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GrowthLab Live Philadelphia: Introduce yourself

We’re excited to see you in Philadelphia on September 13th!

To make the most of the event, we’re asking every attendee to do 3 things:

  1. Introduce yourself in the comments. Be sure to share a link to the business or project you are working on.
  2. Include one question you would like Ramit and our team to answer. The more detailed the better. Remember: you have access to the IWT team. Take advantage! An IWT staff member may follow up for additional context or information.
  3. +1 other questions. If you see someone else ask a question you’d like answered in Philadelphia, be sure to let the person know in the comments.

And if you have any questions about the event itself, the public post with all of the details is here.

We’re excited to see you in Philadelphia! Be sure to leave your comment below!

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Join The Conversation

Hi everyone! Sean Blanda here, EIC of GrowthLab. I’m excited to meetup in my (hometown!) of Philadelphia. Myself and GrowthLab staff will be in this comment thread. So please say hello and submit any question you’d like us to answer during the Q and A at the event!

Hey everyone! My name is Seth Hanes and I’m a Philadelphia-based digital marketer at a local agency and classical musician.

My question for Ramit & the IWT team:

When it comes to growing your lead acquisition efforts, are there any new strategies or tactics that have surprised you with how effective they have been?

I’ve watched with fascination as the team has doubled down on video content, Ramit selling from Instagram stories, etc. and would love to know what you’ve learned along the way.

My side projects include:

The Musician’s Guide to Hustling

—This blog teaches classical musicians how to get more gigs. I’ve launched one course to my list of about 1,500 readers and am currently developing my second course with a group of nine beta users that paid $50 each for early access. Launch date is TBD, but will likely be late September or early October.

Earn1K Biz – Marketing consulting work

—I did this full-time (with mild success) for a few years and now have gone back to doing it on the side. Clients are typically authors launching books or performing arts organizations who need help starting/growing their digital marketing efforts.

Learning the Music Business (podcast)

—This is just a project for fun on the side. I’m launching it in the fall and currently have a senior editor who covers entertainment for Forbes, a co-founder of a classical musician management company, and a marketing director for a country music label booked as guests. Any podcast advice is welcome!

Link TBD

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