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How to use publicity to make thousands more per month

I once had a friend (I’ll call her Meg) who was considered a well-known life coach. Over a decade, she had written popular books and even been on Oprah.

From an outsider’s perspective, she and her business seemed to be thriving.

But I knew Meg was struggling financially.

She’d turn down offers to get together for dinner. Not because she was too busy — because she couldn’t afford it. She also told me she could barely pay her rent every month for her tiny, walk-up studio apartment.

On the other hand, there are people who’ve been in business for a mere 6 months and have written guest posts on small blogs or done a few podcast interviews — and their business has exploded seemingly overnight.

Take one of my clients, Kimra Luna, for example. She took her business from zero to over $1 million in 18 months. In that time, she built a Facebook community of over 25,000 highly engaged fans and grew her email list to over 30,000 subscribers.

Kimra has been profiled on Forbes and has her own Facebook community.

Kimra has been profiled on Forbes and has her own Facebook community.

What’s happening here? What’s the difference between Meg and Kimra?

The difference is that Kimra didn’t just chase whatever press she could get. Instead, she focused on carefully chosen opportunities that would explode her business.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make the most of the publicity you get. This will help you become a trusted leader in your field and add thousands per month to your bottom line. Plus you’ll never again waste time on dead-end media coverage.

Which kinds of publicity actually make you money?

The truth is, not all publicity is created equal.

There are many types of publicity, but today we’re going to focus on the main types that make a bottom-line difference in your business:

  • Guest posts
  • Podcasts
  • Print magazines
  • TV

You know what all of these are. But you may not realize that some of these can help your business grow more than others. It all depends on your industry and your products.

For example, you may think you want to get coverage in a specific magazine. But if you’re selling a $3,000 course on online marketing, a podcast may be more beneficial for you. And if your main goal right now is to grow your email list, guest posts are best.

The chart below is an easy way to figure out what types of coverage you want to go after based on your goals, who you want to target, and what you offer.

Type of Media Best for… Secrets to Success
Guest posts New online businesses looking to share their ideas in an in-depth way and grow their email list Write for a website that has the same target audience and include links back to your site. If possible, include a free gift in the author bio.
Podcasts Businesses looking to target an affluent audience (especially one interested in self-development) and who want to create a connection by sharing their ideas in an in-depth way. Be ready to talk about your successes, the ways you help clients, and your upcoming offerings. Before the podcast interview, ask for permission to share a free gift with the audience to bring them back to your website.
Print magazines Online businesses looking to reach a mainstream audience and who have a mainstream product or service to sell (i.e., magazines might help you sell a $19 book, but maybe not a $3,000 program). Target magazines that have a strong brand and that would be recognizable to your audience.
TV Online businesses looking to reach a mass audience and position themselves as the ultimate expert. Start with local TV, get some strong media clips, then work your way up to national TV.

This chart also highlights the “Secrets for Success” — how to maximize the media opportunities you get. These are just some quick tips for each type of media.

OK, but what do you do to get the most bang for your publicity buck? How can you turn a media appearance into actual growth for your business and revenue in the bank?

I’ll show you. There are four powerful strategies you can use to leverage your media coverage to grow your business. These work with virtually anything — guest post, podcast, magazine, or TV.

Let’s walk through each strategy.

Strategy #1: Include 2 key things in your media appearances

Once they get the offer for a bit of media coverage, many people assume their work is done. “Great, now my email list will grow!”

That can happen. But you need to put in the effort to make sure your media hits actually grow your following.

It’s really simple. All you need to do is offer a free gift and link to the page on your site where people can get it.

1. Offer a free gift
In your guest posts and on podcasts, offer a free gift, such as:

  • a short ebook featuring one lesson from your online course
  • a video or audio recording sharing one strategy you teach your clients
  • a PDF checklist or worksheet you give your clients

Whatever you offer, choose a free gift that’s related to the article you just wrote. That way people will be more likely to opt in. There are two reasons for that:

  1. Anyone who read your article is clearly interested in the topic
  2. Your article has shown them that you’re an expert in that field

For example, the article I wrote for I Will Teach You To Be Rich was about how to get the attention of your favorite expert.

I talked about the importance of building relationships and networking, so my free gift was a step-by-step guide of how to do it. Here was my bio on that article:

My free gift was perfect for IWT readers.

My free gift was perfect for IWT readers.

I got over 2,000 new subscribers from that one article alone.

Sometimes you’ll be able to link to a free gift in the article itself. Other times, the publication will only allow you to put the link in your bio.

Make sure to ask what you can do — and do it!

GrowthLab uses this strategy, too. Check out their offer for a free report of 30 successful online business ideas at the bottom of this story, “What are the best new small business ideas?”.

2. Send them to a landing page
A lot of people simply link to their homepage in their bio on guest posts.

Don’t do that. That’s like a crowd of people coming into a hardware store for hammers, asking the cashier where to find them, and the cashier saying, “Just look around.” Most of them would walk out without buying anything.

Similarly you don’t want to let a flood of interested visitors hit your homepage and never come back because they didn’t get what they came for.

So link to a dedicated landing page where the only action readers can take is to opt in for your free gift.

Typical opt-in rates for a website are 1-5%. But with a dedicated landing page like the one below, I’ve personally gotten opt-in rates as high as 50%.

People who clicked from my IWT guest post landed here.

People who clicked from my IWT guest post landed here.

You can also do this on TV. All you have to do is mention what you’re offering (a free PDF, an online course, etc) and the URL where viewers can sign up for it.

Strategy #2: Use media to generate more sales for launches

This is one of my favorite strategies — and one that most people completely overlook!

Let’s say you’re launching a new program.

People considering buying that program will want to get to know you better before they make that investment.

A great way to connect with them AND elevate yourself in their eyes is by sharing your media coverage with them.

For example, one podcast I really wanted to be on was Mixergy. It’s an online interview show hosted by Andrew Warner. He’s had guests on such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and Paul Graham of Y Combinator.

I’d been building a relationship with Andrew, so I pitched him about sharing my story of how I went from zero to $157,000 in revenue in my first year of business, and have continued to double it since.

He thought it sounded exciting, and we agreed to do an interview.

Before we started, he asked, “How can I make this interview really great for you?”

I told him I had an upcoming program launch and that one of my goals of the podcast was to drive traffic to a free gift that would start the sales funnel.

During the interview, Andrew asked me about my story, taking people through the highs and lows of my career. It made for a really emotional interview where the listeners got to know me.

We also spent a good portion of the interview talking about the program I was launching, as well as my free gift that I was offering to his listeners.

Then during my program launch, I shared this interview with my email list.

This podcast was perfect for my sales funnel.

This podcast was perfect for my sales funnel.

This way, people who were deciding whether or not they wanted to work with me could watch the interview and learn more than I could say in an email.

Using this podcast in my sales funnel helped double my launch revenue compared to the previous year. We generated over $300,000.


People even emailed me to let me know the Mixergy interview made them decide to buy.


Strategy #3: Tell your audience about your appearances

We often think media is just to reach new people and gain new followers.

But press can also elevate you in the eyes of your current followers. And those people will be far more likely to hire you if they see that you continue to be recognized as a leader in your space.

Here are three easy ways to make your readers aware of your appearances.

1. Share appearances in your newsletter and on social media
As soon as you can after a guest post or podcast goes live (or when a magazine hits newsstands), post about it on social media. And mention it in your newsletter that day or the following.

Notice below how one of my clients, visibility expert Jenn Scalia, doesn’t just say, “Check it out!” (That doesn’t get you very many clicks.) Instead, she gives a bit of a preview, a teaser of the content to entice people to click:

Visibility expert Jenn Scalia made sure fans knew about her interview on Forbes.

Visibility expert Jenn Scalia made sure fans knew about her interview on Forbes.

You can also give your followers a reason why they should check it out.

Start by saying that you’re excited about the opportunity and what it is. Then, share the story behind how you got the media opportunity and tease a few things that they’ll learn.

It’s also good to sell the website or podcast itself, so your followers are interested in checking it out. Pump it up. Add credibility to it.

For example, take a look at what I sent my email list when I wrote an article for Positively Positive:

Not only did I tell my readers about my article, I “talked up” the site it was published on so they’d read it .

Not only did I tell my readers about my article, I “talked up” the site it was published on so they’d read it .

I know not everyone in my audience knows what Positively Positive is, but they likely know who Jack Canfield, Seth Godin, Gretchen Rubin and Danielle LaPorte are. These are top thought leaders, so mentioning that I’m writing for a publication they’ve written for adds credibility.

Additionally, I shared the backstory of how I met Eric, which was through one of Oprah’s events. That gives Eric even more credibility, too.

So let’s say you’ve written a guest article for a popular blog. Not all of your readers may have heard of it, but you can mention the names of other industry leaders who have been contributors. Or you can let your followers know this is the #1 blog in your niche.

2. Add mentions of your media hits to your email series
You probably have a nurture sequence — a series of autoresponder emails — set up for people when they first join your list.

You want your nurture sequence to contain some of your best content so your new readers can get to know you and get a good idea of what you can do for them.

Including your key media pieces in a nurture sequence shows that you’re credible. Instead of simply saying, “Here’s an article I wrote on my site,” you’re able to say, “Here’s an article I wrote for Huffington Post.”

Ideally you’ll have 1-3 media hits in your nurture sequence. Make them your best ones, such as a guest post that showcases your expertise or one that got a lot of likes or comments.

You also want the content to be something that provides value and teaches them something. This will strengthen your relationship with them, which can help turn them into a buyer.

Bonus: With a nurture sequence, you set it up once, and then that media appearance works for you forever. (Though if you land a new opportunity that’s really huge, use that to replace one of your older mentions.)

3. Ask your friends and fans to comment and/or share on social media
You’ll get more media opportunities if your previous articles or interviews got lots of likes, shares, and comments. Other websites want contributors who will bring that kind of audience interaction and traffic.

For example, when I pitch myself for guest articles, I include a link to my guest post for I Will Teach You To Be Rich. Since that post has more than 250 comments, it shows that it was popular and people were engaged.

Instead of pestering friends and fans to comment on every new piece of media you get, I recommend selecting a few key pieces. This will make them more likely to respond.

On your social media or in an email, you can prompt comments by asking, “Was there a particular piece of this article that resonated with you?” or “Which of the 7 tips did you like the best?”

Sometimes people might email you directly, letting you know how much they enjoyed your article.

Take this opportunity to thank them and then ask them to comment. Simply say, “I’m looking to get as many comments as I can on the actual post. Would you mind sharing exactly what you shared with me on the guest post?”

Usually people will do this, and it can make the difference between getting more than 100 comments and getting a handful of responses.

You can also ask your friends and followers to share your article on social media, like I did for my article for Ramit:


This simple ask worked!


This tweet and post were huge for me. 98 likes on the Facebook post alone!

This tweet and post were huge for me. 98 likes on the Facebook post alone!

Strategy #4: Update your website with new media hits

This last strategy is all about growing your followers.

Every article, interview, or podcast you participate in will cause more people to Google you. And when those people land on your site for the first time, you want them to trust you. We only buy from people we know, like, and trust.

Placing logos on your site of the outlets where you’ve been featured will help establish that authority and make it clear that you are an expert in your industry.

If they see that you’ve written for MindBodyGreen, for example, they’ll think of you as an expert in health and value your advice. Or if you’ve been quoted in a Business Insider article about personal finance, they’ll see you as a financial expert.

The key places to put these logos are:

  1. your homepage
  2. any places you want to people to take an action: opt ins, webinar registrations, and sales pages

For example, business coach Jess Nazarali has a home-study course. Beneath the link to sign up to learn more about the course, she shows her “As seen in” media outlets:


And Amanda Jane Daley, a business coach who works specifically with health coaches, puts her media logos directly beneath her free gift offer:


This way when potential buyers come to your sales page, they’re reminded you’ve been endorsed as an expert by the media. This makes them more likely to purchase your product.

You also want to mention your latest coverage in your bio on your about page. Something like, “Featured on AOL, Huffington Post, and SELF” is perfect. Just a few quick mentions, and readers know you’re credible.

Become a trusted, recognized leader in your industry

Sometimes people think they need to wait until they’ve been in business for years and years, and then publicity opportunities will start seeking them out. But really, the best way to get publicity is to proactively seek it out yourself.

The media is looking for new stories every day. They’re looking for entrepreneurs, speakers and authors who have lessons and stories to share.

Go after these opportunities to increase your visibility and multiply your revenue – starting right now.

Just remember that not all publicity is created equal.

You’ll be putting a lot of effort into optimizing these opportunities, so make sure you’re going after press coverage that will get you the type of results you want.

Use the tips I gave you to choose which types of publicity will help you reach your specific goals fastest. And then develop your strategy to turn that publicity into traffic, subscribers, and sales for your business.

Now I’d love to know: What are some media outlets you would love to be featured in? How would you leverage the publicity to grow your business?

Post in the comments below. Be sure to include what kind of business you have, and I’ll give you my feedback.

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There Are 232 Comments


This post was eye-opening and will help me focus on which media channels to use.

My favorite part of the article was the breakdown of media — guest posts, podcasts, magazine, and TV. This helps clarify which medium is the best choice at the right time.

Thanks Selena!

This is awesome – so detailed and comprehensive. Thanks for writing, Selena.

My question is: Is it more important to write consistently for your own site or spend time writing for media outlets?

I’m an Integrative Health & Weight Loss Coach guiding women to lose weight and heal chronic health conditions without dieting or giving up their favorite foods.

I’ve been really consistent with my weekly email newsletter for a year and a half, and have therefore slowed down writing for media outlets that I used to consistently contribute to, like MindBodyGreen.

I love writing and would do it all day if I could, but I currently have a full-time job as well as my business, so I need to be strategic about how I use my time.

After reading this, it seems like it might be best to allocate time to writing for media, and then sending teasers w/ links to my list.

My primary goal right now is to build my list so I have a larger group to share my upcoming e-book and virtual programs with.

Would you agree with my conclusion that I should spend more time writing for media?

Thanks so much – you rock.


Love this article, Selena!! I’m so glad you included screenshots from how you’re using your interviews in your email marketing and even the response you received! So helpful and shows a *huge* level of insight and experience on your part. 🙂

What’s your favorite client success story as it relates to being featured in the media?

Hi Lula, yes! I recommend writing for big mainstream and popular niche sites. When you direct your audience to that content, you’re adding value to them while also raising your credibility! You kill two birds with one stone. =)

Thank you Esther! You are such a savvy publicity expert, so I love that you appreciate this strategic approach. =)

One of my favorite success stories is Kimra Luna. She’s done such a great job of getting on podcasts that her ideal clients listen to. About 10,000 people on her email list came directly from online media. As you know, podcast listeners are passionate about self-development and ideal buyers. More online business owners need to get on podcasts and leverage them in the right way!

Kimra’s had incredibly successful launches (her last launch brought in $1.2M). Part of her success comes down to building her email list well before her launch with strategic podcast interviews.


This post is fabulous! It’s given me several items that I was to change RIGHT NOW! My, your expertise is making my to-do list longer….which I’m totally ok with because your case studies make the punch items worth while.

My business is Your Success Launch where I teach ambitious adults how to fall in love with themselves through mindfulness and self care. Most of my subscribers is coming from the Queer Voices section on Huffington Post and one thing you’ve highlighted in your post that I need to implement right now is to continue to remind them that I’m a frequent columnist on there and that I post new articles all the time. So important for establishing that credibility and growing trust.

I’m also going to add my credibility logos to the sales pages for the course I’m launching next week.

I’m signing up for your email list 🙂 I want more Selena! Especially as my biz grows 🙂

Thanks again for the AH-mazing post. You’re rocking it!

Peace, Max

Nice! Love that you will starting adding your media logos to your sales page Max.

And yes, you definitely need to direct your audience to your articles. They are your biggest fans and would love to read them!

Hi Selena! This article was fantastic! Very well written. You’ve done a great job of explaining how to leverage media opportunities. I think this is the first time I’ve really understood properly what you do.

I’m a new online business coach for mompreneurs. What do you suggest I start with in terms of using media coverage as a way to become visible and sign on new ideal clients?

Selena, this piece was amazing. It’s clear that a ton of work and good thinking went into it. I really love the way you break down the different media and show what works for each one. You also reminded me that I need to be more consistent about sharing my media appearances with my lists and making those appearances really work for me. I am also going to start adding my media appearances to my websites to build my authority. It was a thought that occurred to me a while back, but I have not done it, and I really appreciate you reminding me.

This post is a total keeper. It’s getting saved in my special folder for excellent reference resources AND printed out so I can mark it up and refer to it easily.

What a great post!

Hi Hind, thanks for reading! As a brand-new business owner and coach, I recommend you start with guest posts. They are the best way to grow your email list, and you can express your ideas in an in-depth way. Best of luck with your new business!

Thank you Jonathan! Love that you already have great media secured. You just need to leverage it in the right way. =)

Selena, as always your words are pure gold! As a creativity and writing coach, I always love how you use real life examples to inspire others. This entire article is a “swipe file” filled with inspiring examples. As others have said, this post is getting printed out and referred to again. You always offer such insightful suggestions. “That’s something I can do in my business right now type of suggestions.” So thank you for giving us the best of yourself always! My favorite tip you shared is #3. The power of the simple ask. This is something I not only resonate with, it’s something I need to practice doing more of myself. In fact, this entire article is a great reminder of the power of putting oneself out there…going public, getting publicity, being seen and heard. So here’s my question, “Do you have a motivating mantra or affirmation you tell yourself to help you overcome resistance or fear?” Thanks again for writing such a helpful article!

Hi again Selena!

Once again, incredible detail — absolutely worth the read.

My quick question: for those of us who are still getting started and have (a) tiny numbers of leaders, like less than 100, but (b) powerful case studies and strategies, what is the best option?

The guest posts I’ve done that utilize the congruent carrot method have only generated a couple of dozen people, even though the readers were an absolutely perfect audience. And going straight to major podcasts and places like Business Insider seem waaay out of my league.

So, how does one get to the point where they have a list of 100 – 500 people, respectable media appearances, and the clout to reach out to BI, Forbes, HuffPo, etc.?

Danny lynch

Great post Selena! Breaking down the different avenues, such as tv or guest posting, and the reasons for each are very useful for anyine deciding where to go next.

When finding guest post opportunities, a tip from me that make’s a big difference is to check how much social engagement a site typically gets, specifically their blog is they have one as thats likely where your guest post will sit.

If many blog posts are getting plenty of likes, comments or shares on facebook, linkedin shares, etc then thats a great indication that many people will see your work and your free offer when the site publishes your guest post.

A quick way to do this is to use (I have no connection to this, it’s just a handy tool).

– visit Buzzsumo
– enter the website you want to check


Now you have a list of the top pages on their site and how well they each did on social.

It’s a smaller list with the free version but its quicker than manually checking each one yourself and it offers great insight. 🙂

Alternatively, you can use another free tool:

Again no link to me just another useful tool.

Simply enter your webpage or bulk upload a bunch of them, and see how much social traction each webpage gained.

All really useful for maximising the results anyone reading your post can acheive. 🙂


thanks for mentioning me Selena!! It’s been amazing working with you over the past year. I really value my relationship with you. Thanks for helping me get my story out to the world. I want to inspire millions and with your help I’m on the track to doing that!!

xx Kimra

I love the idea of sharing media mentions in an email sequence Selena. It’s such a smart idea and away to build credibility quickly with new people on your list! Thank you for such a fantastic post!

Selena – GREAT post! I love you how show people how to leverage your publicity for your existing audience–building more credibility as an expert to your field is a necessary step and one that may not seem obvious to everyone.

Thanks for all of the great new strategies & material–your work is amazing and you’re making a difference for a ton of people, so thank you from all of us!


This is so helpful. I am just starting out I’d never have though of a dedicated landing page for a free gift! I will totally do that, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

Love this post, Selena. You always provide the best value. I love the tip about including your media mentions in a nurture sequence or in a launch. I’ll be sure to do this for my new launch!

Hi Selena,
It’s incredible to see how 1 post got you really far! I love your strategy about updating your homepag with media hits but I also have a quick for you: What are your thoughts on mentioning media outlets on your website where you were not featured as the expert on the business you are in? For example, I’m a teacher and I have been interviewed on National TV about the Book Fair.

Hi Dominique, thanks for your kind words!

My mantra is “It’s not about me. It’s about my message + the people I’m meant to serve.”

This helps a lot when I’m self-conscious about an interview, where I may have said “umm” or “so” too many times. As long as I did my best to get my message across and spoke from the heart, I’m good. =)

We always have to learn from you Selena, even if we don’t attend your courses. I can only imagine how much one can learn from you if one attends your seminars. Good luck!

Hi Joshua, so great to hear from you! It sounds like you are writing some great pieces and offering a free gift/congruent carrot (very smart), but you’re not getting as many subscribers as you’d like.

I would think about ways to drive more traffic to the article. Unfortunately, we can’t just leave it up to the blog owner!

I would share your guest posts with your list and encourage them to share it with others. I would also actively promote it on Facebook, including in groups where your ideal clients hang out.

And if you’ve already written a couple of strong guest posts, I think you are ready for Huffington Post and Business Insider!

Thank YOU, Kimra! It is truly an honor to work with you.

The work you are doing is so important. It is in your destiny to impact millions!

OMG Selena you ever such a transparent individual and l am lucky to have been a part of GKGC 2015. I didn’t implement the strategy straight away because was juggling around 2 jobs but l am now and have a Podcast Show interview tonight.This information is pure gold and l wish everyone can embrace it with grace. You are one of a kind the words can’t express my gratitude enough?

Excellent post Selena with so many golden nuggets weaved throughout! I love your point around being strategic when it comes to choosing media outlets. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I’m working towards being featured in the Huffington Post, Lifehack and Greatist (just to name a few). 😉 So happy I invested in Impacting Millions and get to learn, and be guided by you for three months!

Thank you for sharing your expertise and wisdom.

I’ve “seen” you around for a long time (via Ramit and his courses) and only now I understand the MASSIVE greatness of your expertise, Selena. I’m truly impressed by the value of each input you share: both in quality and quantity. From this post, I now understand that all media strategy are not created equals, they must align with your goal and there’s no point in chasing them all. Your post is “favourited” now in my browser and I’ll come back to it in a couple of weeks. As mentioned in an email, I need the quality time you deserve to implement your strategies. Well done, Selena.


Hi Selena,

Fantastic read! As others have mentioned, this post is full of golden tips and is well-laid out. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and the inspiring examples. The distinction between podcasts and guest posts’ ROI, was very helpful. I’ll definitely be sharing this around!

Question- what are your top three podcast recommendations for someone looking to connect with established coaches/consultants? I am an accountant and looking for more opportunities to increase my visibility.



Hi Carlos, that’s a great question. It’s fine to say “Carlos has been seen in XYZ” or “Featured in XYZ” and include those logos. You just want to be it’s clear that you were seen there, vs. your business.

Thank you so much for this post Selena! As always, the way you break things down into an easy to follow, step-by-step format really takes the “this is scary” factor out of things.

The chart with what media works best where is just crazy useful!!

Awesome stuff as usual 🙂

Wonderful to hear from you Tula! Huge congrats on your podcast show. As you become more visible, you’ll have lots of opportunities to use these strategies. Excited for you!

Thank you Danielle! Those are great media outlets you mentioned — which have the potential to bring lots of great traffic to your site + new subscribers to your list!

Selena! This post is incredible. As always you share valuable information that we can implement right away.
I am loving your course with GKGC!
Good luck with all!

Thank you Geraldine! I do put a massive amount of time into my guest posts, as I believe in quality over quantity. One epic guest post is more valuable than 10 mediocre ones. =)

Flora Ware

Another informative and well-written article, Selena! As soon as we have our website up and running I will be pursuing guest posts for sure. Local media is pretty friendly here too. Thanks for all the great tips.

So glad you like the chart, Gregg! I try to make things step-by-step so it is easy for everyone to follow. =)

What an outstanding article.


I’ve been through two of Selena’s courses and I love how she continues to deliver high quality information in a readable way. I don’t even like reading blog articles because I’m tired of so many of them having little to no substance. Not this one!

I am a physician who also helps single women have relationships as successful as their careers.

I will now be focusing on guest posting. I span both the Health (day job) and Relationship (coaching) spaces. I thought it would be fun to approach health and wellness related blogs to talk about intimate relationships and how they affect our mental, emotional and even physical health. Do you think wellness and health blogs would be open to me? If so, are there any in particular you’d recommend?

Hi Danetha, thanks for reading!

Some of the best podcasts that reach established coaches/consultants are:

-Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas
-Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
-Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
-Mixergy with Andrew Warner
-Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger
-Glambition Radio with Ali Brown
-Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson
-Eventual Millionaire by Jaime Tardy

You can find go to iTunes and search for top business podcasts.
Hundreds of top podcasts will come up. =)

Wooohoooo!! This is so awesome. It’s really inspiring to read how media has worked for you and your peeps!! It’s so important to demystify this marketing opportunity – and you’re so good at it! 🙂

Hi Siva! So great to see you here. =)

Health and wellness blogs would be perfect! Relationships are so important to our well-being. And the fact that you are a doctor adds a ton of credibility.

A couple I recommend for you are:

-mindbodygreen (people get lots of subscribers from guest posts there)
-Everyday Health

Excited for you to get your work out there in a bigger way!


Solid advice, Selena! Thanks for the ‘green light’ on the big sites — I will submit to BI this week.

The promote-in-Facebook-groups tip strikes me as wise, too, though I’ll have to be careful about getting around the “zero self-promotion allowed” rules most groups have nowadays.

Thanks again for replying!

Thank you Selena. Loved the chart. It really helps understand the best type of media opportunities we should focus on. Concerning podcasts, do you think is better to pitch small podcasts to increase our chances of being interviewed or it all depends on how juicy is our business story? I’m saving this article right now!

Great article, Selena! You always provide SO much valuable, super actionable content – thank you!!! Two (simple) things I need to do over this next week – add my media features into my email welcome series, and add places I’ve been featured onto my site. Why have I not done this yet?!?! Putting it on my to-do list now!

What a great post Selena! I love how you broke down which media are best suited for your goals and the different strategies. I do a fair amount of podcasts but am always looking to best leverage those for sales. I do also give away a free gift with those as you mentioned. Thanks again for the great tips and for sharing your expertise with us! Keep up the great work!

Selena! You have done it again! Such an indepth article with so many ideas to implement straight away! I’m inspired … Thank you once again for your amazing teachings? This is the reason why I can’t say no to any of your courses. You are so generous and thoughtful. Thank you for helping me in my business and life!

Wonderful article Selena – some real nuggets in here. I loved when you pulled attention to the importance of not just getting ‘any’ media, but really choosing where you want to be seen strategically. And thank you for the mention too 🙂

Excellent and thorough advice! I always forget about updating the autoresponders until it’s time to change it completely. I will be sure to add my media hits as they come in. Makes total sense, particularly when people are just getting to know you. Thanks for sharing such great tips, Selena!

Hi Yirlene, so happy you like the chart! I recommend starting with a smaller podcast. It’s a great way to practice before getting on a bigger podcast where there’s more at stake. It can be scary to share our ideas on podcast for the very first time (with guest posts, there’s a lot more editorial control and you can continuously edit your work). It definitely gets easier the more you do it!

Love that you are taking action Andrea! And the good thing is that these are both relatively easy things to do. =)

Yes, it’s so important to be strategic. Otherwise, the media may not do anything for us. And thanks for being such a great example of someone who leverages publicity in the right way. =)

I absolutely loved the strategic breakdown Selena of which media opportunities work best for different end results! Being fairly new in business, that breakdown has really got me thinking of what opportunities to pursue for my end results and has removed the overwhelm. Great article! Thank you.

Selena, what a brilliant guest post with so much great, actionable info. I have long followed your work and this once again shows WHY you are at the top of the game when it comes to publicity. Now, where’s the “take my money” button 😉  

Selena, I LOVE how practical tips your tips are, and that they are easy to implement.

As a wellness coach in a crowded space, you have taught me time and time again the value of being of service.

To answer your question, I would love to continue to be featured in guest posts, with TV appearances very much on my vision board! My message of self-care for busy women is a controversial one, as it can often come across as being ‘selfish’. I’d like to use these platforms to spread my message, and work with many more women on their feelings of worth.

I’ve started a series of juicy video interviews with industry leaders on YouTube. I’d love to know what your tips are for approaching producers to be featured on television, starting locally as you suggest?

Great breakdown and explanation! Loved the examples and the chart as well. Really love the perspective on the magazine not being the best way to share the 3k course.

Ian, thanks for your kind words! You are so funny with your comment about having a “take my money” button. =)

Awesome post, Selena! I really love the media chart. I had an ‘AHA’ moment when you wrote about how to show our media appearances to our audience. I always thought it’s important to get new subscribers, but it’s even more important to use every occasion to enhance our credibility and trust with our audience.
And I just realized that I went throught your funnel described in #1 and #2. I learned about you in your guest post at Ramit’s site, subscribed for the free gift. Then I listened to your interview and now I’m your happy client with GKGC and Impacting Milions :).

Great post Selena! My favorite tips are to add your appearances in email nurture sequences and in your launches. You are so knowledgeable about how to build relationships and leverage visibility and publicity. I always love learning from you!

Hi Fiorella, I love your message of self-care! I think TV would be great for you.

It’s always best to start local, as local TV stations have a responsibility to cover local businesses.

It’s also very helpful to have video of you being interviewed (vs. you presenting as one person to the camera). Most TV appearances will be interview format, so it’s great if they can see you have experience with that.

Here are some excellent media reels that may inspire you. And don’t worry if you don’t have traditional media clips to share just yet. Even if it’s a friend interviewing you, that helps!

Yes! Magazine mentions and features are great. But not the right place to find prospects for the a 3K course.

This is GOLD: “I always thought it’s important to get new subscribers, but it’s even more important to use every occasion to enhance our credibility and trust with our audience.”

So happy to be working with you Gosia in Get Known, Get Clients and Impacting Millions!

Hi Selena, The article is extremely helpful. I am starting out and am a transformational guide and mentor. I would love to gain more visibility and authority.
I have been invited to participate in 2 tele seminars, 1 blab and 1 live speaking engagement. The themes are all slightly different but all close to my core business. Should I try to give only 1 opt-in or have a couple of they are more relevant to the specific topic?
I also contribute to the Evercoach and Finer Minds blogs. Am I allowed to use their logos without permission or do you have to ask?
Most podcasts you mention seem to be more for business building for the online entrepreneur. Do you have podcast suggestions for the more spiritually-based entrepreneur?
Tons of questions I know, so don’t worry if you do not have the time to answer them all. Any help is appreciated greatly. Much love and congratulations on your work and path.

Yes! Such an easy way to establish credibility + share valuable content with our audience.

Thanks for reading Jenn and it’s been a true honor to work with you!

Selena Excellent article and a lot of golden nuggets, especially for someone just starting out who want’s to do all the right things to be noticed! The FREE gift idea is spot on and something I’m going to start doing on my snapchat and other social media sites. Keep ROCKING!! Oh and Kimra Luna kicks ASS!!

This is great. My as seen in isn’t as noticeable as it should be. I’m going to redo my landing page on my website.

This advice is so relevant and timely for me! I’ve been as expert for over a decade and have credible experience, servings thousands of people. It’s been less than 6 months that I’ve been consulting independently and I’ve been struggling to get in front of more people, and specifically with list-building. These strategies, and the content that Selena provides in her emails, webinars and opt-ins is of extreme value and gets results. I’ve recently started pitching podcasts and to be a guest blogger, as a result of having been inspired to action through Selena. I’m getting traction now. I will one day create an opportunity to work with Selena or participate in her courses. Based off of the content she offers for free on such platforms, I can only imagine how stellar of a service she offers to her paid clients! Thanks Selena for being so generous and for following through on your dreams.

Hi Donna, congrats on all the publicity you’re getting! Having 2 – 3 opt-in gifts is ideal. It’s a lot of work to create new free gifts for every article. And it’s all about quality over quantity — you want to give people your best stuff!

And yes, you can uses your media logos on your site without contacting media outlet’s for their permission.

As for podcasts for spiritual entrepreneurs, I suggest you see what other leaders in your industry are doing. Where are they featured and consider those same outlets.

Isabelle baker

This article is brimming with expertise and knowledge. But even more so; kindness, encouragement, and possibility.

It is also so well written and presented.

Thank you so much. I RARELY share anything like this on my personal page but this is such a gem, I must!

Thanks for this detailed and incredibly helpful information, Selena. I’m just starting out building my list and it’s helpful to have it all broken down with specifics. I hadn’t thought of creating a specific landing page for guest post referrals, but it’s a great idea to connect specifically with them. So much to learn…!

My favorite is strategy #2! I forget to keep passing my informative interviews/posts forward to keep the trust going with my list and followers. Great tip!

This post is of a great value. I will definetely use these ideas for my Social Media Business. Always great info from you Selena, thank you. Xoxo SocialSonja

Love the insight about including key press in your nurture sequence. As an artist, it’s sometimes hard to graft business advice onto the art world sense of “we’re outside of commercial imperatives”, which views most self promotion with serious side eye. This is a very classy way to draw attention to one’s credibility. Fabulous advice. Great article. Worth reading for that insight alone.

This article is very helpful. Thank you Selena. I love the media chart that you did, and excerpts from your email series. Lots of valuable information to implement. My goal is to be published in the most popular mommy blog resources and Huffington Post as my target market are moms who want to work from home and women entrepreneurs.

So much great information and such a variety of ways to implement, Selena! Can’t wait to share your blog post link with my audience!

Hey Selena! I am GUILTY of sending people to my on guest posts. I have revamped my personal checklist that I use for guest posting to ensure I do not omit any important details…guess what I added?!

Send readers to a dedicated landing page!!!

Love it and thanks a million!


Hi Selena. This is an amazing article. Thank you so much for what you do. I am learning so much from your work. My close friend, a student of yours, literally took off in her business after completing your mastermind.

Great article. I learned some good tips I’ll implement right away.

I would love to have an article on Huffington Post and interviews for articles in Parents Magazine.

I’m an author and I’m developing an e-course and moving into parent coaching too. My niche is parenting kids with ADHD and autism. My unique position is that I’m that parent too, and I’m very honest about what it’s like and what can help.


Thank you so much for all you put into this. I so can’t wait to have you as my coach. The detail and the practicality of it all was amazing. I read it knowing there is work but it’s doable.

So glad this was helpful Jana! Love that you’re considering dedicated landing pages for the free gifts tied to your guest posts.

Hi Meghan, so happy you liked the nurture sequence tip! It’s an easy way to keep people informed of the media you get, without feeling overly promotional. 🙂

Hi Irene, that’s awesome! There are lots of great mommy blogs out there. Check out They have a big audience!

Wow – I love this mantra too. I love the idea of channelling the message and keeping focused on the lives that will be impacted once it’s “out there” rather than getting caught up trying to be totally perfect

Hi Erika, you are most welcome! It’s been so fun to work with people in my Mastermind, and now Impacting Millions!

Thank you so much for all you put into this. I so can’t wait to have you as my coach. The detail and the practicality of it all was amazing. I read it knowing there is work but it’s doable. I hit send to soo hahah I want to be featured in Huggington Post, Entrepreneur On Fire keepingit short haha? I would leverage this to grow my list as well as spread the knowledge of my new book simplify your life streamline your business. I am a business strategy coach a personal business GPS. I help people get clear, become productive and see results. Eliminating overwhelm.

Hi Penny, that’s wonderful! Getting media will definitely help establish credibility with potential buyers for your parenting e-course.

Selena, I’m going to bookmark this article and read it over and over!
This article is so digestible while also providing tangible examples that I can start implementing right away.
I loved the example you used about going to a hardware store for a hammer and getting lost trying to find it – such a great way to explain the importance of a distinct landing page.
I used to think 30-50 opt-ins per article were great – but clearly there’s A LOT more I can do to leverage my guestposts and I need to blow through that glass ceiling thinking “I’m so niched that’s why I’m not getting tons of opt-ins” I’m so excited to start implementing these tips to see how many more opt-ins and leads I can capture.
I also have now had enough media coverage that I can create an “as seen in” banner – why haven’t I done that yet!?!?
Again, so much great value here Selena, thank you so much!

30 – 50 opt-ins is still great, but there’s the potential for even more.

Love that you’ve been landing so much media that you can now create an “as seen in” banner. Love having you in GKGC + Impacting Millions!

You are an amazing writer and very Smart at knowing your stuff. I’m sold by you and your work. You rock!!!

Yes! It’s about who you’re meant to serve. That will make every day a success in all aspects of life. Thank you, Selena!

Selena, what a fantastic, useful, easily digestible article. I specifically loved the grid and how you listed what media opportunity best serves which purpose.

As usual, you took a topic and provided clarity and action items.

This will be saved for constant review.

Thank you!

The tips you offered are powerful and can help all of us become thought leaders in our industry. You have really helped me step out of my comfort zone with these tips in your Influence and Get Known Get Client course offerings. Sharing this information in easy to understand and step-by-step takes a lot of the guess work out of it. It does not mean everything will be a success in reaching out but it does get us one step closer to success. Sharing the example of going on the Mixergy podcast is powerful because that is how I learned more about your story and a reason I signed up for your courses. I was not buying a service but the person behind that service that adds so much value to all your students. From one instructor to another, you have a true heart of a teacher and want us all to succeed. Thank you for all you are doing.

Thank you Joe! Many of my best students come through online publicity, like my Mixergy interview. It makes me so happy to know that because of that interview, I get to work with people like you in my programs!

Thank you for being a part of Influence and Get Known, Get Clients. It is truly an honor to work with you!

Great article, had a few aha moments as I read! One of my goals is being featured on national TV news shows, getting started locally is a good way to go. I live in a big city so to start small I’ll aim for local channels in smaller surrounding areas. I’m just starting out as a wellness coach so this article comes at a good time!

Thanks so much for sharing so much of tips and knowledge. I specially loved the chart. Really useful and I will surely mark this post as favourite to keep referring back. The idea of adding the media logos below the free gift offer is great too.

Jacqueline eBanks


Great article. Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to select the appropriate media and best implement the strategies shared. Looking forward to trying some of these.

Yes! Adding media logos below the free gift offer is an easy thing to do, and will help with conversions.

Rebecca Horan

This is insanely valuable and actionable content. Especially love the idea of a dedicated landing page w/ freebie for each media hit. Thank you! I’m so happy to be learning from you in GKGC!

Yes! Landing page + freebie is the formula to getting lots of new subscribers.

Thanks for checking this out Rebecca and love having you in GKGC!

Hi Selena!!!

Love love love this article. Thanks for being super detailed and providing examples. And…I’m absolutely LOVING your “Impacting Millions” program.

Also: Kimra & Jenn are incredible teachers. I’m in Kimra’s “Be True Brand You” program, and Jenn’s “Little Black Business Book” program. They are not only strategic, savvy and popular, they really care about the success of their students (like you). Honored to have a strong circle of mentors 🙂

To answer your question: my biz: as a Women’s Leadership Alchemist, I help soulful entrepreneurs and healers embody their true calling, connect to their intuition and create sacred affluence.

Places I’d love to be featured:

MindValley Insights
Positively Positive
Elephant Journal
Spirituality & Health Magazine
Inspired Coach Magazine
Tiny Buddha
The Wellness Universe
Raspberry Magazine
The Awakened Goddess Show (Podcast)
This Girl Means Business Magazine

I want to use media to shift the paradigm on how we relate to intuition, spirituality + biz and to attract an audience of people who want to create positive influence, spiritual fulfillment and soul-aligned prosperity as thought leaders & entrepreneurs.

Love that you are working with both Kimra and Jenn! They put out such high quality content.

Your media list is killer. So great that you know where you want to be featured. That’s the first step — identifying the right publicity for you.

This was a great, great article Selena. I appreciate your openness and all the value and tips you shared. I have had a lot of press in the past for the work I have done with my non profit, but have not been able to tap into the media market for my new online business. This article have me the blueprint and the motivation I needed. Thanks again?

Siva, I can’t wait to start reading your words in the blogosphere! I know so many people who will benefit from your message (myself included!). The sky’s the limit 🙂

Fiorella, I am so inspired by you! And I’m so excited to know that you’re putting your content out on youtube. I love your message that reminds women that self-love and self-care are not selfish. Such a valuable and powerful message that’s needed in this world 🙂

Having a large client base that is artists, I agree with you Meghan that this is an insight worth passing along!

Fantastic tips–actionable, doable and valuable. Your comparison story showed the reason and purpose with clarity.

I’ll be implementing your suggestions. And signing up for your email list. Thank you!

Caitlin, I’ve been thinking about that hammer example all day too! It’s brilliant. And you definitely need a media banner…you’re on fire right now! Announce it to the world. 🙂

I love your media list! So inspiring. Sending you a ton of support that you get featured in all of these places and then some.

Thanks for sharing that Selena. It’s often confusing to know what type of publicity to strive for and what results to expect. Your post has laid it out very clearly and demystified it. Cheers.

Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing! I’m confident that if you got lots of press for your past work, you can do it again. You can also leverage those media hits to media for your new business. You can still say that you have been seen in these publications or outlet. The press likes knowing you have experience with media. It suggests to them that you’ll be easy to work with and know your stuff!

That’s an awesome testimonial of Selena’s work, not being able to say no to her courses. I love that, Tina!

Thank you Adam! It’s so true. Getting media can feel confusing and scary to people. Really glad that you found this helpful + that it clarified the process of how to strategic about it!

Ritu khanna

Thank you for the reminder that sometimes all you need to do is ask! I’m always so afraid to do so, but I’m always so happy to help someone else if I can — especially when it is something so simple. Thank you as always Selena for inspiring courage within me.

This article is a great reminder on how to prioritize publicity. It is so easy to get caught up in every aspect of media and social media (with out really thinking about the ROI). Thank you for the breakdown, it was extremely helpful to me as a travel expert and writer!

thanks – a great article with lots of really useful hints and strategies. I will definitely be coming back to this on a regular basis!

I was just talking to a friend of mine last night who has two daughters, both with autism and ADHD. I’m sending her your link as I’m sure she can benefit from your work. Thanks! Rosina

Sounds like you are doing amazing work. Love your list of places you want to be featured – I’ve made a cheeky note of some of them myself so thank you for sharing! Never heard of the Awakened Goddess Show, but will definitely be checking them out!

I’ve been featured on Elephant Journal and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. My next target is HuffPost, which I’ve heard from many contacts from doing Marie Forleo’s B-School, isn’t too hard either. Best of luck on your endeavors and I look forward to reading your posts when they come out! Rosina

Wow, Selena! Awesome content and actionable tips. I came to read your article through Kimra’s Facebook post. So happy I clicked it and have just signed up!

I personally love the little table that makes it so much easier to decipher which media outlet would work best for me and what I want to achieve.

I work with women to break limiting beliefs, about their past and their bodies. In other words, using mindset, self-love and the power of manifestation to break free of the mind and body prison and live a life of freedom that they love. I’m personally working hard to increase my list. I’ve got some awesome freebies ready to go, just need to drive traffic to my site, which is why your article landed in my lap at the perfect time.

I have previously written for Elephant Journal, and have another article ready to submit to HuffPost, but I’ve really been slow on this front. Focusing more on nurturing the list I currently have with weekly value. I guess right now it’s about finding a balance between attracting new subscribers and cultivating my tribe.

A quick question: how important is it to have a nurture sequence? I don’t actually have this is place at the moment. I wonder if I am missing the mark by not having this set up. Although all my emails are very nurturing, I often send my emails and feel sad not so many women are reading my message. Not for the sake of me having a bigger list, but that my message is not reaching all the women in the world who could really benefit from the pearls of wisdom I share.

All in all, I’m taking away a lot of useful tips from your article. I really needed to read this today!

Much love,

This is one of the best posts on this topic I have ever read! Thank you for sharing this! I definitely want to try all of them at some point, but podcasts are a next step.!

Love this article, Selena! It’s such a helpful, step-by-step guide to how to make the best possible use out of media opportunities. I have had a lot of good things come my way just by posting on Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and Huffington Post, but am so happy to now know how to leverage these guest posting opportunities to actually grow my business. It makes such a big difference. Thank you for the thoughtful work you are doing to really help people wanting to make an impact. I am in the health/wellness space and seeking to spread Ayurveda, the ancient science of holistic/healthy living. These media tools are wonderful ways to do do that, and I am grateful for all the resources and insights you provide to help realize my mission.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you Cassandra! You are doing great work, and I’d love to see you getting more publicity for your travel business!

Hi Rosina, thanks for beautiful note & so glad you found me through Kimra!

Having a nurture sequence is super important. Of course you don’t need it, but it’s highly recommended. It will help you cultivate a strong relationship with your newsletter subscribers from the get-go (which means they are more likely to continue opening your emails + ultimately buy your product or services). Your first impression is always important, and a nurture sequence allows you to connect deeply with your audience right from the start!

Thank you Ananta! Love that you are already writing for Elephant Journal, MindBodyGreen, and Huffington Post. Those are great places for guest posts, and now you know what to do to leverage these posts to grow your business in a bigger way!

Adele MacDonald

I write so much for others, that I’d forgotten about what I need to do for myself. Solid advice and so much appreciated. I only recently learned about your work, Selenna. I feel like I’m late to the party…hopefully just fashionably late. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Hi Selena, WOW, so many golden nuggets in here. I got out my 2016 Project Plan and added a few things. This is such high value and ACTIONABLE. I love it when I get to read something that allows me to turn around and implement in my business right away. Well done!

Siobhan Barnes

What a great article Selena! So much valuable information in here. I particularly loved the breakdown of what coverage to focus on subject to your specific goals. The 4 strategies with specific examples was super helpful too. I love your writing style. Easy to read and super jam packed with value (as always!) Thank you!

Hi Selena,

I really loved this article — tons of value!!

It was especially encouraging to read the bit about not having to wait years before you seek out publicity opportunities. My takeaways 1) Do your research and look for media that supports you and the future growth of your business 2) Actively seek out and pitch media 3) Offer tons of value and a sweet freebie. I also loved the suggestion to take part of your current paid content and offering it up for free.

Thanks 🙂

Thanks for your kind words Adele! It is easy to get caught in the writing and forget what we need to do to promote our work!

Selena – Thanks so much for this post. One of my biggest stalls with my business was figuring out which avenue to focus on to grow. The chart your provided was the big game changer.

Now I’d love to know: What are some media outlets you would love to be featured in? How would you leverage the publicity to grow your business?

My niche is men’s personal style. I’d love to be featured in some traditional men’s style outlets (Esquire, GQ, Playboy). However, since I know that guest posting is the best way to grow my list, which is a focus of mine right now, I’ll be concentrating on that.

When the time is right, I’ll switch gears to these traditional outlets for credibility and/or when I have a more mainstream product.

Hi Peter, thanks for your question! Like many others, I’m focused on getting online publicity that will connect me to my ideal customers. Sites like GrowthLab and top entrepreneurship podcasts are great for that.

In terms of when to switch gears, I think you could make online publicity your primary focus, and traditional outlets like magazines a sub-focus. It’d be great to get one or two hits in these high-profile places, even as you get publicity that will grow your email list and online audience.

It’s not one or the other. You can do both!

This is great actionable content. You answered the question I had immediately above already. Switching gears is what my business is about, because it’s more hands on.

This is certainly the go to guide of 2016 for generating publicity that yields results. As my friend Taki Moore would say… All killer no filler. Awesome share thanks Selena!

Rebecca walker

This was a great article, with helpful, easy to implement tips guidance. I am in the process of setting up a personal training business and I would love to include an online coaching component. However, coming from a ‘mainstream’ professional background, online entrepreneurship can feel incredibly daunting and elusive. Your practical guidance makes it seem far less so, thank you!

Great Article Selena!
Once more you pack in so much valuable, actionable content! Each tip and real-world example provided an “aha” moment. Since my questions were already asked and answered by other comments I’ll content myself with a Thank You and a commitment to start applying this awesome information.

Hi Gary, thanks for reading this article — and the comments! Glad I was able to answer your questions. 🙂

Such an inspirational and motivational piece. Some serious food for thought here and it’s great to hear that you don’t have to be an expert with degrees galour and decades of experience to be respected in the industry.
Absolutely love Kimras story and I’m in awe at how motivational Selena is in bringing everyone’s story to our attention.
Looking forward to implement everything in future talks and opportunities.

I love the tip on adding your publicity into your autoresponder sequence. I did that today! Such a great article Selena. This is the best article I’ve seen on the value of publicity and in particular how to make sure you use publicity strategically to achieve your business goals. Love it!

“The truth is, not all publicity is created equal. ” –> What a solid reminder to be smart and selective with the connections you make. Such wisdom in that one sentence alone.

Great post!

Melissa Hottinga

Hi Selena!

Absolutely amazing article!

Great insights and tips. Especially loved the overview of what media outlet to use for what goal. Definitely something to refer back to.

Also love the real examples you’ve given of how you’ve leveraged media appearances yourself.

Really, job well done! I’m sharing this link with my following 🙂

xo Melissa

Wow, such a great article! I found this incredibly informative and the easy-to-understand breakdown of media opportunities was such a huge help. I’ve just started my own business and have been completely overwhelmed with what media to go I know where to set my sights!

Thanks for this wealth of information, Selena!! I’ll be referring back to this article often 🙂

What a great article!

I’ve been slacking off on keeping my website current with my new media hits. The reminder (and your example wording!) is totally going on my to-do list today.

Thank you!

Fantastic article Selena. Really loved these practical and simple opportunities to use your publicity to your advantage to boost income. Everyone is always talking about building your list which is so important but leveraging publicity is a great way to take that list and make it work for you by using your presence in the media as a means to engaging both your list and new leads. Great read!

Very insightful piece.

“The truth is, not all publicity is created equal.”

Love that statement; especially the way you broke it down.

Can’t wait to put your advice into action! Thank you, Selena.

Hi Selena,

Every time I read one of your posts, I’m always blown away with the amount of information I didn’t know or even realize was out there. The media break down chart was what I have been craving to know for awhile- but I felt like it didn’t exist! Thank you for all of the tips and such a quality post!!

As an artist and interior designer, I feel like so much of my media presence has to do with my portfolio (which I’m still building). Based on your chart, I would love to be featured in magazines but I think it’s best to focus on guest posts (which I don’t always need a portfolio) to grow my audience (I’ll need to figure out a “carrot” first though!).

In order to be taken seriously in both fields, do you think I should focus on primarily design blogs or more arts based outlets…or both?

Always love your insight and looking forward to growing a LOT more with your help 🙂

Hi Mary Jo, so glad you enjoyed this article! Yes, I think guest posts would be a great place for you to start.

A great free gift could be before & after makeovers of the homes you decorate. People love seeing pictures (and results!).

Wishing you lots of luck with this. 🙂

Hi Selena,

Wow this just blew my mind away. your strategy is golden.

Question for you, I am Destination Wedding Planner. I know my Ideal clients don’t care for podcasts not webinars. I am targeting magazine . I just don’t know how to get the attention of the journalist or bloggers in the wedding industry. to put my word out there.

Any tips to get infront of the big magazines in my industry?

Thank you

Hi Joyce, thanks for your question! If you are new to media, I’d suggest starting with wedding blogs rather than print magazines. Magazines typically publish 10 – 12 times per year and have limited pages. You definitely get these opportunities, but it will be harder than online. And once you have some online hits, print magazines will see you as a go-to resource to the media and it’ll be easier to get featured. 🙂

The way to get featured is to write a great pitch which shows why you’re a go-to expert, along with sharing interesting details + compelling story ideas.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

1) What are the biggest challenges your audience faces? What specific issues do they most desperately need help with?

2) What’s happening in your industry that you don’t agree with? Perhaps it even makes you angry, and you feel strong that there’s a better way.

3) What are some of the biggest successes your clients have had? What made these successes possible?

4) How did you help a client achieve a dream goal or get out of a nightmare situation?

After answering these questions, you’ll have a number of ideas that you can use for your pitches.

Good luck!

Thank you Selena for such a great article. And thanks to Jason Van Orden from whom I got the link to this article!
Selena, I appreciate you entering into every detail, giving a strategy that we can immediately apply and get results out of it.
The strategy I appreciate the most is the one where the media appearances should be included in our sales funnel to boost the authority and convince people even more to buy!
Again, this article is a resource that I will definitely come back to over time.
Thank you!

PS I find it so great that you take time to answer to the comments. It says a lot about how much you care.

Hi Fabienne, I love that Jason shared my article with you!

And yes, that is my favorite too — using the media we secure as part of our sales funnel. It’s extremely effective.

SO many great tactics. My biggest takeaway is that a lot of useful connections have been right under my nose all this time, and my work is now to leverage them. (My brother-in-law is a Mens’ Health editor for crying out loud!) Also great tips on how to reuse and recycle the great content you’ve already done (podcasts and media spots) in a new way. Thanks so much!


The table with the info on which outlet to use for what is already SO helpful, and I can’t believe there is a FULL article after it! WOW! This article is pure value.

One of my big takeaways that I will implement this quarter is to stop sending people to my website when I have a media opportunity, and to instead send them to a dedicated landing page which can then funnel them into my different offerings.

Thank you so much for this information – your strategies are really interesting and I’m looking forward to using them in my own business this year.

You’re most welcome Nick! And so cool that you have connections to the media. Not only could your brother-in-law be helpful, but his colleagues and friends in his network as well. 🙂

Hi Alionka, thanks for your kind words! I love that you’ll be sending people to a dedicated landing page. That will easily 2 – 10X the results of your media efforts!

Hi Selena,

Like so many of the other readers, I appreciated the breakdown of media possibilities chart. Although I’d heard the same from Ramit in ZTL and Primoz, seeing it here in the chart solidified it that much more.

I’m in the very beginning stages of growing an email list, so focus on guest blog posts I will! 🙂

I recently employed some of the methods you used when promoting Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter book to get to know an author I wanted to connect with — thank you!

– Tricia

Hi Selena,

I am thrilled by your post above and commend you for all the efforts you have put in your online business. I intend to go into blogging business and need to know what to do to drive traffic to my blog site. This is really challenging in an already chocked business platform. Please advise.

Excellent! Guest posting is a great place for you to start. Love hearing that you have used some of my methods to connect with influencers!

Hi Angela, that’s fantastic! Organic traffic from guest posts is what I recommend people to do to grow their email lists. Follow my tip in the article about linking to a free gift in your author bio. Good luck!

Hey Selena,

Terrific post you wrote here.

I absolutely love the time and effort you put into this post.

Your breakdown of what type of publicity actually makes you money is very eye opening. I’ve guest posted in places before but I’ll admit that I wasn’t strategic with it. I did it as a favor for a blogging buy and it had absolutely nothing to do with what I was trying to build — or increase my brand.

I’ve changed that and now I’m only focused on strategic guest posts. Thanks so much for sharing these strategies here and I hope to apply it to my own business.

Have an awesome week.

– Andrew

I love your analogy of the general website bio link being like aimless hardware store instructions. I’ve definitely failed to leverage my publicity effectively and will be emailing my designer to start building a landing page specifically for this purpose tonight! Thank you Selena

Thanks for your share Andrew! Being strategic is so important, because as entrepreneurs are time is so limited!

Great tips and advice Selena!! i am working on putting them all into play so I can GKGC!! 🙂

It would be my dream to be on the top podcasts (EoFire, Eventual Millionaire, etc.) and publications (Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc.) How ?

Wow what an epic article! I’ve bookmarked this one to refer back to. This is SO relevant for me right now. Thank you Selena!!

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