Sneak Peek: Inside Breakthrough Launch

1. The transformative power of a Breakthrough Launch. This is the first video in Breakthrough Launch. In it, I start things off by walking you through one of our most successful launches ever. When you finish the course, you’ll know how to run a launch like this, too.

But more importantly, we’ll show you how to do it in a way that’s meaningful, sustainable, and authentic to you.

There are a lot of misconceptions about launches out there. People think they’re scammy, they burn you out, they burn your list out. They don’t work anymore. Have you heard that? “Launches don’t work anymore.” We don’t believe in any of that.

Watch this video for some of the key beliefs that drive our launch machine:

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2. Live funnel teardown. One of my favorite things about Breakthrough Launch is that the course isn’t just a bunch of dry theory. We packed the course full of complete, real-world funnels — along with our detailed notes on each.

You can see why real launches hit or miss.

In this second excerpt from the course, I met the owner of an online business that helps software engineers interview for better jobs. He was having a problem motivating his readers to buy NOW. I brought him into studio, took a look at his funnel, and workshopped it live on video.

Watch the 30-min teardown here:

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(BTW, you can see how Sam has steadily been improving his launches each time in this case study about his success on GrowthLab.)

Sam’s launch revenue keeps jumping