Sneak Peek: Inside Double Engine Growth

Double Engine Growth excerpt:
“The Double Engine Strategy”

In this video, you’ll learn about the two growth engines that have driven the rapid and sustained growth of IWT and GrowthLab (and why most growth efforts don’t actually result in bottom line growth).

Key takeaways in the excerpt below:
2:50 — Why Phantom Wins plague — and stall — most businesses
4:29 — What every customer deeply loves
7:31 — Why your Product Engine is more important than any one product (even a hit product)
10:05 — The story of when I started to crack the math behind leads
11:45 — Lead decay, one of the scariest factors in any business, and how to fight it
13:30 — What it’s like to apply the Double Engine Strategy in your business

This video is just one of many included in the Double Engine Growth course.

This course, including all of the bonus vault material, goes into exhaustive detail on how to install both a Product Engine and a Lead Engine in your business — and how to grow a team that can help you do it, if you like.

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