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Introducing Work/Life: “We kicked the American Dream out the window”

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest YouTube series, Work/Life.

On Work/Life, we’ll be sharing true stories of inspiring entrepreneurs who have overcome the odds to build businesses on their terms.

Our first episode tells the story of Esther Inman. When Esther graduated from college with a teaching degree, the only job she could find was as a substitute teacher earning $100/day. From there, she went from international teaching jobs to a corporate job back in the States — all while supporting her son and her military husband along the way.

Then, a $20/hour virtual assistant job she found on Craigslist changed everything. Today, Esther is the founder of Virtual Assistant Internship, where she helps moms, travel lovers, and military wives like her find their own virtual careers.

“I feel like we have kicked the American Dream out the window,” Esther says. “We’re stomping it and we’re creating new dreams for ourselves that are based on whatever we want, and not comparing ourselves to anything else anymore.”

Watch the episode to hear Esther’s story in her own words.

Work/Life is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs who have beaten the odds to build businesses on their own terms. New episodes every other Wednesday.

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