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Introducing GrowthLab Live, our new meetup series

The GrowthLab team would like to invite you to our first ever GrowthLab Live event in Brooklyn, NY, on June 27th at 6 p.m. (Get tickets here for $70.)

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GrowthLab Live is an exclusive event (we only have 70 tickets for $70/each) where we’ll feature a sit-down interview between founder Ramit Sethi and a leading entrepreneur — with plenty of time to ask questions and hang out with your fellow GrowthLab readers.

For our first edition, Ramit will be sitting down with Treehouse founder Ryan Carson.


Treehouse is one of the leading companies in online education with 250,000+ students.

Ramit and Ryan will cover…

  • How to build a community of learners via online courses.
  • No-BS tales from the trenches on how they both built their online businesses.
  • How to create amazing online course experiences that change the lives of students.

Along the way light appetizers and drinks will be served. We hope to see you in Brooklyn!

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