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I avoid these people like kryptonite

If there is one type of person I avoid like kryptonite, it’s someone who describes themselves as “overwhelmed.”

These are the frenzied, harried people who always seem to be running around doing something…but none of it really amounts to anything.

You know who I’m talking about. They do a “little bit of everything,” which really means they can’t focus on anything important. Then they justify it by saying, “It couldn’t hurt.”

For example, I emailed back-and-forth with a woman who complained that her business wasn’t growing. When I looked at the 5 URLs (!!) in her signature, I discovered that she posted more than I do on Instagram — even though she only has about 200 followers.

Ramit: “Out of curiosity, why spend your time posting on Instagram? My IG account doesn’t even grow my business — it’s just for fun. And I have 10,000+ followers! Why not spend time on something that will grow your business right now?”

Her (offended): “I post on Instagram because it’s a long-term investment. Are you saying I should only think short-term? Because I just can’t agree with that.”

Ramit: Backs away with both hands up, as if walking away from a deranged serial killer.

The problem is — I get it! We’re told that we “need to” post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. We also “need to” network, build a personal brand, start a side business, dress better, feed the homeless, travel to the far east…

Honestly, just looking at that list, I want to roll over, pull up my blanket, and start watching Netflix.

Let me give it to you straight. You could take away my Twitter account (94,900 followers) and Instagram account (13,600 followers) and it would not affect my business one single bit.


The 80/20 Rule: Easy to understand, hard to actually do

You know the 80/20 Rule? How 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities? If you took an honest accounting of what you’re doing…what if you found that you could eliminate most of them, tweak a couple, and get awesome results?

I’m not just talking about business. Think about where you spend your time.

Would we be honest enough to face the reality that some of the things we’re spending our time on…actually don’t matter? I have to say, this is tough. Easier to just keep doing what we’ve been doing. “It couldn’t hurt,” right?

Take the typical business owner, who mindlessly writes blog post after blog post. They think if they throw enough content out there SOMETHING will stick and get them traction.

I found an example of this on a marketing forum. After writing 200 articles, the only thing she had to show for it was 156 Facebook likes (hint: Likes don’t matter).

200 articles

200 articles and still struggling to be noticed

Now, what if I suggested that perhaps, just maybe, her strategy isn’t working and she should try something else? How do you think she would respond?

This isn’t just about writing. It’s about your workouts, your career, your money.

The answer is, with 99% odds of certainty, she would reject my suggestion and keep doing what she’s doing.

Most people would rather keep doing something unsuccessfully, than take a chance at something new and possibly fail. I know.

What happens when you take a different approach

One of my students, Danny M., is an IWT graduate who teaches people how to become freelancers.

He didn’t mindlessly write blog posts. HE WROTE TWO — JUST 2! — AMAZING POSTS.


$11229 in one day

Zero to Launch graduate Danny M’s income from a single day

That’s revenue he made in a single day.

Notice the difference. You could spend years doing a little bit of everything — or carefully, methodically plan 1-2 powerful things. And those can make all the difference. They are truly the “Big Wins” of business and life.

Copywriting: Learn how to do this

Last week I announced that I’d spent the last year working on a premium copywriting product called Call To Action. It’s designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs looking to double their business using copywriting.

People went nuts. I could have made $100,000 if I had included a sales link at the bottom of the e-mail. That’s what a lot of other businesses would have done.

But I’m not interested in making a quick buck. I want to build relationships that will keep people coming back for years. So instead of simply looking for a quick 6-figure check, I created a special event called The Call To Action Copywriting Bootcamp. It’s a free sneak peek into Call To Action to make sure only the right people join.


In the first 24 hours we had thousands of people sign up. Some will end up joining the full Call To Action course. Some won’t. That’s fine — but do you see how it’s a totally different game than the pitch-pitch-pitch game that most people play?

Take a different approach. It makes all the difference.

And btw, I’d love to see you in the copywriting mini-course.

We released the first lesson in The Call To Action Copywriting Bootcamp this morning (it’s all online), but I can still get you in.

I’ll show you how you can double your business in 18 months using copywriting. Click here to join the Call To Action mini-course.

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