.

That’s right. You should stop trying to create clever copy on your OWN and start swiping copy directly from the words and phrases your customers use.

In the free video below, I’ll show you exactly how to do this, including the exact questions to ask so your customers will write your copy for you.


After you watch this video, you’ll know:

  • The exact questions to ask your readers to uncover their deepest desires. I do this before writing a single word of copy because I know these questions can be worth millions of dollars to my business
  • How listening to your customers can help you write compelling copy and crush writer’s block
  • How to find the perfect product idea buried inside the actual words people use

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