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Online business: From my first sale to a $12,000 product

In this post, you’ll learn how I went from a $4.95 e-book to launching a $12,000 flagship course.

This isn’t the same sort of tactical minutiae you’ll find on other “online business” sites. I don’t tell you that you NEED to get on Pinterest, or Twitter, or FB, or else you’ll DIE!!!!

Instead, I methodically show you some critical, strategic decisions I made that let me go from charging less than $5 to successfully selling a $12,000 course.

Notice how at the highest levels of success, you don’t have to make outlandish claims. You can simply show people — deliberately and methodically — why you made the decisions you made, and the right people will get it. As someone once said, “You hear screaming used-car salesmen…but you never hear anyone screaming in a Mercedes commercial.”

Question for you: If you wanted to learn how to create an online business, would you learn it from someone who’s sold 1 or 2 products, then just kept milking that cow for years…or would you want to learn from someone who’s sold over 15 different products ranging from $4.95 to $12,000?

In my upcoming course, Zero to Launch, I’ll show you the insights I learned at every price point — including how to choose an idea that pays, how much to charge, and how to package a $50 product vs. a $5,000 one.

For now, check this picture out. This is the first sale I ever made from an online product.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.27.21 AM
My first sale! I should print this out and hang it up on the wall. If only that wouldn’t ruin my NYC bachelor-pad decor.


By the way, it’s not about the amount of money. The coolest part is that somebody who I didn’t know thought my knowledge was valuable enough to PAY for!

Can you imagine that feeling? The feeling of taking something you know and love — maybe it’s how to lose weight, or how to get to inbox zero, or even how to train your dog not to bark! — packaging it up, and seeing someone actually pay to learn what you know?

It didn’t matter that it was only $4.95. I knew that if someone would pay 5 bucks, I could figure out how to create even more valuable material and make more.

Do you know when I realized this could be BIG?

It was later that weekend, when I was out with friends. I kept seeing sales come in, even while I was away from the computer.

The numbers were still small — a few sales here and there — but I suddenly realized what people meant by “recurring revenue” and “multiple streams of income.”

Wait a second, mister. I can be out with friends…or eating dinner…or even traveling…and this little online business will continue generating revenue for me?


Now let’s fast forward. Take a look at the number of successful payments I had for just one of my products last month:

What do you notice?

Revenue continues to roll in for this product, day after day after day. (Notice how revenue keeps rolling in even on the weekends…when I’m not working at all.)

My business generates money while I’m doing all of these things:

Learning inflatable dolphin water polo, hanging with Elmo/Abby Cadabby, and eating Coney Island pizza at 10:30am. Oh, you thought I’d put a picture of me in front of a private jet?

This is pretty cool.

But in today’s video, I’ll also tell you what most other people won’t:

  • YES — there are very specific reasons you choose certain prices. (In the full course, I’ll tell you exactly how much to charge, based on testing)
  • NO — you cannot jump to launching a $2,000 course your first time, no matter what some scammy internet marketer tells you. You might sell 1 or 2 units, but I’ll show you a much more effective way. It takes a little longer, but you’ll actually help more people and end up making more than 10x the profits
  • YES — you can “shortcut” your way to a successful online business using the testing/insights I learned along the way

Check it out:

Here’s what to do next.

Join the Zero to Launch private list, so you can review my favorite case studies and other course material. You’ll also get priority access to Zero To Launch when I unlock the course again. Nothing to sell here — I just want you to know more than anyone else about starting an online business. Click here to join the Zero to Launch private list.

* * * * *

P.S. Hey, let’s also do a fun little thing. I know it’s a little early to know what your online business idea is — and we’ll cover that next week, and in exhaustive detail in the course — but for now, post your 3 craziest, most fun ideas.

If you could teach ANYTHING through an online business, what would it be? Don’t worry about costs or competition or the profit side yet. Just leave a comment with the 1-3 ideas that make you sit up straight and say, “YES! I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT!!”

UPDATE — New Zero to Launch course reviews!

Check this out, several Zero to Launch beta students have posted detailed reviews of the Zero to Launch course on their own blogs. You can hear all about their experiences — including pros and cons, and who the course is right for — in their own words. I’ll keep updating this list as more reviews come out:

I’ve collected more Zero to Launch reviews, direct from students, here. Check them out.

Want to learn more about Zero to Launch and get instant access to more case studies? Just join the Zero to Launch waitlist (takes 20 seconds).

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There Are 731 Comments


How to care for your rescue puppy
Everything chocolate – recipes
How to create your own artwork

Completely disregarding the business side? I can think of a few:

1) The Best Way to Find Out About Anything on the Web

2) New Tie Tying for Fashionable Gentlemen

3) Cast Iron Science: Cutting through the Myths

4) Slow Carb Dieting for the Extremely Lazy

1) How To Find A Technical Co-Founder
2) Stop Waiting for the Perfect Technical Co-Founder and Start Learning How to Code
3) The Fat-Burning Programmer

Edward Byrne

Killer apps to solve peoples problems would do it for me. They could be business or everyday problems. Just create something that would make a lot of peoples lives a little easier in some way.

1. How to stop listening to that inner voice that tells you the couch is more comfortable than your running shoes
2. How to build habits
3. How to find / do out-of-the-beaten-track stuff when traveling

Here are a couple I can think of:

(1) Excel modelling mastery: How to build ridiculously easy-to-maintain Excel financial models that will make your boss thinks you’re a genius!

(2) Mac productivity 101: How to become super fast and productive on your Mac – impress your boss, colleagues and clients with your super-human speed.

You said crazy right?
1. how to find the perfect office supplies for you (I love stationery) to make fun bracelets and other accessories
3. how to finish and enjoy doing a phd

I would buy a product on tying ties (even though there are thousands of YouTube videos). Why would I pay for something I could find free? Hmm…

a beer-specific search engine
how to dominate adventure racing online training
how to build dog chariots

1) Teaching Business/marketing and social skills (for finding and behaving in the right mastermind groups) to underprivileged children – for free
2) snowkite – coaching – courses
3) borrowing super-new cellphones to young kids for one month who in exchange send in their coolest videos


How to film fun short movies or promotional clips with only your cellphone and a few cheap accessories
How to prevent your car from turning into a hellish furnace in the summer while parked outside
A priority dating decision system for guys who are overwhelmed by all the options on dating sites


I love to teach people the following
1. How to select your potential spouse
2. How to balance your marriage and work

– How to build your confidence and land a great job – after a maternity break
– How not to be afraid of money, and how to manage it (specifically for women)
– How to teach your child, and yourself, the most essential skill – confidence

Things I’ve just figured out
1- Forget about coding, somebody probably has done something close enough for you to use it (and you always can improve it later)
2- Paint Warhammer (or other) miniatures
3- Keep it simple: Technology can be helpful, but if you don’t need it, just don’ use it (I think that people usually get lost between all the options)

I can think something else about dating (or better, improving empathy) and in general I like the idea of creating systems (as you explained hundreds of times) for almost everything.

1) Online Course – Win at Madden w/o making a single defensive stop

Russ Thornton

Teaching baby boomer women personal finance and financial planning basics so they can:

a) make smart money decisions before, during and after divorce, and

b) equip themselves with enough information to help prevent them from being taken advantage of by the jackasses in the financial services/advice industry

How to Program
How to Earn Top Grades in School
100 Things You Think Your Wife would Love that would Actually Will Make Her Think You’re an Idiot (something comedic)

Each of these are great. With some subtle positioning changes and some work, I estimate that each of these could generate $25,000/year within a year. The last one would be the toughest, but it would still be possible.

1. Creating Selenium automated tests for web applications
2. Drawing anime portraits of loved ones
3. Painting with watercolors

Prabu Rajasekaran

How to make your kid resistant to addictions
How to write job proposals
How to destress yourself in 10 minutes at any moment

Here’s what I just launched this week:

It’s a mastermind group for women of color. Not sure how in the world to grow it in order to make it sustainable though. Actually that’s not true. I do know what I need to do, just not how to do it.

I want to work with a small group of women, which means higher prices but my target audience is always saying how they “don’t have the money right now” so I tend to super underprice, hoping they will sign up.

(if you check out the sales page and scroll to the bottom to see the price compared to even standard market value… ugh, it’s a little embarrassing)

1] How To Find A Place To Live In Switzerland As An Ex-Pat [it is practically impossible, I live here now].
2] Quit Your Job, Move To Europe, Find A Job There, And Live Your Dreams [Needs better name].
3] An audio guide that you listen to while learning how to ski that helps you learn proper technique as you go.

Good job getting something up!

A classic mistake in building offerings like this is to (1) choose the wrong market, then (2) chase their inability to pay with prices that spiral to the floor. In ZTL, I’ll show you how to charge premium prices for the right market.

Build online courses for niche area like IT architecture, IT governance,

Services like project management using MS Project, short 3d films to promote various products

Crowdfunding is booming. $5B raised ww in 2013 alone. 50% annual growth rate.

1) Step-by-step course on how to exceed your funding goal on ANY crowdfunding website for ANY category
2) Ebook on best crowdfunding practices + case studies/interviews from the bestsellers (Pebble etc.)
3) Website on everything crowdfunding – the IWT for soon-to-be-project-creators.

Note to self – do you campaign first.

1. How to give a woman an incredible sexual experience
2. How to be romantic (on the cheap)
3. How to be a great mate
4. Date/Gift ideas for any occasion for your mother/daughter/wife/gf

My list seems to have a theme lol.

Based on what people sometimes ask me:
1. how to get into a top law school or grad school
2. how to dress like donald draper/harvey specter – suiting with style and rocking bowties

based on my crazy fun ideas:
3: how to turn your journal entries or poetry into a best-selling fiction book (something I want to do)
4. helping parents in low income communities prepare their children to make it into college
5. how to help your child launch their first business while in high school (i currently do this as a mentor)

Kimmoy Matthews

Help people stay in touch with their family, friends, professional network, etc. regularly.

How to create your own board games.

10 minute Caribbean dance inspired workouts.

Step by step how to enroll, seek financial aid and register for college
How to complete the FAFSA
First steps to take when visiting a foreign country

Jennifer Perry

How to look at life more simply. Life is stressful, so i would show you how to use the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) system to work for you.

1. Fun chemistry reviewers for aspiring chemists – (something that would boost memory retention)

2. Demystifying USFDA – all you need to know to send packages to the USA

3. From ugly duckling to swan: how to be your best self

Adana Wtn.

1. How to interpret tarot using everyday situations
2. How to use energy manipulation to get what you want

Three ideas off the top of my head:

– How to train for your first ultra trail marathon
– How to improve your chess skills (from ELO rating X to Y, could be a series for every range bracket)
– Classic car buying, selling and maintenance guide

Very compelling if properly marketed. Hint: My financial aid package to college was in the tens of thousands of dollars, so the big promise is there.

One of my E1K/ZTL students is teaching chemistry online and has generated over $100,000/year since beginning tutoring/online courses. You’ll see a case study of him soon.

I’ve been researching the science of efficient self learning for a long time, and would like to make a course about learning a whole college class in 1 week.

You are so good about sharing amazing content for for free. I had guessed at your reason for launching a $12k program. The best insight from this video is that people who are psychologically inclined to make money will spend money, but folks who are focused on saving won’t. That’s a huge, valuable insight.

What I have mastered and would really like to share:

1. I would like to teach lawyers how they can offer one additional product to almost every client, with almost no effort, and make an extra $500 to $1,000.

2. Fitness – specifically how to eliminate belly fat and have visible abs by slowly building one new habit at a time (that way the changes stick).

3. Selling on Amazon – How to create a physical product business that uses amazon as a sales platform.

Thank you for noticing! Yes, that one insight alone has been worth millions of dollars to me — and I’m happy to share it for free.

Good ideas. Especially #1. I actually have a course that teaches that to a slightly different vertical. It’s generated considerable revenue and the students who take the course LOVE it.

How to take better photos of your children.
How to organize, display & archive your photos (keeping it simple)
Learning to shoot in manual mode.

One potential problem….lots of this information is already out there.


How you can cure your acne without meds
Develop Excel skills for work
Bycicle survival guide (At least here in Santiago, Chile i would buy something like that)

Which course is that? Please excuse me for not being thoroughly familiar enough with your catalogue of offerings to immediately know. I’m assuming Earn 1K.

I’d like to be able to somehow tap into my passions
1. restored classic cars (even thought I don;t restore cars, I have a great appreciation for it)
2. Video biography – interviewing senior citizens and creating a product that they can share with their relatives long after they’re gone.
3. Personal finance health for 1. college students 2. middle aged folks and 3. Seniors (ala IWTYTBR)

One of these would sell 1,000x more than the others. Can you see which one? Hint: Think of your customers’ PAIN POINT.

6-Figure Consulting System. Very few have heard of it since it’s an advanced course and I don’t promote it publicly.

1) Stop cheating on Paleo

2) Prioritize your health

3) How to create your own in-home (or outdoor) workouts

4) Cook amazing leftovers

Rahim Ibrahim

I would like to teach them.. how to go from publishing a simple ebook, to a highly paid speaker in 2 years. 🙂

Dave Sandel

1) Setup social media accounts and how to use/not use them
2) Study for a CSCS exam
3) How to use Google

How to start a mobile fashion truck business (i have actually already done this – Can I make this a course?).
How to be a kickass real estate agent (for newbies to the business).
Zombie survival kit monthly subscription service. Because you never know… it could happen.

How to effectively advocate your cause/issue/passion before governmental bodies.
Yes, superficiality does matter in politics: inside knowledge of a lobbyist

1) How to survive your first night in Minecraft
2) How to build Minecraft mini-games
3) How to set-up a WordPress (website?) site in minutes

I’ve been working on one..but I’ll throw in a few others I’ve been wanting to do.

1. High end aesthetic, made in NYC, leather jacket line (working on it already)

2. Do not to go fashion school course. how to learn design/launch a line without going into debt thanks to fashion college (I went to Parsons, I know how useless it was)

3. GUYHACKS – life hacks geared towards guys in fitness/money/style/decor/stupid human tricks

Helping boyfriends write and record a song for their girlfriend for a special occasion (bday, christmas etc)
Owning a clothing line
Teaching how to skydive

These are kind of “worthy” and “unfun” for this exercise maybe but I’ve spent a LOT of time thinking about and talking about and working on ’em for free in the last few years!

1) Making new friends in your 30s/in a new city as a working adult. Platonic, not dating stuff.
2) Must-dos in terms of career management strategies and techniques in your first say two or three years of a professional career. Specifically in construction, I’m an architect.
3) Powerlifting – including getting people competing – for women in their 30s/40s (like me!) who aren’t in the meathead and nerdy lifter crowds.

I would love to teach:
1. FUN Chemistry on your Plate – how chemistry in your plate can improve your health (food/recipes+good photographs+chemistry)
2. How to write a PhD or master thesis and not get mad (communication skills+organizational+writing techniques)
3. Simple Sewing great Styling (sewing+styling)
4. Fun Portuguese Online at your Pace (learn another language e-course from a new way/perspective, not the common boring class way)

I know you said 3, I have 4!

1. Sumo-to-Six Pack – I lost 73 lbs after being banned from six flags for being too hefty
2. Type II Tyrant – Recently found out i have diabetes and have been keeping my glucose in check WITHOUT insulin and pricking my finger every 5 mins.
3. Words With Legends – I kick ass in Words With Friends with strategy. It’s not necessarily about playing a big word or even the best word you can every single turn.

Simple ways to keep a stay at home mom happy

Obstacle Course Training – specifically for the Spartan Race

Making money with photography and powered paragliding

– How to Setup Your First Business Website from Scratch – Translations for the Non-Techie

– Learning to Live without Fear – Step into Your Best Self

Thanks for all the videos Ramit! Great info!

Just after I posted that comment I was chatting to a couple of junior colleagues (23 or 24) about it and their reaction was “a course? why wouldn’t you just create a subreddit?” So there you have it, target the 35 yr old women with disposable cash instead!

How to have great relationships with women
How to diminish anxiety and express yourself freely
How to look great – most efficient physical exercises I have done
How to be awesome 🙂

a) TaxsoftIndia(Tax planning software for 24-34 year old techies in Bangalore ,which will simplify the labryinth Tax filing in India)
b) Financial Planning ( Studing in becoming a CFP)
c) Personal Finance is eutomated(easy if automated) .My Dream online buisness where I can help people stop making bad financial decisions and more importantly stop misselling

Maybe. But if I had listened to everyone who told me to give everything away for free, you wouldn’t be reading this. The key is understanding who the market is — including who will pay — and creating world-class material for them. More to come!

-Helping people recognize their thinking mistakes/assumption
-Helping people build their own computer
-Teaching people how they can harvest wild food

If I was focused on the customer and not my own wants:
1) A weight loss guide based on my experience losing 50+ lbs.

If we’re talking about me and what I dream of making:
2) An album of original music, and
3) A documentary film

I’ve dreamed of making the latter two, but even in my dreams I can only see myself releasing them for free online.

I’m so excited about these videos and look forward to your emails every morning. Is Ramit in my inbox yet? Eek!

Okay these are my crazy and fun ideas:

1. How to Cook Delicious Dinners with 5 Ingredients or Less (I hate cooking and being in the kitchen.)

2. Copywrite Your Way to A Million Dollar Revenue Stream

3. Beautiful Budgeting Babes: How To Be Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

(There are so many fashion and style blogs, but none tell you exactly what stores to shop at, how much that blouse is, specific ways to dress different body types, etc.)

Sure, there are lots of free articles but who wants to scour the internet and search when I can get it all in one neat little package. I would pay for that!

Bryan Harris

Love the simple start. I just started out with my first course a few months ago and did the same. Its SO easy to get caught up in the tech side of things that prevents you from actually starting.

It’s infinitely easier to improve your 2nd and 3rd product than to ‘perfect’ your first.

How to get your first teaching job.

Athletic development for kids. ( not crazy Friday night tykes stuff but really help your kid or kids you coach or teach enjoy and get better at physical activities)

I wanted to help small business (1-10 people) organized their client leads, and help them automate their follow up. One things that I see CONSTANTLY is that many of these business have no tracking/managing mechanism or plan for following up with their customers/clients AFTER the service is completed. I’m not talking about a simple post card thanking them for their business. I’m talking about a systematic way to ensure customers: 1. Don’t fall off the grid for months or years and 2. That these business suddenly don’t wake up floundering and then slam their previous clients with calls and mailers out of desperation.

I like number one! However, I would only pay for it if it was something comprehensive like a city guide of events or activities, times, schedules, etc. Would it include scripts? How do you go up to strangers?

I already see several awesome ideas in the comments that I would pay for myself! Rock on, guys!

Based on the top pain points people are always sharing with me, I would list the following as my first three ideas:

(1) “How To Choose The RIGHT Laptop, Phone, or Mobile Device For Yourself in X Minutes”
(2) “Impress Your Boss and Save Your Sanity By Mastering Excel In Just X Minutes Every Day”
(3) “Create Your First Android App This Week, Even If You’ve Never Programmed Before”

1) How devshops can make extra $1000 – $2000 per client with very little effort
2) How to build any MVP in a day … even if you don’t know how to code
3) Loose weight faster by reducing your workout hours

Additional thought – by bring this online instead of trying to do this locally or in person I can:
1. Expand the scope of who I can serve (while keeping it nitched down)
2. Increase appeal for busy people who don’t have time to meet (or more likely – have the perception that they don’t have time to meet).

Why you’re not anti-intellectual for liking big action movies

How to actually enjoy going on holiday

An Intro/summary to the Big Books that Everyone’s Read but you haven’t had time for

Organic Acne Solution would sell a zillion dollars worth – though be careful calling it a cure or complete solution.

1- How to change momentum in your life. Dating/Career/Health/Personal. Could be a monthly, with ideas on things to try, to shake things up and get back out there. Appeals to the single people or unemployed or even lazy who just need a push (and some ideas) on how to create positive momentum in their life.

2- App idea – Selfies with friends. A Facebook app that allows you to take a selfie with an object/place and send it to a friend and challenge them to the next selfie by “upping” the selfie stakes.

3- A mixology course, which weekly/monthly walks you through how to mix and prepare new drink ideas (or old drink ideas). Matching it with the perfect foods and music.

I will like to teach about how to, choose and keep the woman you love. Also, I want to teach literature, from appreciation to creation which I have a fancy name Evidential Critism. And though I know only a little of it, I will want to talk about how to recreate positive effects of greatness such as genius, wealth, or charisma or rapport from the one that worked on you

1. How to Write Well and Effectively (with good grammar!)
2. Public Speaking 101 (and 102, and 103…)–this would work best paired with actual in-person work, but an online course could also stand alone.
3. Some kind of course tutoring middle- or high-school students (perhaps tied to AP tests?), in the big subjects (math, history, science, English)

An idea I had was to provide insights into charities. Why to give, who to give to, how much to give, etc. (I also have a very specific website idea to help people manage there charitable contributions)

Another would be providing auction info. Where to find the auctions, how to profit from them, the psychology behind bidding, where to resell, etc.

And yet another would be a DIY blog scenario. I love making and refinishing things, i could share the knowledge.


I think Acne is the one.

Acne was a pain since i was 13 and i believe that i can help a lot of people with my knowledge.

You, my friends, can join me for a class on how to unlock and discover your creativity. In this course you will doodle, yes I said DOODLE, your way to creativity!

Coaching small and medium sized businesses in how to use story in all their communications, so as to wow their blasé potential and existing clients into really understanding “how this might work for me”.
Writing courses and e-books on the same subject, and selling them via existing and newly built online networks
Courses on learning about leadership via surviving while raising large families!
And one more for luck – courses/e-books on how to survive when you are a ballet mom or dad, without becoming a horrible monster or bankrupt

1.) Teaching non-tech people how easy it is to use standard systems/programs (i.e. Excel) to do amazing things.

How to make/produce music for the not so musically inclined.
How to listen to music and find that song you’ve been waiting to hear.
How to discipline yourself to do what you need to do when you don’t want to do it.

Saimah Arshad

Your link to watch your video does not work. It keeps going to the end of the video and will not play. Is it just me? Maybe that should be my online business idea….how to use the internet lol

Kyle Aldous

Breakdancing : Becoming the CENTER of attention in ANY situation
The Giver: Why Giving is the Ultimate way to have everything you could ever want
Organic Growth: Going from the Garden to your plate!

Filip Drimalka

Great post, although I do not think you will get honest answers here, Ramit.

I work with first time entrepreneurs and startups and from my experience people worry about talking about their business ideas. A lot.

Yes, I know that “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” (i.e. idea is nothing, until you work really hard to make it happen), but still people care about possible competition.

Even my own thoughts about this were:

1. Immediately imagined THAT product (I will / I am already trying to) build
2. Than questioned myself – why would I share my SUPERSECRET idea to others?
3. Than started to imagine 3 crazy things I will write down

I am sure that such discussion in PRIVATE program/forum would be much more interesting ;).

For Others: Don’t be afraid, it’s not that easy to copy. Like one wise man said: “The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.”

ps. both quotes belong to Thomas A. Edison

1. Lessons in strategy from the great generals and warlords of history applied MMA competition.
2. Stoicism for college students
3. Inducing a feeling of reward/Celebrating victory properly for easier behavior change.

jade Campbell

A Self help recovery course for people who have suffered since childhood at the hands of disaproving
and in many cases narcissistic family – particularly parents , and have unwittingly become people pleasers.

This low self esteem, from constant critisicm, flows into their adult lives and the more accomodating they are to others, the more they are taken advantage of.

They understand what has happened to them, but are powerless to stop “the need to please”, because it has become so ingrained yet their lives are filled with pain and sadness.

It is an isidious behaviour that is sometimes repeated by the victim,
and carried on to the next generation.

It is a huge pain area, that only some have addressed in ebooks and courses, and not covered adequately enough when you look at some underlying causations are the results of cultural practices.

Others are parents who never wanted their children, others who wanted a girl or a boy and got the opposite.

So the child was going to be unloved , or loved only if they conformed to ridiculous behaviors/demands.
Unconditional love was never there to begin with when it should have been.

Create quick 4-6 minutes interviews with teens who are doing cool things to:

Better themselves
Better their friends
… Environment
… Create an income.

How to prepare to and then actually live abroad (specifically targeting the emotional aspects of moving away from loved ones, moving away even if your family and friends don’t support your decision, managing your expectations, making new relationships in your new country, maintaing relationships with people at home while away, dealing with reverse culture shock)

In a similar vein, How to have a healthy and fulfilling long distance relationship.

How to evaluate the relationships you have with people and how to remove (or at least limit contact) with people who don’t encourage your emotional growth

How to be an Atheist in a Christian Family/Society and coming out as Atheist to your family

Armi Legge

A company that let’s you select every part on high cost bicycles, and then ships the finished product to you.

How to customize any website site
How to make your own skin care
How to get your boyfriend to propose
Are my ideas all over the place? Yes, they are. I know 🙂

1. Selling used cars. Blogging about how to buy and sell.
2. Life coach for boomers.
3. Export biz

Teach busy professionals how to scale their diet so it works forever, 5x their workout results by focusing more on recovery instead of working out, and provide a product for frequent flyers that want to eat healthy while traveling

how to design a great online user experience
how to design great logos
how to design the interface for a mobile application

1) Financial Advise / Financial planning for the college-educated (i.e., those with some money and earning potential, but not filthy rich with access to private banking)
2) Fitness / Exdercise for strength and relaxation / reduced stress

– Jeff

The best part about teaching a course, is that I have more niches to explore.
I wouldn’t necessarily want to freelance all of these on a daily basis, but I would love setting up a system where I could teach and actually help masses of people at once.

1) How to self train your service dog (to complete tasks for you).

2) How to train your small dog to listen to you!

(There’s a stark difference in training large dogs vs midget dogs….most small breeds do not “aim to please” as their traditional cousins do. 🙂 )

3) How to be in complete control of family stress….and eradicate it.
(Hint: You need to accept them for who they are before you can accomplish this)

4) How to change any behavioral trait about yourself

5) How to beat depression and always be happy as hell

Okay here are 3 playing off my expertise.

Not sure if they sound sexy to anyone else, but I’d be excited if someone offered them up to me…

1. Rediculously accelerated courses for earning AP credits in high school without having to attend class for students who are bored to tears.

2. An unschooling program designed specifically for teenagers who eventually want to work as engineers, as an alternative to traditional high school, with accelerated entry into college engineering programs using DIY-degree style credit testing.

3. A course, set of courses, or guides on how small businesses can implement more traditional Continuous Improvement activities into their standard practice, with the possibility for consulting to build custom knowledge-management systems using standard database software.

Tom, that’s exactly what I did. I geared my course ideas towards topics that I myself would have been interested in (before developing the skill myself). Actually, I searched for several of them and had a difficult time even finding the information being available. Did you have a hard time finding the information yourself?

Mark Folgmann

1. How to convert one third of your tax preparation business into a tax planning business while doubling your income and adding non tax season high value revenue.
2. How to become financially secure and make smart financial decisions without ever using a financial advisor.
3. How to maximize your retirement savings by building low cost diversified retirement accounts without conflicts of interest

1. I would love to teach people how to drive strategically, so they can save gas, be courteous to other drivers and avoid accidents.

2. Screen printers need education on how to print properly on different materials. I could teach them how to do it while saving money on expenditures.

3. I could teach some one how to be more organized in their daily routines (or even create daily routines) in order to be more effective and get more done.

I like your last idea. I know of a few people that have that problem. They don’t know how to broach the topic, so they just remain in the atheist “closet”. My boyfriend (atheist) still gets cards from his mom telling him he needs to get right with god and ask me to marry him. Lol. I think she’s doing it mostly because she wants grand kids though. 😉

1. How to brew beer
2. How to win at fantasy football
3. Show IT Professionals how to study strategically for certification exams

1. Online resources for Pastors’ spouses where you can be real
2. Baby steps to living a gluten free/paleo/other free life. There’s so much information out there but nothing addresses how overwhelming it can be.
3. Fibromyalgia – it may just be what you’re eating!

This is more for my wife who is into healthy eating and how food is more than just energy for our body…we’re creating a nutrition education/consulting business. She even successfully launched a class (had two people pay $25/ea to hear her speak yea!) She really wants to help people know that healthy food can still be easy to make and not taste like painted cardboard. Here are some classes we’ve thought about:

1) Food: Friend or Foe? Fundamentals of a Real Food Diet (this is the overview course she just taught)
2) Eating to Boost Immunity
3) Foods for feeding your children
4) Eating for pregnancy: before, during and after

I think she has potential but she thinks people don’t want to learn this and the only plus she has to entice people is her PhD

1 – A voice and diction course for students, whose native language is not English, to improve their speech communication in the business and professional world.

2- The lazy man or woman guide to buy real estate land without leaving your house. All you need is a computer and a few apps.

1. Planning your dream wedding on a budget
2. Raising your child(ren) as a single parent while working/going to school full-time
3. How to eat vegan when no one around you is

Hilde Fossen

Thanks for the amazing insight Ramit. Can’t wait to hear more about the course.

3 crazy ideas for women:

1. How to dress your beautiful pear shaped body.
2. How to dress your gorgeous apple shaped body.
3. How to dress your magnificent straight body.

Self discipline is tough! How do you discipline yourself? How long did it take you to figure out the best method for yourself? I find that if I commit doing something for 1 minute only, I can always find the motivation to continue and complete the task thereafter.

I do the same thing every morning, lol! (It makes me feel like such a nerd!) I like your first idea. I also hate cooking (because I can’t cook 😉 ). If your first idea was marketed towards people like me, I’d be interested in it if you marketed it as super easy meals in under X minutes. But, I’m not sure if that’s what you’re going for. 🙂

1. Decoding Guy/Girl Talk and relationship advice
2. Makeup tutorials
3. How to have a more organized life

1) Biohacking for High Performance Individuals. Less stress, more output, better lifestyle.

2) How to architect a 6-figure sales funnel for health focused info products (or any expert level courses, just more experience with health)

3) How to create a mobile optimized presence for your local business. (Restaurants, CPAs, Gyms…any locally driven business)

That’s all just my expertise, but if I had my druthers:

1) High level performance coaching for young entrepreneurs. Leadership, biohacking, etc.
2) Power couples coaching and training. My wife and I kick ass, so I’d love to coach others to also kick ass.

Sorry if this was long. First time commenter on your blog.

Thanks for the video, I appreciate your insights!

1) Overcome Statistics Phobia: Mastering Statistics for Psychology Students
2) Prove Your Site’s Worth: Practical Methods and Metrics for Competitive Usability Benchmarking
3) How to Forgive and Seek Forgiveness

Kayla Badolato

1) diy art installations

2) 3d printed jewelry making

3) how to not feel like you suck at life and actually accomplish something.

I’m gonna take a stab and say the Skin Care one.

First off: the person who wants easy website customisation might as well just go to Squarespace or summat like that. As for boyfriend proposal, I love the gumption of that one but I’m not sure there’s that many people for it.

Skin care though: (1) will have the most impact because tons of people care about this and, if it does work, will see immediate impact when applying product to their face (and particularly about the authenticity/organic-v-chemical nature of their products, meaninglessness of that opposition put aside for a moment); (2) will be most purchased because tons of people, myself included, are just that vain to want to look good; (3) most used… actually, you got me here – if there’s one criticism I’d say it’s that this immediately sounds like a lot of work to me… I own my own blender and can hardly be arsed to make my own smoothies. Will I really make my own moisturiser?

1. Protect your memories from natural disasters: How to organize and back up your family photos
2. Make your friend cry of happiness with a gift: How to create a beautiful photo book for a gift
3. Corral your digital photos: How to set up a system to organize digital photos from your various photo devices and keep them organized as you take more photos.
4. Get your digital photos out of your computer: How to create photo albums & photo wall displays

1. How to repair your own tech hardware. Smart phone, tablets
2. Over coming the fear of success, a book focusing on Why failure is normal and we should strive to it, because failing is how we learn and learning is how we become successful. Working title: Flip Your Magnet or How to Fail….based on approach-avoidance theory.
3. Emergency Service’s App. a smart phone app that activates when the phone has suffered a severe blow and immediately turns on you GPS and other location services and notifies E911 and texts your designated emergency contacts.
4. BrainBreak – an application that allows adults to adjust what apps a child can access and at what times.
5. an application that only plays music based on how fast you are moving. I hate it when my iphone plays a slow song and i am moving at a fast pace, it brings me down.

Sorry, more than 3. Was on a role.

1. Sell copies of my yet to be written instructional guide:

“Veganocalypse: How to survive the collapse of modern civilization on a plant-based diet”

2. Show people how to become a rap producer using and setup their Digital Audio Workstation using free tools

3. Instructions for building dynamic websites bundled with custom templates.

So, this sounds awesome, and as someone vaguely ok at Excel I’d be interested.

Thing is, I’ve googled stuff about how to get better at Excel before. Which has me thinking about the best way to get started with something like this. I imagine one thing to do would be to focus on excel for X.

e.g. I work in pay-per-click advertising. I don’t need to know what an accountant needs to know. I just need “1 function that’ll save you 2 hours a week in excel when doing Lost Impression Share reports”, for instance. I guess you’d have to go out and talk to people in each field, and ask them what they already know but what they end up wasting their time on (you don’t want to tell them how to create a pivot table for instance – we know about pivot tables! – but when you go speak to someone in a different field they might not!).

The other thing this makes me think is that I’ve googled “how to get better at excel” and I’m hit with courses, and 5 tips and 10 tips and so on and I’m like “fuck that noise, I don’t have time for that”. First off, I’d translate it into time “How to save x hours” like I exampled above. Second off, hone it down and make it actionable too. I came – and I think a lot of people have come – to Ramit’s site from searches for help on specific topics, where he offers actionable advice you can start today. In going for those more general queries about getting better, I’d do something like “How to save 15 minutes a day in excel, starting today”. 15 minutes! That’s not a lot, but fuck it, it sounds like it must be easy, and it means I’ve got some time I can use to go get some tea and naff off. It also means that I’m slowly hooked into your ecosystem – you’ve served me so well this time, why yes, I would like to sign up to your email newsletter, or maybe I’ll remember the site name and google it again in relation to another topic on excel and be surprised when, fuck me, you’ve got another awesome tip for me on that topic!

I agree. There’s some good stuff here which, with some tweaking, I could see myself paying for.

I like your ideas, but I like (2) especially for the way you phrased it in terms of my concerns (impressing my boss; not throwing my computer out the window).

I would love to teach people to search, find and gather documental proof of government corruption acts. Hell yeah, I know how to do these, done it before, however it is my nonprofit side (wich I love!).
I already found lots of crap made by politicians and workers of public partitions and got proof of it only with the power of internet.
My dream is to build an army of soldiers like me.

Tips on how to be successfull in Corporate America. Target audience would be recent graduates or those entering Corporate America from another profession. The course will provide actual situations and lessons learned and would be written in a humorous, light-hearted manner.

Thoughts, Ramit?

My finance is working on his Thesis and he could really use those skills; its driving me crazy.

-Built to Last: How to Survive (And Eventually Get Out Of) Your Long Distance Relationship
-How to Sell Without Selling
-How to Make Any Man Fall in Love With You

Chey Rasmussen

I would teach graphic designers how to make awesome “8-bit” pixel art. There are also a lot of animation and motion graphics techniques I could teach.

1) How to brew beer
2) Make your first website (even if you know nothing)
3) How to properly handle a knife in the kitchen

1. How to potty train your child
2. Simple things you can do daily to DRAMATICALLY improve your health
3. Simple solutions for day-to-day ailments

I would teach people to have the confidence to do whatever they really want to do in their lives – whether it’s work or relationships. It all seems to come back to confidence in yourself.

1. Limiting Belief Buster
2. The Lose Your Weight Using Your Internal Thermometer
3. How To Excel As A Corporate Pimp

1) How to be confident enough to power through rejection, even if you’re not a sociopath.
2) Overcoming a fear of new foods.
3) Letting go for control freaks.

Scott Welch

1. Save that $75,000 – How to Create and Implement Project Management for a Non-Profit with 50 to 150 people.

2. Excel functions in normal English – You don’t need to learn Technical-se in order to make Excel work for you.

3. Intro to Overseas Travel – Not Being Stranded in a Foreign Airport with no cash, passport, and one pair of boxers.

SuperLuminal Man

“Why Ex-Pat Living In Switzerland is so KOOL and How to DO it!”

1. Choosing and using the right camera: Specs you can skip; Features to focus on

2. Automating great Social Media Marketing: How to keep your brand “social” in less than 14 minutes per day.

3. Creating designs that won’t offend professional graphic designers

Anything at all?

* How to Properly Interact with Our Future Robot Overlords
Because if.. when AI’s are created, We’re going to have a lot of explaining to do (imagine the Harassment-lawsuit Hollywood would get if AI’s got rights !!!)
* Genetics, Evolving from the Basics to the Complicated !

* Technology-assisted Learning
Because not enough students know Anki and other products exist !

* How to use LaTeX for book and article writing.
This one has potential I believe, Seeing as many Scientific magazines tend to require LaTeX documents, and the base-code you get from wriiting them like this convert to ALL ebook formats without problems ( at least to my knowledge).

My 3 business ideas are:

How to create a website
All tips you need when travelling to Brazil
Organizing a successfull event

Rohin Sharma

For me, I would like to teach a review course for the Advenced Placement (AP) Exam in US Government or US History. Yes, students get a short review at school, but I would gear my course to top performers who want to max out their score. My audience would be “pushy” parents, who would pay premium $$$ to get their kids 5. I would promote the product by putting out 100 “Khan Academy” like youtube videos, then charge a premium for a tailored review session for the exam.

Ramit, great video. It was interesting to learn about your journey from your ebook to now. I have a couple questions I have about the early stages of your business and of your Dream Job courses:

Some of the people who bought your $4.95 ebook or $7.95/mo Scrooge emails may not have felt it was worth it. To you, they were learning points in retrospect. Does this raise any ethical issues about using your customers as test cases (guinea pigs, as they say) for your own learning?

Similarly, the Dream Job elite course was priced at $12k, but many others were able to get the contents along with the standard materials for a much lower price. Does that make it unfair for the $12k attendees, who served to anchor the $12k price point for you?

I ask these questions because I’ve sold a few documents on Scribd, but I felt like I was almost deceiving people because I don’t feel my products were the best quality I could offer for sale (except one product which is disproportionately popular out of all the other ones–I feel proud of that one).

Now, we could tell ourselves that it was a fair purchase between willing buyer and seller, buyer beware, etc. However, it doesn’t solve the ethical issues I described above. Could you give your quick thoughts on them? Thanks.

1. How to get things done even when you feel like being super lazy.
2. How to maintain your car, I recently did my own tune up, it was super awesome.
3. How to eat when you are diabetic.

Three craziest ideas:

1. A course for musicians who are blocked creatively/a course for musicians to learn to earn money as a musician.
2. A course for teachers who don’t know how to talk to kids.
3. A course for college students who had an IEP in elementary and highschool who want to become top performers.

How to be an awesome mom in 10 minutes a day
A guide to your first music festival
How to create a LinkedIn profile that gets views

1.-How to present your small firm to your bank
2.-small biz key statistics and customer analysis
3.-basic obedience training for you and your dog

A step by step guide to achieving anything you want, not some inspirational/motivational BS but an actual workbook when completed, you will be either very close or have reached your goals.
How to become a master public speaker
The bullsh*t guide; signs your are being lied to, manipulated or conned (basically how to tell if you can trust someone)

1) Game Design for Teens
2) Mobile App Jumpstart
3) Design for Developers

1) Do anything alone – how to enjoy doing things by yourself.
2) Great Handwritten Letters: How to make letter writing easier and more meaningful.
3) Great gifts: how to be the best gift giver.

Sean Mysel

I would love to teach people how to play golf the way pros play. How to systematically approach each shot, how to ruthlessly analyze their games and how to deal with adversity on the course.

Man I’ve spent so much time around world class athletes in MLB, NHL, NBA and college football and basketball and heard so many stories of how they got great it would be awesome to share that with other people.

Could be a dumb idea but I’ve had IM’s watch my customer videos and ask me about doing that.

@Ramit E1K didn’t just become a turning point for you… it completely turned my life around. Just enjoyed a $45k month in February with my freelance biz.

Thanks boss!

Russel– #5. I thought about that today at the Gym, the song is never the right pace for me–but had 5 glorious minutes when I hit the right song at the right tempo and felt like a running god.

1. how to build an amazing relationships with your kids
2 how to unleash the inner potential of your kid
3 how to manage your emotions
4 how to create harmonic relationships in your family
5 how to bring up your kid with special need

How to Command Respect at Work – for women or people who are shy/quiet
How to Think Quickly on Your Feet
Sort of related to the 2nd one…The Art of Throwing Shade – a guide on giving backhanded compliments

1. Parent Hacks: Shortcuts from the business world that will tame tantrums, shortcut whining, and save your sanity

2. How to DIY photo gifts that rock

3. Women: What you need to know about picking your future partner: wisdom from your future self

1. To dance! Like no one’s watching. To feel the rhythm in music, to feel the rhythm in you? It can help from self-esteem angles to fitness to just learning to let yourself go and have fun! / To play music (DJ) without just going from song to song! More on the art of what’s delivered than the technicality of how to do it.

2. Help people do things better on their computers/gadgets? This is hard to type out. But simple ways of checking your email better faster to organizing your files to backing them up or how the plethora of tools/apps could help simply some of your daily activity. I already do this for every other friend/colleague.

3. How to keep fit, be vegetarian, without a fancy gym, or fancy menu. / Combine this with dance in 1.?

Great questions. I’ll go into more detail in the ZTL course, but in general:
– I offer 100% money-back guarantees on my course. I can only do that because of the testing I put into my products. When I say they’re world-class, that’s not arrogance — it’s the confidence of knowing they are because of many, many data points
– I had a 100% satisfaction rate from DJE
– The people who paid thousands to attend DJE didn’t just pay for the content, they paid for the personalized attention and experience. This is a key insight that can be worth hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars. It took me years and years to truly understand this

In general, I believe in creating world-class material that’s at least 10x better than anything else on the market. And charging accordingly.

We’ll cover a lot more of this, especially the tactics and psychology, in ZTL. Good questions.

1) Have a clothing design idea, but have no idea how to get it manufactured? Step-by-step guide to fabric sourcing & selection , material testing, factory placement, and manufacturing best practices.

2) Can’t afford to move? How to make the most of your living space. (Targeting SF/NYC residents.)

3) Tired of looking in your closet and finding nothing to wear? Refresh your existing wardrobe without buying anything new.

Love the 3rd idea- if you can teach me how to do it subtly to people at work while still being professional… that would be the bomb!!!

Kay Carter

1) Understanding your foster child.
2) How to benefit from your past: Step by Step
3)”No, you cannot control everything” Complete Guide on how to control your life.

If you could teach ANYTHING through an online business, what would it be? Don’t worry about costs or competition or the profit side yet. Just leave a comment with the 1-3 ideas that make you sit up straight and say, “YES! I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT!!”

Teaching people how to be the wacky, fun aunt/uncle in the family
Teaching people waysto be creative/crafty without being part of the mommy-blog mafia – craftiness as part of fun, not part of the mommy-life.
Teaching fledgling careerists how to ‘manage up’ and make their lives more awesome at work – respecting time, cutting boring hoopla and demonstrating exactly how awesome they are at work

Ken Westgaard

These subjects annoys the hell out me sometimes, so there has to be a market for it.

1. How to achieve common sense (as a bonus they would get a smack in the back of their head by me personally when they are wrong)
2. The difference: Bad vs. Good Design, web/print related (again… as a bonus they would get a smack in the back of their head by me personally when they are wrong)
3. How to learn from your mistakes (maybe I would put in a bonus here as well)

Hi Ramit,

1. How to discourage nuisance birds near your bird feeders.
2. Quickest ways to become an eBay powerseller.
3. Cutting through the early morning confusion to become more productive.


Aubrey Rose

1. How to write a romance novel. (video tutorial series. Progress: starting to tape tutes now)
2. How to self-publish your romance novel on Amazon. (curation of available material, open community forums with paid insider advice circle headed by three NYT bestselling authors. Progress: forums opening soon for content building, revving up to launch in May)
3. How to price and promote your novel so that it becomes a bestseller. (paid video tutorial series, paid 1-on-1 skype consultations. Progress: not started yet.)

Arthur Bullock Jr

1. Animation and Visual Effects – 80/20 Production – Optimizing Quality with Minimal Time and Resources
2. Drawing and Airbrushing – Novice to Expert in a Month
3. Custom Automotive Fabrication – Fiberglass, Bondo, Speaker Enclosures, etc. – There aren’t really schools for this- one must learn on the job.
4. Visual Effects Resources – 3D Models, and Stock Footage of Rendered Effects for Compositing – Explosions, Fire, Smoke, etc.

My three most fun and craziest ideas:

* How to do Improv Comedy
* How to lose 200 pounds
* How to get out of the pits of poverty-mentally, physically, and financially

Yawhann Chong

I can vouch for niche IT areas. Such a pain to find that kind of information online. I used to call vendors to speak with expert partners, go through countless white papers, or DIY a solution after scouring forums.

1) How To Roast Your Own Coffee for Less Than $3 A Pound
2) How To Go Zero-Waste, Grow Your Own Food and Save The Planet With Zero Investment
3) A web app that helps you easily plan the perfect budget vacation

Guitar course: Go from “what is this thing” to “hand me the guitar I’ll sing you a song”, in 1 month.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Course: From beginner to catching your first waves
Misdirection fun: how to take a watch of anyone without them noticing

Here are my business ideas:
1. Premed student advising and counseling helping students achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor.
2. Health and fitness: using my medical knowledge to help people get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Building a WordPress theme from scratch (I have a book on this now. A live course or video course would be a good addition)
2. How to start a career in web programming (I’ve done one on one tutoring for this)
3. How to make sure you never lose anything on your computer again

How to Advance Professionally in your Field by Building a Successful (and profitable) Personal Brand

(specifically for women)

Drop the “find a job” and the name is perfect: Quit you job, Move to Europe, and Live the Life of your Dreams.

I would buy this one, and I know my sister would love to find a way to move back to Europe and make a living there. I think this has great appeal for a lot of people.

Yes You Can Save Your Marriage
The secret principles that really work

1. Ethical/Humane Online Business (yes, seriously–it turns me on to see people realize they can do good and do right at the same time)
2. How Guys Can Turn 40 Without, Like, Dying
3. Customer #$%&*! Service (goes with #1, but aimed more toward larger businesses that still think phone trees are an acceptable way to take care of customers)

Kate Punivai

– 7 Habits of Someone Who Never Gets Sick (I actually already wrote this as an e-book, but then a copywriter reviewed it for me, basically tore it to shreds and told me my grammar was god-awful, and it was more suited to a series of blog posts. ) But I still think the general idea is a good one, which could help a lot of people.

– Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels & Need Less Sleep

– (For women) How to Choose the Most Flattering Hairstyle, Clothing & Accessories for Your Skin & Body type

Yawhann Chong

1) Teach others who have suffered personal data loss on their computers how to properly back up and store their data safely and securely. There will be separate tiers for those who want sufficient backup principles and those who are downright paranoid about data loss and corruption.

2) How to start managing projects for ideas you wish you could do right now but don’t have the talent (i.e. music, art, design, app building, etc.).

3) A video course series for people who want to learn how to fix their own computers to reduce the costs of bringing their computers to repair shops, along with preventative measures.

I’ve always been about helping people out and that’s why I’ve been fixing computers for people for over two decades. However, there are some people out there who really need to learn some basic troubleshooting before calling me (ensure the computer is on first) and I’ve learned over the years to just decline those jobs.

I’m just getting into filmmaking, and these are video course ideas I had pop into my head. I’d really like to travel abroad and film documentaries, human interest stories, and full-length/short movies.

As an aside, there are some audio issues with your video, Ramit, where your voice drops into whisper level tones (e.g. “We started off with the 2007 guide to k-cking -ss”). I suspect that either the noise reduction is too harsh in post-production or the lavalier mic needs to be placed further up your blazer. 🙂

Kate Punivai

Oooh, I’d be interested in Number 2!! Was just thinking recently it would be good to go plastic-free. That stuff is ubiquitous!

Okay. If I could teach anything, here goes.

1. How to play Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a Japanese action game that I love. It’s kind if complicated for new folks though. I doubt anyone would pay me for this, but hell yeah would it be fun.

2. How to set up your iphone

I do this for my mom and family all the time.

3. How to make comics

It’s a hobby for me, and honestly I’m probably not good enough to teach, but holy crap this would be awesome.

Yawhann Chong: what specific type of information were you looking for that was so difficult to find? Was it training in a particular niche? How-To Techniques? FAQ/solutions for common problems?

Yawhann Chong

The sad thing is, the people who choose to be unethical/inhumane probably wouldn’t be your target audience. 🙁

I have been trying to find a driving course and it is so frustrating because they are all the ‘take this so you don’t lose points on your license’ type course that people take after they get a ticket.

I want a cool strategic/defensive driving course!!!

In this never before released blog comment, I will reveal 3 fun ideas of what I would enjoy teaching about in an online course.

1. How to lose a ton of fat (100 lbs like me!)
2. How to get a date with a girl
3. How to write a web application

This is really cool BUT not sure if many people interested in the topic would pay for it?

Ayman Al-Abdullah

1.) How To Get A Job at Fortune 10 Company With A Shitty GPA From A Mediocre School (How I did it)
2.) How To Sell A Product Without An Email List (How I did it)
3.) The Fresh Grad’s 8 Week Guide To Backpacking In Europe (How I did it)

1. How to get your band organized
2. How to figure out your life’s purpose and make money doing it
3. How to start a restaurant from your house

Urban exploration/ infiltration.
Going from having 0 to being stable.

How to Get Off Your Lazy Ass and Start Exercising Slowly and Surely
How to cook easy slow cooker meals, for those focused on fat burning
How to make paper airplanes

I think a zombie survival kit (not subscription) has great potential in the Spencer’s type of stores or gag gift market.

Teach music theory to guitar players who are frustrsted because they want to be able to create, perform and sound like the pros but they find that the information out there teaches either random” tricks” or lots of boring and abstract theory and then its on them figure out how that aplies directly to the playing wich is hard, drainig and can take years. I’ve spend those years and i know there are better ways that are more practical, fun and faster!

Mary Catherine George

My deep desire is to have the following:

1) Selling a way to access and empower your creative self

“Smash Your Microwave” – How to Cook Quick and Healthy Meals that Actually Taste Great
“Who’s Your Daddy?!” – Ultimate Dog Training
“Photoshop That Commission Check” – Web Design for Marketers

Two with a religious bent:

Become a Prayer Warrior
How to sin less

Business side:

Teach lawyers how to outsource their blog posting without paying someone $500++ per month to do it.

1. How to Make Sugar-free, Low-carb Desserts (without using gross fake sugars or even natural sugars like honey).
People with diabetes and people with cancer have asked me for advice about this.

2. Intro to Mexican Cooking.
Again, mostly focused on things people ask me about, like how to make “real” guacamole and salsa and fajitas.

3. How to Cook Diabetic Friendly-Mexican Food.
Kind of combining idea #1 and #2. Half my family has diabetes, and I’ve often thought about creating something like this just so that when people ask me for advice, I’ll have something helpful to give them.

Before you teach ultra trail, why not just an ultra marathon? For me (someone who has always wanted to run an ultra) a trail ultra seems even more intimidating.

Training Brazilians (ages 25-40) how to communicate in English in business situations i.e. interviews, networking, meetings, presentations.

While there are TONS of English classes most are very general and the appeal to the LCD. When teaching it is really important to understand people’s linguistic and cultural backgrounds ( getting in their heads).

My challenge is can I niche and scale?

Chel Hamilton

The three things I would teach that makes me stand up and say “I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT!” are:
1) How to put the fun (and passion!) back into your relationship in 2 weeks, or less!
2) Bulletproof Confidence: How to have confidence in your worklife and datinglife – starting today.
3) Leading from the back of the pack: Leadership training for introverts.

1. How to succeed in life and raise great kids as a single dad.

2. How to acquire incredible furniture cheaply through auctions.

3. How to learn simple furniture fixes that will save you a fortune.

1. 3-Hour Body (But not 2 hours, I mean, you won’t even get your heart goin’ with that…)

2. How to Save Yourself (and your nerdy friends) Hours of Work a Week by Not Sucking at Excel

3. From Script to Sundance – Cinematography for those with a story to tell

1) How to go from Wallflower to Dance Diva/Gent
Basically, the ABC’s of how to learn dance, the most effective way to practice; how to hear music/rhythm; and a basic set of dance moves/isolations and how to sequence them. The goal would be to get the student going out with their friends and/or being comfortable walking into a studio for the first time to take more advanced classes.
A) Version for women
B) Version for men
(Men and women have different limiting beliefs and fears about dance so the course would be tweaked with different language and emphasis to reflect that.)

2) Partner Dancing Technique to Teach Collaborative Leadership
Good partner dancing (ex. salsa, swing, etc.) is a give and take communication, and collaborative, creative experience for both the lead and follow. As companies become less hierarchical and more flat being able to seamlessly move from lead to follow is an asset. The basic exercises and philosophy behind couples dancing can teach you the physical postures of leadership, clear communication skills required and give you a tangible experience of both rolls.

3) 1-2 Month Dance Immersions
I’d would go to a country and learn the culture by taking dance and music lessons for 1.5-2 months. Blog and vlog about it so users could follow me like a travel blog and then turn the footage into a starter online dance course when I got back. I’d be editing while there so it would launch within the month after getting back and a pre-edition would be taking the free classes I posted as part of the vlog.

The high-end version of the product would include a 2 week immersion trip for those who’ve done the beginning class to learn from the teachers I worked with. The trip would be 3 months after the class. Part travel – part educational experience.

John Fulwider

Lauren, take heart! You’ve got something online, the design’s attractive, the sales copy flows well. You took action. That puts you at the top already.

1 # Comparison of mobile phone deals
2# Favor exchange internet page
3# How to build a bumblebee house to make sure tomatoes never extinct

Only one idea:

Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create perfect figures and get your paper accepted to Science or Nature.

Roland Frédéric

Congratulation Ramit,
I read your free material since a long time
and joined earn 1k 2.0 and I must say
that this is your best video quality ever.

I would love to use my experience earning a blackbelt in aikido to help people build kick ass businesses and enjoy their lives more.


Think about male paint points – wanting to dance at the club with attractive women but not look stupid, having to dance at a wedding but feel they have two left feet, etc.


How to master Excel is one of the biggest selling courses on Udemy.


Idea: English accent reduction for Brazilian engineers and techies

– How to laugh everyday (providing resources for comedy, stand up/written/etc). “30 days to Happy”

-Get uncomfortable being comfortable: Daily activities to burn down your comfort zone and start living

-Philosophy for children

-Relationship Hacking: Shut up and listen.

1) Get her the gift that makes her cry tears of joy!

The Art of Gift Giving: for men who are clueless about what his woman wants: beyond Christmas, Valentine’s day, and Birthday’s).

This is for busy executives who outsource their personal agenda to their EA’s. But when it’s time for date night with their lady, they have absolutely NO IDEA what the thought process behind the gift was.

This would lead to extension of engagement planning: how to create the perfect customized engagement for her without having to hire a flash mob. She’ll be telling this story for decades!

It could also be for the modern day women, b/c i’ve heard alot of guys say they would love it if a woman gave them a gift just because…

2) Jet Setting Dream Jobs: Land an International job that will fly you around the World, even if you don’t speak a second language.

Think House Hunters international meets Ramit’s Dream Job course.

This one is for Twenty something’s that are single, top performers, and have a love of travel hacking. They either want to work abroad as expats or they want to experience several countries and not just have conference calls in different time zones.

3) Become as Charming as Bill Clinton!
I see this as the modern day e-course of the classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Of course Bill Clinton would have to be one of your guest speakers.
This is for introverts who usually get to hide behind left brain careers: developers, software engineers, quantitative researchers, scientists…basically anything in the S.T.E.M realm

I know you said 1 – 3….but a 4th idea came to mind:

4) The 5 love languages: learn how to get along with anybody!
Ok, this one would present some IP issues, but you can partner with the author, Gary Chapman 😎

– creating online dictionary (English and German)
– fast cooking recipes for busy people
– online chi neng qi gong course (exercises) against stress

Roberto Olayo

1. Online English course for graduate students in foreign countries who need to present TOEFL or other exam.

2. Online course on the mechanics of writing scientific papers / thesis for graduate students.

3. Courses on use of software for literature search / literature reference managers / drawing for scientific papers

These are things about which I have helped people on numerous occasions, I don’t know if people would actually pay for this or exactly how to do it though.

Hi Rob,

1. Not sure if your appreciation would generate an income stream but helping people make decisions about resources/materials/etc should be viable.

2. As tech leaves senior generations behind, this idea is a good one. Also good that you are tying in an emotional component. Helping elderly connect their iPad to wifi isn’t nearly as compelling as helping them leave a digital legacy for future generations.

3. Ramit has written about helping college students with finances. Seems there is dismal interest from what I’ve read about on this blog. Not only do they not *want* to pay, they usually *can’t* (Ramen for dinner anyone?)

Hi Rob,

1. Not sure if your appreciation would generate an income stream but helping people make decisions about resources/materials/etc should be viable.

2. As tech leaves senior generations behind, this idea is a good one. Also good that you are tying in an emotional component. Helping elderly connect their iPad to wifi isn’t nearly as compelling as helping them leave a digital legacy for future generations.

3. Ramit has written about helping college students with finances. Seems there is dismal interest from what I’ve read about on this blog. Not only do they not *want* to pay, they usually *can’t* (Ramen for dinner anyone?)

Maureen Miller

Crazy ideas:
1. Collaborate Long Distance: How to collaborate on a book virtually: you don’t have to be in the same room let alone the same country to do this ( just finished writing a book this way and it was a LOT of trial and error to find a way that worked to share ideas and the actual writing)
2. Teach Teachers to Flip: how to flip their classroom. This could be any level or grade of teaching. It’s the new buzz word on how to teach.
3. Long Distance Marriage: How to have a long distance relationship with your husband/wife when they work at a job that means being apart. I live on Vancouver Island and I’d say 20% or the population commutes to northern BC for work and they get a 2wk in- 5 day out rotation. It means dealing with finances, physically being alone….etc

Love your name, but I have a secret about how low income families can get their child to college……..did you know that it costs $600 per year to send a child to college in Cologne Germany? I instantly thought of all the Americans and other nationalities that can’t afford college, in Aust and Uk we have it a bit different. I wish more people knew that. Ok I know you are thinking, how can they study in German, but no the lessons are in English. To get by in Germany whilst studying, they give you free German lessons too. and free train travel. So bascially I am asking myself why anyone would not do this given you are debt free out of college. U just have to apply for a visa as well. Lots of Europeans using this…..I hope I reach one family and at least one kid gets an education. Anyway, point is you can use that info for your business idea #4. Good luck mate!

Oops one more. My son has a disability and I’ve been trying all sorts of things to develop a way to ensure his long term care is taken care of, when I die. The government is useless at helping with this and I’ve done most of my own advocating so the would make two more courses
1. How to advocate for a love one with a disability
2. How to take care of your loved ones future when they have a disability

I would absolutely buy #2
I can see my grandparents slipping away to dementia and old age and would love to have their lives and wisdom recorded.

Actually if I am cheap enough and invested enough to make my own skin care I am willing enough to google it and not willing enough to pay a premium price.

If on the other hand I can buy security of marriage promised by a proposal from a man I want that might actually secure a good life style or such, I would be much more willing to invest a premium price.

This is interesting – but baby boomer women don’t just get divorced. A lot of us are widows now. That’s something to think about too.

How To Become A Morning Person

I’m a lifetime late sleeper who was habitually addicted to his snooze-button. It held me back in ways I knew… but also in ways I was totally unaware of. I didn’t become aware of how many areas in my life I was falling short – really important areas – until I changed my ways.

I don’t know if there’s much money in the idea. But I sure would love to help people struggling with getting up early, like I did. It can change your life in so many positive – and unexpected – ways.

1) Photography for knitters and other fiber fanatics.
2) Yoga for knitters and other fiber enthusiasts.
3) A simple guide through the nitty gritty of starting a yoga teaching business. 100% guaranteed to see you up and running in a week.
4) Getting the word out, and students into your new yoga class.

– I have learned a few instruments on my own and have a different approach than most teachers out there, so I can teach this for faster results and more enjoyment to beginners, and it could possibly be a membership site/forum atmosphere with lessons. I could do this for guitar or drums.
– Learning songs on guitar by ear. I have learnt to do this and can imagine how to play a song on guitar without even having a guitar in my hands. I’m in the process of reverse-engineering my process for doing this so I can teach it.
– My ultimate passion would be to change the world by inspiring people to become entrepreneurs or start nonprofits (Kinda like what you do Ramit) but integrating NLP techniques to speed up the process of changing beliefs. Also inspiring others with success stories.
– Also something targeting men to be better lovers(working on a simple system, men like systems) and a better man in general.

Thanks Ramit, you rule man!

1) Teaching fitness classes/ PT sessions online

2) An 8 week healthier lifestyle, weight loss programme for adults looking for long term health & fitness. Aimed for people who perhaps don’t have the time/ confidence to go to current weight loss programmes in person

3) The above, but a specific programme for postnatal women who are now limited with free time or want to workout/ get healthier whilst at home with their baby

Angela Santo

1- Guides to running successful polyamorous relationships

2-Basic in depth Yoga benefits educationals

3-Tactical mindsets and self defense information

Casual Lying for Fun and Whimsy
How to craft personal stories into epic songs
How to be a better RPG roll player

Using your natural strengths in your career and/or life based on personality, rather than just skill. (I need to be more specific about what I’d offer, but basically everybody is different and excels at different things, yet we grow up assuming that smart kids grow up to be doctors and lawyers, whether their personalities are suited to it or not). And I would use personality assessments as the starting point.

I know you don’t like career tests Ramit, but it was my MBTI and similar test results that motivated me to seek my Dream Job and enrol in the DJ course, rather than continue to pursue a line of work that I’m very qualified for and experienced in, but I don’t naturally shine at and dominate. I want myself and everyone else to shine and dominate in their own way! I use these ideas all the time to do more things in my current job that I excel at naturally, as opposed to skills I’ve learned that never feel quite natural for me. If everyone did that, they’d save themselves a lot of frustration and pain.

I would totally buy #2 — that’s my dream in a product headline.

– Teaching men 28-35 how to become comfortable on the dance floor, have fun and not look silly at social functions, weddings and clubs.

– Teaching graphic designers modern-style illustration skills and calligraphy design

– Teaching men 24-28 how to get over social anxiety and become a more interesting conversationalist

– Teaching newly diagnosed celiacs and Paleo dieters how to cook easy, cheap gluten-free meals

– Teaching career dancers age 24+ how to develop a more distinct dance style so they can stand out from other dancers and have a better chance of getting scouted

– Teaching product based businesses with online shops how to actually grow a YouTube subscriber base to 10,000+, become a YouTube authority in niche, drive targeted local traffic to website and make online sales….

1. A course about how to enjoy the finer things in life. (wine, cigars, scotch, cognac, good quality music, boats, yachts, planes, hotels etc.)

2. How to win at life. (the psychology of happiness, fulfillment, relationships, understanding yourself in order to understand others.)

3. Find a hobby (connecting people with opportunities they can become passionate about and people they can do it with)

oops, hit return too quickly!

Target: anyone who goes to flea markets, tag sales, yard sales, etc. looking for “real” vintage or antique items, and not get “taken” by something that looks old, but isn’t actually.

I have 25 years in the museum and antiques / vintage fields and have a lot of info I can share – sure would be great to develop products that created revenue from all that I’ve learned.

This could be an e-book released as a series of chapters by media (metal, ceramics, glass, wood) so people could buy just what their interests are, or one entire ebook after all the separate chapters are written. It could also be a “Curators’ Secrets” product about what we look for when we are evaluating that family heirloom you brought into the museum clinic for identification (is it really 100 years old like Gramma said?)

I can also see this evolving into videos showing the physical points to look for on silver, glass, etc. when you are out at the flea markets and antiques shops, tag sales, etc. so you can spot the treasures and leave the rest behind.

Or maybe an online course????

The Crappiness Relief Kit: Resource, community & guidance for times when life sucks and you don’t know where to turn.

Great post, Ramit. I really like your video as it has high production values. From background music to lighting, or script to editing; everything looks like a big company product/service intro video.

For your question you asked, here are my 3 ideas I would like to teach through an online business:

– Analytical/reporting web based tool to generate multiple built-in reports with just a mouse-click (various price points, gross sales, net sales, units sold, day and time when most units are sold, what-if scenarios etc) for all online businesses which would be created through ZTL!

– How to create stunning intro-videos for online products/services.

– Entrepreneur or technology courses for kids aged 7 to 12.

Other related offshoot — identifying vintage/antique objects people have via internet from photographs or video of objects. This would be labor intensive – however, could use each object at least twice: 1)original “ask” and 2) build up an online library of these IDs that people could pay to access after seeing preview pictures of “what’s inside”

1. How to be cool. (Seriously, being ‘attractive’ is a group dynamic is really tough for some people. It’s not about looks.)
2. How to f-ing listen (Again, seriously. Most people I know plan their response while the other person is speaking.)
3. How to stay married (Not a repair guide, just everyday tips for getting along – even if it means just getting through the day. )

1. How to build a more effective recruiting system for any business that is guaranteed to find the stars and not waste time with the duds. (Plus, a backend license on a tool used in the system).
2. How to build reliable marketing funnels that will get you to 7 figures and beyond.
3. The single secret to ending conflict in your marriage (and all relationships. FYI it doesn’t involve giving in to the stronger person)

– How to plan your stress-free wedding without a wedding planner
– How to know you’re saying yes to the right man (then the dress)
– How to hire your perfect wedding vendors

I think it would be interesting to do something like “How to Save Your Technical Writing Job (Even if No One Says It’s In Danger)” — basically a step-by-step plan to kick ass (and get other teams to fight over you for their projects) & positively shape perception in a field/environment that historically undervalues people who explain things for a living (sometimes for very good reasons). I couldn’t guarantee it would actually save an existing job (because sometimes crap just happens no matter what), but it would certainly make the enrollee a better team player on technical projects & a more attractive candidate when looking for their next gig.

And just for giggles — “Romance Your Way Around Second Life With Style and Class” — a guide to chatting up, picking up, and getting down with like-minded others in a virtual world, without getting your avatar’s face slapped. Basically this would be a course to teach people how not to be creepy (and potentially score some interesting experiences) inworld. Second Life (among other virtual worlds) is not exactly easy to use and the protocols for acceptable behavior are not intuitive, obvious, or readily taught when people first sign up. Sometimes it can take weeks or months of sustained use to figure it all out & start meeting nice people & having fun. This guide would help minimize the learning curve and get newbies in fine social form so they can realize the “fun” part much sooner.

Just reading all this unfettered brainstorming has been so inspiring! My three dream online businesses would be:
1.) Impress your friends/girlfriend/boyfriend/self by learning to LOVE – and not just tolerate – trips to museums and historical sites
2.) Finding tailored solutions to help self-defined “non-readers” to find ways to access and explore great literature
3.) Coaching for women between 25 and 40 in Belgium (where I live) to help them define their undervalued marketable skills

I would love your opinion on these…

1. I would love to teach pilots effective psychological techniques to handle an emergency.

2. I would love to show intermediate tennis players how to win more matches (I’m a qualified tennis coach).

3. I would love to show small and medium enterprises how they can gain more organic traffic to their company website.

I love helping people – my experience in life has given me knowledge in elder care with a focus on abuse, neglect and exploitatation. As well as medicare for over 65. Id love to help people 1. Understand and have insurance work for them and meet their needs and 2. End of life planning including how to protect ourselves and/or our loved ones so they won’t be victims. And child welfare but I haven’t figured out a fun exciting way to share that with people online. Except I have learned the majority of kids 98% or so who are victims of sexual abuse by a non-parent don’t disclose to parents. So one of my number one goals as a parent was to raisie a kid who would disclose to me -the person who should be his protector. I don’t 100% what I did right but my son DID! And his school was outraged not that some kid was touching not just him but others but that he had not told them! Thankfully the therapist I took him to said it really didn’t impact him, he told me – I stopped it – so…THAT while maybe not fun and exciting would be absolutely AMAZING to e

1) How to apply to colleges and graduate schools
2) How to treat people right without being a people pleaser
3) How to be an effective leader

Transitioning Your Parents

Basic Computer Skills for the Small Business Owner

Acquisition Due Diligence and Integration

The Zombie guide is funny, but it could really be about disaster prep. I also like the real estate agent idea. Sales companies are offering lots of stuff online already so competition might be stiffer. Cool ideas.

1. Coach or teach healers/holistic practitioners get their act together on business planning and operations

2. Monthly membership site with coaching videos on specific CrossFit movements, one new every month by a different CrossFit celebrity -or at least different coach- every month (with whom to share monthly profits)

3. Membership site to teach to prepare fast/healthy/nutritious/cheap/YUMMY lunch boxes for office workers

What I´d LOVE to teach:
* Easy, fast and practical ways to overcome limiting beliefs and find your purpose in life

getting six pack abs
online course on running technique
teaching kids how to get better at math

Work with senior executives and use analogies to explain relevant technology fundamentals.

1. How to play anything you hear on the saxophone (clarinet, flute, etc. )
2. How to master and maintain any skill using spaced repetition
3. Jazz improvisation for classical musicians

If you Start 3 let me know. I am looking for someone who can help non tech to start their first Android App and Never Programmed Before…….

1. How to start conversations and have unforgettable encounters in any situation.
2. How to plan a fantastic backpacking trip.
3. Tutoring in Math/Economics/Writing.

How to keep your $150k/year engineers happy and productive.

3 things…these come to mind:

1. how to be that person who can make even the most taciturn person laugh, or at least smile, with you (not at you) hopefully to get that person on your side
2. to learn how to develop and convert and weave ideas, storylines, images, plots (from imagination or real life experiences) into well written stories fit for your chosen reader market
3. how to get the most out of life when you hit 50 (if you haven’t done so yet) whatever station of life you are presently in.

and I can go on and on and on….but I’ll just stop here.

Teach someone how to actually get better at golf. There is so much garbage out there, it’s hard to know what works and doesn’t and what actually leads to getting better.

1. How to dance for those who think they can’t: Loosen up and have confidence on the dance floor
2. How to be your own matchmaker, where to meet “the one” (similar already mentioned)
3. How to blow glass (glassblowing)
4. How to not stick out as a tourist when traveling abroad.

Bicycle Maintenance and Repair
How to ride your bike all winter long
The intricacies of coffee

Nathan Strange

This is the best video and program idea yet! Thanks, Ramit!

1. Urban Homesteading: Keeping it simple and doing it yourself!
2. Start NOW: simple ways to impact the health of your body and planet.
3. Urban Self-Sufficiency: Explorations and interviews with urban farmers and homesteaders (including feature recipes and techniques)

I really like #3, and think it could be terribly interesting.

1) “Dinner for Four when two are Fido & Kitty” – teaching people how to cook various one skillet meals for humans , canines, and felines through recipes that are healthy, budget conscious and fun. Create educational videos and recipe database for members.
2) Create an online personal property appraisal online business that provides education, community and secure storage of final appraisal reports to be compiled into a database for comparison purposes (a central location for appraisers to create comparative reports based on appraisals). Membership fees would provide access to database and report writing. Nonmembers could access database for a per access price.
3) Help friends create online businesses from dog training to woodworking by learning the processes that will work in the long run and make the world a better place.

1. Why are you here? How to find your purpose and create your ideal life in 7 days life God Did.( wrote the book, workbook and now developing the courses)

2. How to launch a niche jewelry and accessories collection. This can complement whatever business or brand you have and make unique and memorable gifts; I did this for three of my interests/law, steel drums and energy. It is an easy additional stream of revenue, not to mention a unique talking point. For every idea on this forum, there can be an accessory line. And I can shoe you how to do it,

3. How to systemize your small business so you can travel around the world and not be tied to the office; how to develop a manual for every process and motivate employees to actually use it.

1. How to Maintain Friendships (And When Not To). That one’s pretty self-explanatory.

2. See What I See. An app that lets people share their uncorrected vision with their friends — take a picture, put your prescription in to get close to how you see it without glasses, then tweak it with astygmatism, minor corrections, halos, floaters, etc. I see it mainly as a fun way to show friends and family how you see the world without glasses, but it could be helpful at the optometrist as well. People are always trading glasses to compare prescriptions, but all that really gives anyone is a headache. Before I got LASIK, I always wished I had a better way to compare. Needs a shorter, cuter, or more easily abbreviated name.

3. Two Minutes for High-Sticking, Except When It’s Four. An upbeat guide for people who want to start following hockey, with simple, engaging explanations of written and unwritten rules and just enough relevant historical context to keep the reader informed and entertained. Needs a snappier, less frustrating title to appeal to true newcomers.

Help for thousands of disadvantaged young people in poverty (or in prison, new immigrants etc.) to learn the range of social, business and life skills needed to change negative/harmful behaviours and become fully functioning young adults and participate meaningfully in society. Mentoring/coaching, but on a large scale.

Cole kazmaier

Free / cheap activities you can do with your children
Reward systems for your child’s good behavior
Ways to teach your child to be respectful and we’ll manered
I would of paid all the money in the world when I had my first child the parenting books help but it’s not fun and you can make teaching your child or children manners or anything and have fun !!!

I would love to teach people how to save money by being “green!” So many people just don’t know how much money they waste in their own home.
I also would like to teach people who aren’t “car people” how to keep up with basic maintenance items on their vehicles without having to pay a mechanic to do it.

So interesting to see people’s ideas and profile them!

Here are mine:

1.) How to actually work from home: Toolbox for planning your workday
2.) How to beat a red-light camera ticket: with usable scripts and forms
3.) Caveman Parenting: Funny but useful tips for new parents

– How to change the world, by changing yourself.
– Getting a fulfilling live by setting the right priorities.
– How to switch from Windows to Linux to reclaim your hardware and be secure.

For #2, i think there’s a market there, especially if the winning is the mental part. I get nervous and worked up for tournaments and was always a first round exit at these local matches. Now I just quit doing tournaments.

How to develop systems that would improve your life – anything from getting a baby on a routine, cleaning your house, studying, losing weight, praying…

1. How to move abroad for the first time, even (especially) if you’re scared.
2. How to ‘break the mold’ and make the lifestyle changes you really want to make.
3. How to be a lifelong ‘edu-punk’, always learning and reinventing yourself as you go.

1. quit ya whingeing – you could just have terrible inner scripts
2. suck it up – strategies to get you through those situations where there is no quick fix
3. I am woman hear me roar – secrets of women who got over rape, battery and assault to become confident than ever

Mine are inspired from workmates so got a couple more:
4. backstabbing colleagues – principled guide to retaining integrity
5. eatasaurus no more – understand your food mood triggers

I’ve had many crazy ideas in the past including a datng ebook which never got finished. For now this is what’s in my head.

1. Patterns of strategic thinking. How to win in business, relationships and in life (my pet idea)

2. How to extract real insight from your mountains of data (what I’m good at) this would be a course teaching things like cohort analysis, split testing, segmentation, KPIs, and other analytic tools.

3. How to get the charismatic edge/ Become a charismatic leader

Currently developing #1…eager to put your gasoline on the fire.

1 – Aspiring Animators High Quality Online Tutorials (better than 100k college degrees)
2 – Aspiring Animators Ebook to getting Hired or Proper Networking
3 – Aspiring Animators Online Course (Basic Skills to Demo Reel and Job)
4 – Personalized In-house Wall Murals
5 – Crowd funded Animated Short Film

If you’ve got a proven system, I’d pay to learn #2. I suck at most fantasy sports due to lack if a good drafting strategy and running my team.

Nathan Beck

Hmm, I thought of a number of different things, but these were ones that REALLY get me excited:

– Teaching how to ferment various fruits and vegetables (i.e. how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, etc.) / make kombucha / kefir
– Series of yoga classes online, geared towards men
– Course on teaching a foreign language in the classroom setting, which could lead to helping/coaching people about their instruction!

Who knows how profitable these ideas would be, but they’re definitely things that get me excited.

I think I would like to teach people to be creative somehow:
1-How to build anything with Lego bricks
2-Quilling (not quilting) for a new generation
3-Sewing and other survival crafts
4-Cooking the right way. Scratch food with “real” ingredients

Here’s a few I thought of while reading your previous post:

1) how to make software you can support

2) how to get back on the horse (and everyone has a horse)

3) 6 life lessons you will eventually learn, but need to know now

1. Learn self-hypnosis for weight loss, insomnia, chronic pain and more.
2. How to clean with natural cleaners you make yourself – keeping your family and pets’ home free of toxic and harmful chemicals.

Teach People how to achieve goals – any kind
Teach How to plan your projects over the year
Teach Executives how to improve Leadership
Teach people how to be happy 🙂

Joel Garza

1. How to catch the eye…and heart…of a successful Indian entrepreneur. 😉
2. Micro-bursts. A strategy for breaking down tasks into work units you won’t put off.
3. But “green” doesn’t taste good. Methods for phasing healthful foods into your daily diet.

Love the design of your content!

One reason why we should share our ideas is because it validates if they are good. Ultimately , what matters is if your customer finds your product valuable and is willing to pay for it.

Second, Ramit doesn’t have a forum because he wants your focus on the course and applying the material. Take this from an Earn 1K and DJ student.

Ramit’s material is good and judging from the length of this product launch, this product is going to be Epic (with a 400 page sales page)!

3 Courses I’d teach:
– Effortless Healthy Living
– Image Consulting
– Youth Oriented, Canada Specific Personal Finance Strategies

1. Life-hacking!
2. Public Speaking
3. Developing creative processes

1. How to get into concerts for free
2. How to meet celebrities


1) How to open and maintain a small Mexican Food Restaurant. (my wife’s family did this) But I can collectively make a guide with my mother in law.

2) How I landed a job that I love

3) How to drive to Guadalajara Mexico. A guide to understanding what the hell everything means and who to pay off and not to pay off…. (cops?) Okay that may be a bit much but just ideas… haha

This is totally viable. As someone running a campaign now, I keep seeing marketers trying to sell me a recipe for crowdfunding success…and it is tempting.

1. 10/9 – Scoring and understanding a UFC fight
2. Cube life – Staying focused and healthy in the office
3. Craigslist Games – 11 competitive games to play on craigslist
Bonus: How to get your puppy to sleep through the night

How to Ace Even the Toughest Interview
How to Make Mincemeat of Your To-Do Lists
How to Dress for Every Day of the Year

I wouldn’t say they’re crazy but definitely fun. I’m juuust starting out trying to get this off the ground as an online biz, actually, don’t have a full site up yet but the early details are here Website, blog, all the rest is coming…slowly. Hoping it is viable in the long-run because this is damn well what I’m meant to be doing!

Crazy ideas:

Mastering the Lost Art of Letter-Writing (with sidebars on thank-you cards and special occasions, like wedding or anniversary)

Taming Your Inner Google (how to talk to yourself and ask yourself questions so you get the answers you need and not beat yourself up)

The Fine Art of Wasting Time and Enjoying It

Slightly more serious:

Beyond Google: Tips and Tricks of the Top Internet Researchers

I Speak Word: Get So Fluent with Microsoft Word You Understand What It’s Saying

Writing Your Life: Keeping a Diary or Journal for Inner Calm

Gemma Campbell

Wow Ramit. I’m just looking back at your blog posts since the “#1 Most Requested…” post and I love that you’re not just dumping the information on us. (“OMG I just created this cool course that’ll show you how to do this and you should buy it.”) You’re actually taking the time to hook us with lifestyle and concrete aspirations, give us baby step calls to action, create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, demand high standards and promise the same in return, keep it fun, and guide our brainstorming in a direction you know will be helpful. I particularly love that you told us to focus on coaching or courses the day before you asked us to brainstorm so we had time to challenge any preconceived notions about what we might sell before we come up with ideas.

As for my ideas:
1. What every Australian should know about democracy and our Governments by the time they leave primary school. (Not sure if the market is parents or Australian adults.)
2. How to tell if a book or course covers the material you’re interested in, not just if it’s written about the correct general topic.
3. Slow down for better quality of life.

As a fellow fashion designer (I went to FIT, and basically nothing I learned actually helped on the job) I think #2 is really viable and your market would be basically all of Etsy that is trying to level-up but has no design education. That’s a lot of people.

I tried launching a high-end line during the worst of the recession. Wasn’t sustainable 🙁
Good luck with yours!

How to understand Insurance without an agent pushing you to buy unnecessary coverage’s.

How to go from almost having a nervous breakdown from making cold calls (me) to someone who isn’t afraid to get the sale.

Why a simple tailor on a inexpensive suit can change your complete confidence and outlook when entering meetings/interviews/ etc..

Thank you for noticing. My team and I put an incredible amount of work into making this the world’s best material on creating an online business. Anyone can dump a 200-page ebook and say, “Good luck. See ya!”

We want to make something that changes lives and lets you build something meaningful online for this year, next year, and years to come. And with that — the rich life you want.

1) How to throw the perfect bachelor party that your friend will never forget without losing your mind or your money

2) Fast tracking your promotions in a career as a web developer

3) How to act like you have a clue when it comes to ordering & drinking wine

Just a couple weeks ago I was wondering if anyone would pay for #1… given all the hours I’ve spent to pull that off multiple times, I certainly would have.

Jonathan Rego

1. Buying sneakers online in India. The current online retail market only sells what is already available on the shelves. My idea to give India access to unique sneakers available in the international market. Possibly extend this to sports team jerseys.

2. Online scouting / recruitment for Indian student athletes. No such organized website / company exists.

3. Online Sports Business and Management course. The industry is still primitive and there is still opportunity to make something of value that would be hugely successful. I’m already working on this concept as I type this.

As a working musician, here are a few skills I could sell:

1) Songwriters Inc: How to Find your Voice and Write Great Songs

2) Guerilla Demos: How to Record your own Songs Cheaply and Simply

3) Killer Live Act: Secrets to Putting on a Great Show

1) Exporting perceived throw-away materials to growing countries with strange preferences. Example: selling chicken feet to China and Vietnam.
2) making a video course and app(s) for age specific at-home preventative physical therapy for infants, toddlers, kids, 30-somethings, and people with chronic pain
3)Skype therapy sessions for those with chronic pain all over the globe

1. How to look like you know what you are doing
2. How to shop for groceries so that you don’t have to throw away stuff that goes bad
3. How to stop obsessing about shit that doesn’t matter

I would target working mothers and teach them:

how to organize their pantry, refrigerator
create shopping lists and shop effectively
basic knife skills, pots, pans and cutting boards to purchase

to create meals for their families with ease and efficiency

Okay Ramit, I have been a little bit obsessed with your site lately…reading your posts and waiting everyday in my email for the next assignment. My previous site that I really enjoy reading still is The Middle Finger Project. Ash Ambirge is SO funny and very to the point…pretty much straight forward like you seem to be. So I guess I should probably post my three things.

1. How to have a well behaved dog from day one. (Even a dog from the shelter)
2. How to live big in a small house.
3. Live with less, have more. This would be more from the buddhist perspective of having a lifestyle that really supports life rather than having all the stuff that seemingly surrounds it. I would also love to write about living a greener lifestyle along with having the possibility of living off the grid someday and what that might look like.

What do you think?

Check out Brian McKensie with Crossfit Endurance for the ultras,
Check out Josh Waitzkin’s (Bobby Fishcer) book “The art of learning”
Got nothing for the third

1) How to write some form of literature that will finally make the U.S. see the food pyramid or food plate as the joke that it is?
2)Also how to get a supplement shelved on a reputable vitamin store, i.e. GNC, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe.
3) The most innovated way to create a successful float lab/yoga center?

How to spy on your kids. As in, spying on their online activities. I thought about this one for ages, I’ve had quite a few friends ask me how they can keep an eye on their kids internet use. I’ve never helped them because I thought it was bit unethical, but now I have my own daughter and can empathise.

Ah, the craving begins… anticipation. Ramit you are good.

Well… here are a few:

1. Now learn the 7 secrets to writing killer sales copy to help you sell your online course

2. Crash course to kick the pills and cure your hypertension

3. Do you feel like a fraud or an impostor? Announcing a 10 step program to get over yourself, be genuine and gain confidence in your work.

Eric Taylor

I would also pay to learn how to tie quality ties. The reason Ramit and I, and many others, would pay for this service is you would make it the BEST product on the market. I would ACTUALLY learn from your material and ACTUALLY see tangible results, unlike all the garbage YouTube videos out there that I have to spend way too much time sorting through.

This is why I pay for Ramit’s amazing content, and why I would pay you to teach me to tie.

1. DRINK – drink (and buy) single malts… a profile of every single malt available.
2. SELF – be an emotionally aware human being
3. FOOD – expand your eating experience… discover delicious food you never knew about

Eric Taylor

The acne idea will sell faster than acne spreads in pre-teens. Also your focus on helping others in that arena is crucial.

Hmm. Just having fun, but mine’d be:

electro musician – learn to operate a music studio and build your OWN hardware for it

moping-moe to mastermind- how to live a life of learning that enables control over your circumstances and optimism for the future

eye opener for judgies – why open (or narrow) minded people in your life are the way they are and how to accept their way of life

1) teaching high school aged kids about managing money (parents would be the clients for this one)
2) time management & work-life balance courses
3) how to declutter

I would:
– teach people how to manage stress and cope with trauma through mindfulness
– help widows/widowers and the ageing sort through the chaos and paperwork of these life changes
– work with people to green their lives and minimize their carbon footprints

How to save your marriage using Evernote.
Cloning yourself – a.k.a. compounding awesomeness through your kids.
Let your wife buy anything and other strategies to keep you from stagnating as a man.

How to ensure your student gets a great job out of college

Learn how to talk sports

How to be happy – managing your mind, work, and body

Just fun, right?

1. Scriptorian: Scripture study skills to achieve deep, personal insight for Mormon moms and dads, maybe college students.
2. Non-traditional and highly-effective leadership skills for the creativeLIVE crowd (creative entrepreneurs).
3. Powerful (written) business communication for young professionals

I had a couple ideas such as:

1 – A course on practical memory techniques without the use of taking notes in 30 days.
2 – A speed mathematics course were you can do any calculation in your head faster then a calculator and with ease.
3 – an online direct mail advertising creator that you fill in with your copy and it creates your ads in the right format to give the best conversion rates according to advertising greats such as David Ogilvy.

David Hestrin

I would teach people how to be more aware of their bodies, more aware of their dreams, and more in touch with their vision and imagination.


1. Insider’s guide on how to get a great ticket for a great price to any concert or event in the US.

2. How to make money at any bar or nightclub in the world

3. How to start your own business with little or no money

Online Poker for beginners – How to make 1k a month
Simple investing for retail investors – Reading financial statements, selecting stocks
Online courses to ace national examinations

Nigel Chua

#1: Helping Individuals Start, Run & Grow Their Own Business (Freelance or Business)

OR Subniche the above into:

Helping Healthcare Professionals Start, Run & Grow Their Own Practice (Freelance or Business) [Exactly what I did from a $45 start up to a high six figure business now]

#2: Helping Healthcare Entrepreneurs Network To Increase Their Referrals Rate

#3: Book A Taxi In Singapore (totally unrelated to my professional experience, but I do book a lot of cabs in Singapore…)

It’s quite an inspiration to read the comments here. Here are my ideas:

1) How to reduce bloating naturally (OR “How not to feel like a sack of potatoes at the end of the day “)

2) Beginner’s Guide to Looking Good While Swing Dancing (with a partner or solo dancing).

3) How to get the best fares and value for plane tickets.

The 2 courses I am working on now:

1. Get Sales With Facebook, it focuses on how to build relationships, connection and rapport and still get clients without expensive ads.

2. Online Content Marketing Magic, its a step by step course that shows which type of content marketing strategies I used to get clients online.

1. Helping introverts and other types to understand themselves and achieve their goals.

I launched my business a few months ago

Learning my MBTI profile and understanding my introversion changed my life. My confidence and self esteem dramatically improved. I work in Business Improvement for a large organisation which I like but I wanted to have my own business helping people learn their type, understand it and live their best life. It’s only early days and I am excited and a little scared.

RBT has been just wonderful, it’s great to surround yourself with positive, like minded people. Thanks Ramit 🙂

My 3 craziest, most fun ideas:

1. “How to Not F*ck Up Your Credit”
2. “Live Vicariously Through Me” (Me traveling and doing awesome stuff and eating awesome food, and blogging/vlogging every step of the way)
3. A website where people who want to help raise the vibration of the planet / make a significant positive impact can find inspiration, network, and earn commissions helping me sell useful, Earth-friendly products.

I’m posting an extra comment because I put down three “crazy” ideas but didn’t post the ideas I am more passionate about and closer to actually bringing to fruition:

1. Online personal training …. free nutrition and fitness tips, and subscription-based series of training videos.

2. And my favorite idea that incorporates my most passionate passion, probably crazier than the rest of the ideas I posted — I make music and music videos and am getting ready to launch a project geared towards the “marijuana enthusiasts” niche market. I have ideas of a few different avenues of marketing my artistic persona, with the end goal of generating revenue through merch sales (being aware that while some people do still pay for music, many will download music for free when they can which is very easy with file conversion sites like listentoyoutube).

I think the fitness and nutrition site is probably the most viable idea in terms of a purely online business, but I’ll never stop making music so I might as well do what I can to monetize it! Plus I am already close to launching the music project, and the fitness project will take some time as I need education and product development.

Sorry for late reply I am in Laos : information is bit low to come by here 😉

1/Save your life in 3 movements: no kung fu, no hard training, no bullshit
(I am not Bruce Lee neither Mike Tyson…)
2/How to work with bastards: finally live a peaceful work-life
(I am no famous psychologist and lot of books on this have been published so far)
3/I will teach you anything about “put any specific professional IT tool here (SAP, Excel, Tableau, Qlikview…)”
(lol just type it in Google my friend and… really its huge and FREE!!!!)
Bonus/I will teach you to be rich (or at least not be poor)
(I am not Ramit Sethi with leads in Forbes near Warren Buffet…)

@Ramit You see my point, right?

What makes me choose your blog and your courses, is that you already have a kind of credibility:
Stanford, NYT best-selling book, presented on Forbes near Warren Buffet. I don’t take too much risks paying you.
Would people pay the same rates with a guy from NOwhere ?! Probably not.
I am excited to share things with the world, yet I am not really convinced that it could create substantial side revenues.

Will you teach a system/concept/approach on how to engage prospects toward my products despite my NO reputation?
Or are you suggesting to create a world-class premium package so people are convinced it’s “the new big deal they need in their life otherwise they’ll die in 10 seconds”?

Hey by the way dude : Congrats for Forbes with Warren… 😉

Ramit, your post on March 11th has had me rethinking much that I honestly do not know what I would teach online.

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy working with young adults. I enjoy writing and drawing, and I have begun working on an illustrated YA novel. I love Hip-hop culture, especially composing and emceeing, that I have begun working on my first EP. I also enjoy giving.

How do I turn all this into an online business? (I have no interest in teaching people how to write, how to self-publish, or how to make an instrumental or how to emcee. Just too corny for me, but maybe I need to re-frame my paradigm.) What exactly do I teach?

This is why I am here to learn.

1. How to set up best web developer environment
2. How to simply create modern website for your business
3. From noob to master in web development

Jerk off Johnny

1.How to get laid
2. How to get your girl to swallow your cum load.
3. How to make your semen taste better

1. i would like to teach badminton dummies its basics
2 . a guide to ace 12th board exams just for indians

Ramit, what would you say the ultimate potential revenue of these ideas is? 25K/year is nice on the side, but not exactly a living.

How to farm ostrich.
80/20 method for learning the Scottish Fiddle
How to prepare for an ultramarathon by running less than 15km per week for two months.

1. Career course – “How to choose the perfect medical residency and life for you.” target audience – helping medical students learn more about different fields, med school goes so fast and its a smorgasbord whirlwind buffet and before you know it its time to decide the rest of your life.

2. Health – “How to age like fine wine” – target audience – helping high functioning older 20s-30 year old men who have career and other areas of life down and still want to formulate better habits and learn about the latest medical advances and research to help them with long term health and happiness gains.

3. Happiness: “30 Day Happiness Revitalized bootcamp” – target audience – helping people going through a particularly hard time in life, a financial or personal loss, one how to take control of their next 30 days, focus completely on themselves to begin the process of healing and finding meaning, purpose and stability in life again.

Thank you for all your inspiration and continued work Ramit. In the middle of Success Triggers right now, and already paid for itself many times over, and joined Brain trust and feel the same way. Cannot thank you enough for everything.

Been trying to find the sweet spot that combines my 3 loves

+ working with the creative community
+ extensive processes & marketing experience
+ creating visual & immersive experiences

Of the three, the creative community is my biggest love … I use the other two to make their business lives better.

Common sense would say, leave creatives be – they’ll never have the money to pay. But I find that if you care enough to walk with them for a while, you’ll find crystal clarity in their chaos. At least I do. And I do care enough to go the distance.

The challenge has been to resist the urge to make lots of money right now, finding core themes that would make their business lives better, and expand those themes to a larger audience so i could make a reasonable living.

I found 3 common themes in all my interactions with creatives:

1. They are really technophobic. Only the brave ventured into websites & sales pages & newsletters. And even they give up eventually – despite the coaching & consulting – i’ve tried both – first they go “gaga, i’m gonna do this” – then they go “nah-nah, i just want to sing”
2. They (actually everyone, not just creatives) find it difficult to craft their own story.
3. People need a starting point that they can emulate. Give them a piece of work – they’ll find it easier to improve upon it. Ask them to create it themselves from scratch – and they stall, change their priorities or resign themselves to something “do-able”.

Expanding these to a larger audience & combining my other two loves:

1. Create wordpress themes with visually intuitive back-end interfaces that need zero-coding knowledge. This is my toughest goal & my beta-release is still 70+ days away. But in the meanwhile i’m releasing HTML templates on ThemeForest (TF) to see if the front-end visual experiences I have in mind are well-received by a wider audience. This also gives me a primer to the kind of support I need to provide. First release already in TF’s approval process & should be out in a few days.

2. Help small business owners craft their stories. This is the easiest win. I’m not world-class just yet. But i’m working on it & taking a few courses by people who are to get better at it. Also currently working on a 8-part free newsletter series.

3. Create pre-coded good-looking landing page templates with “almost-there” copy for very specific business cases. Ex use-case: social-media consultant offering a course on using SM for PR. (S)he’ll need pre-enrollment landing pages for webinars, ebooks, free e-series etc to promote the product. I have a set of 30 such hyper-specific sets. I have no idea whether or not they’ll sell. But once again i’m using the wonderful ThemeForest to test this. Put in the first LP for approval today. Actually I don’t even know if they’ll approve it because of its specificity. I guess i’m about to find out.

Fingers crossed.

A fun way to teach your children math through play
How to treat Psoriasis through diet
How to lose weight rapidly without exercise or hunger.

I am actually really good at the last one – I lost 5 pounds last week to prove a point to one of my overweight friends. My techniques are unlike anything else out there, but I meet a lot of resistance from my overweight friends who won’t even try it – this has kept me from making a go of it. If your friends won’t even wear the “tshirts” you design – maybe you need to try something else? Or am I missing something?

No.2 – looks really great, an excellent hook, and the kind of knowledge I (and I imagine very many other people) would definitely love.

However No.1 is the kind of idea (advice + knowledge) I’m hoping to get some of Ramit’s insight with this course.

When I have such ideas I tend to reject them immediately if I know all the necessary information is already freely available on the web (minus your personal slant, of course).

Also, it sounds like an idea which could be completely covered in a single article, or solved with a flow chart or series of multiple choice questions. Have you a way to make it into something bigger/longer/more comprehensive?

Idea 1: teaching secondary school teachers to be organised so they have a better work/ life balance
Idea 2: helping self-confessed geek guys dress better
Idea 3: giving women an insight into bloke’s behaviour to support them creating a great relationship

1. How to get rid of worry – instantly!
2. Have unforgettable (and unusual) experiences in Tokyo – what, where and how
3. How to transform your work (or any dull routine) into creative fun – anywhere anytime.

My main concern about such ideas (and almost all I have) is that I reject them quickly as they are:
a) freely available information (so why would anyone pay?), or
b) limited in scope/depth of content. I can’t see how to turn them into anything more substantial than an article, a blog or short pdf.

Hoping this will be discussed in the course, Ramit.

1) Online class that teaches how to leverage a high credit score into free travel.
2) Guide to studying abroad in Germany
3) Guide to coaching youth (ages 8-13) basketball.

Bruce Kent

Hello Ramit,

Firstly, what are your three crazy & fun business ideas?

My three fuc*ing insane ideas:

1. Learn how to use your sex energy as a super power and become superhuman (
2. Learn how to be a wantrepreneur: do the exact opposite to become a successful entrepreneur
3. Learn how to get other people to generate crazy & fun business ideas for you (

Thanks for the post & video Ramit. I really appreciate your advice.

Have a wonderful day.


I think you could expand to include Gen X as well. I especially like B. I’m married, but do all of the financial “stuff” in our house, so it would be great to know how to cut through the crap. I thought I was doing the right thing by going to a “endorsed” provider, but I’m not happy with him, either. I think coaching could be included in that package as well as static materials. I think you could really have something there.

I really like all of these. #1 would be especially helpful for me, and the other two sound like a lot of fun!

I don’t hate cooking so much as feeling like it takes way too much time. #3 is great, too! I can see Pinterest being a big marketing tool for that one!

Yes, please! I would love a really kick ass, straight forward guide to managing digital photos. I have a “system” of sorts, but it’s far from ideal.

Sammy Davis, Jr.

1.) Speech/Joke writer for anyone writing a speech
2.) Ruby Programming for the absolute beginner
3.) Tech interview/salary negotiation coaching

I hope you give these a go. I think they’re important and very helpful!

For women over 30:

How to wear scarves, on a site that provides access to exclusive scarves collected from around the world

How to dress for travel and adventure, whether they are going around the would or around the corner.

How to get want you want in bed and never fake an orgasm again

Sell modern crochet patterns
Learn German – in less than 30 minutes a day

Ben Davidson

If I could teach anything? I’d probably take a stab at:

1 – Online Dating for Busy People
2 – Personal Branding for Designer/Developers that Dominates
3 – A Practical Person’s Guide to Upgrading Your Personal Style

Painting in a Box (name needs work) – Monthly subscription where I sent a kit containing everything you need to create a painting start to finish including demo video and PDF instruction/support.

Offshoot of that could be a “Painting Party in a Box” which would have enough kits for X number of people, video, PDF and ideas for food and cocktails to complete the “party” side of the kit.

PowerPoint and Word Templates that Don’t Suck – Elegant templates that stand apart from the generic templates available in the program.

Lindsey Sullivan

1. Networking for Introverts – Hone Your Skills and Become YOUR Type of Networker
It’s common knowledge that the success of your career is based on the strength of your network; how, then, do we cultivate the introvert in ourselves and combine the need for internal time and reflection with our desire to be out in the world building our network, strengthening our career skills? How do we get rid of the fear and negative self-talk that we weren’t made to network and meet new contacts and acquaintances?
Hate small talk? We’ll cover that here too.

2. Attention All Businesswoman: Let’s Meet on the Golf Course!
Are you a businesswoman? Do you have a desire to succeed in business? It’s time you learn to play golf. Strengthen your business relationships on the golf course, and earn the respect of your male compatriots. We will learn the rules, fundamentals, and etiquette of the game, then following with the physical aspects of the game and how to play.
Younger businesswomen – don’t this of this as a hobby for only mature successful individuals. The younger you learn, the more time you have to hone these skills and gain the confidence to start playing with your mentors. What better place to learn bits of wisdom you wouldn’t otherwise hear outside the sanctity of the golf course?

3. Make a Memorable First Impression – A Businesswoman’s Guide to Business Dress and Style
First impressions can make or break a business relationship, so why risk making a bad first impression when you can control among the biggest determinate of one’s first impression of you – your physical appearance! Psychology studies suggest that 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance, so lets start off right and create a style that works for you.
Did you just enter the corporate world? What kind of message do you want to set your first day of work?

Will this cover products besides courses or coaching? I’ve been working on a site to sell website templates that work with a specific (niche but growing) CRM system, and could really use help, especially with marketing and sales to reach more people in a sustainable way.

Lindsey Sullivan

Love #2 (although, need to change it to women in that same age frame for me ) and #3. Great names for your classes, too! I would 100% pay for both.
Now get started on them!

Thank you Gina and Alfonso for your comments!

Gina, I know how those times can drive crazy not only the person who is actually doing it but also people around them. Support is essentially but remind him that at least 1 hour per day there is more life that “Thesis”.

Hi Danny,

#1 Number one could be extended to physiological techniques for any situation?

1. 20 gorgeous hikes in the north cascades for baby boomers.
2. Efficient product development: from high uncertainty to high quality.
3. Multi variate marketing: getting the most from your data with the least math.

Lindsey Sullivan

Nicole –

Love this idea! I had a similar experience when I unearthed my MBTI profile. I went through the 5 stages of grief upon learning that I was an introvert… not really, but ALMOST. The worst part about learning that you’re an introvert is that you’re not naturally programmed to be successful in business. You’re less inclined to network, less inclined to throw yourself out there, things that are necessary to forming business relationships. I applaud you for going out there and doing it! Let me know if you need a test subject in the US.


1. How to Make Perfect Grades Without Going to Class
2. A Hacker’s Guide to Dressing Well
3. Long Term Slow Carb (a.k.a. turning the Slow Carb Diet into a long term eating strategy)

I would teach people on how to learn, play guitar, and play piano. All things I have experience at. Thanks ramit!

candice allen

Coloring books for adults that promote a positive message in order to alleviate stress (takes us back to the days of being carefree as a child). Home spa kit that a person could set up and use (cost effective of course) that would alleviate stress. Seven day quick and dirty guide to positive thinking which would help people get back on a positive track if they get lead astray by energy vampires.

I obviously have a lot of stress in my life and realize that others do too. These are things that people overlook but I think desperately need.

candice allen

One problem I noticed is most lead generators are junk particularly in the home and auto insurance arena.

candice allen

Steven, I think you could make a lot of money if you could find a way to teach guitar fundamentals online, with video tutorials, that wouldn’t break the bank if it could be consumed/learned in a short amount of time. That is something I have been looking for. I want to play guitar but live in the country and don’t want to travel to the nearest town to take lessons, I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for a proven program that would get me going on playing guitar. Maybe even subscription based like CBT nuggets. Some food for thought.

How to improve your bench press if your a skinny guy

How to dress better and tie a bowtie

How to learn popular songs on guitar

Ever heard of mead? It’s an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting a solution of honey and water. It’s starting to become kind of popular among craft beer people. I think you can find it in NYC if you ask around. I know you can find it in SF. Anyway, I’d like to be a “Mead Personality” educate people, do speaking gigs, drink, visit mead makers and bee keepers and so on.

My parents own a pretty successful florist. The idea has been put forth that they could get into event production. I have a pretty strong event background, it would be cool to put on high dollar events with my family.

The next three ideas add up to one big idea:

I’d like to convince young, creative people to move back to/stay in their hometowns and try and do something cool there. It’s easy to go to the west coast and start a band or a wacky hot dog shop or whatever. I think it would be cool to start a “move home movement” and have all these young creatives take their ideas and energy and values out of a few big cities and into middle America. It’s cheap to live outside of big cities and nobody would see it coming.

Along those same lines, I’d like to give disenfranchised young people in my hometown free learning opportunities that would make them upwardly mobile so they could create happier lives for themselves. Programming, making apps, sewing custom jeans, gourmet ice cream. I don’t know.

There’s this huge brick building in downtown Springfield, Ohio. My hometown. It’s left over from springfield’s big manufacturing/publishing days. It’s beautiful, but also sad. I’d like to turn it into the Springfield culture factory and get tons of creative people doing any crafty job imaginable in a for-profit environment. Making things specifically to be consumed by the local economy.

This has been a fun exercise,.

Are these suppose to be things we already know and could actually teach or things we would like to learn and then teach?

What I know:
– How to design & develop a website
– How to fix anything in your house
– How to get your kids to do anything you ask

What I would like to learn and pass on:
– How to become addicted to exercise and eating right
– Learn how to learn better
– Make $500 to $1000 more a month so you can afford to pay for a course that will teach you how to make millions.

Andrew Williams

A guide on basic computer problems and how to fix them. I work in IT and the number of times I’ve seen users unable to do the most basic things is depressing.

I could call it “How to Restart Your Computer”…

I’d like a course on teaching me how to whistle. After thirty five years, I’ve concluded that either my mouth is the wrong shape or it’s witchcraft.

1) How to Find the Best Face Makeup Products for Your Skintone

2) How to Manage your Personal Brand to Avoid Reinforcing Certain Ethnic or Gender-Based Negative Stereotypes: for example, as a Black woman and an only child, certain stereotypes such as being ‘bossy’ and ‘aggressive’ pop up. And at certain times I have acted in such a way (a result of childhood conditioning or not). Through a training at work recently, I discovered an amazing way to express myself in a scientifically-proven ‘assertive’ way (vs. ‘aggressive’). I’ve now incorporated this and I have seen a huge shift in my relationships at work and in my personal life. I finally feel like people listen to me. And I no longer feel so pushy when trying to convince people.

3) The Ultimate 28-31 Year Old Survival Guide – How to Transition into Your Thirties as Seamlessly as Possible.

4) How To Flirt Effectively When You’re Shy and Introverted.

5) Dressy Curvy: The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Curvy Petites (Sizes 14+ and 5’3 or less).


1. How to make your small business website 100x more profitable
2. How to fundraise for charity (and actually raise worthwhile amounts of money)
3. Step-by-step guide to bringing your spouse to the UK (and step-by-step guide to joining your husband in the USA)

Actually, number three might have potential. It’d be cheaper than an immigration lawyer, and better than trying to navigate the maze of confusion that are government websites. Only downside would be keeping it current…

1) Bridging the Gap: how to increase your knowledge and skill-set to enhance your resume (especially if you have been laid off, or are fresh out of college).

2) The Home Spa: how to make your own skincare (focus on specific conditions, as well as different ethnic groups).

3) Equilibrium: For people with balanced left-right brain thinking (equally comfortable with contracts and spreadsheets as they are with art and music), stuck in jobs / situations where only one part is being used. How to achieve and maintain equilibrium (and not lose sanity)

And I will follow Ramit’s philosophy – give away 80% of useful, great content for free. Those who benefit from the free material and want to ramp things up will, over time, convert to the premium materials.

I should know. I started reading Ramit’s blog around May 2013, and have been applying a lot of my learnings.

I quit my job this Jan to focus on myself and my family. That very day I signed up for Success Triggers because I know this investment will pay off.

Beer Brewing for Beginners. Ingredients, Supplies, Recipes, Bottling, Labeling.

Real-time technical analysis of every single stock on the market. Independently select your strategy and find the stocks that you should buy, hold, or sell based on that strategy.

I would totally order a painting party in a box.

Only problem with the last one – is that (in my experience) the people that care about the look of word/powerpoint templates are those that want them to match their brand.

– How to make lesbian/gay relationships work
– How to file for trademark protection

I like this idea. My business definitely has this problem and it is a pain point.

Thank you for your feedback Lindsey.

I’ll make you a deal – if you change #2 and #3 to include guys too since I need to learn golf still and don’t have any ideas of how to make a better impression in my work clothes than I currently do (flair??? ), I’ll open up my aging well course for women too.

the first part of your #1 appeals to me as a buyer. I grew up an introvert and navigating the work and social world while still staying in touch with my desire for me time is a challenging balance and would be a unique product. Let’s see it!

How to learn geeky stuff quickly
How to raise kids and not lose your mind
How to shut your trap and just DO SOMETHING instead of waiting for “the law of attraction” to magically make your “procrastination” or “perfectionism” disappear

Mera Featherstory

Lauren, I’m not sure how much you’d rather charge, but if you want to charge much more than you do, maybe you can offer payment plans and charge what you want, rather than charging a lower price than you feel the product is worth.

How to do political opposition research.

How to move across the US without losing your crap or your mind.

How to run a trap-neuter-release program from your home.

1. Calculate the tip in your head.. and other math shortcuts to help you in everyday life
2. The graduate house (skills for the new grad living alone for the 1st time e.g. ironing correctly, easy meal preparations)
3. How to get into the “just do it” mindset (could be a 1st part to a business building series)

how to stop being an asshole.
I’ve talked with my share of guys who are abusive towards wives or kids. they go through phases of genuinely wanting to stop, but all anyone can suggest is groups or counseling (or jail time, castration etc). these aren’t for everyone.

1) how to make kick @$$ plasticine animal/people figurines (for teachers, mums, kids, stop motion artists)

2) how to create a menu plan, shopping list, stock a pantry, and cook to feed a family of four from scratch while saving a truck load of time, saving a wallet full of cash, and preventing a fridge full of waste… (Hint: it’s a he!! Of a lot easier than you think, and if that seems too hard, just use MY shopping lists, recipes & inventories!)

3) how to optimise your photos for web in ONE click (including watemarking if required, embedding copyright and contact info, sharpening for web, and adding a pop of colour, contrast and saturation for a more professional look – all non-destructively!!)

4) did we really need to limit our list to three..?

There is so much confusion for consumers out there in terms of how to realistically cook healthy food. I would teach what equipment you need, what constitutes a healthy meal and how to prepare it with our busy life styles. Food to make you happy without a lard butt or gut to show for it (Martha’s cooking is yummy but her waIstline attests to how unhealthy it is for you)!

Home design basics courses for consumers – like floor plans, the process you should follow to select furnishings, colors, storage – if you know the best process, you can avoid expensive mistakes and end up with great rests on any budget.

Those are the first two off the top of my head.

Send me a draft document of any length and I can shorten it to any length…eg, a 1000-word memo to a 250-word summary, keeping the essentials

using insights from anthropology for career planning and a job search (ie, learning about the culture)

although there are professional marketing firms for this, I’m good at coming up with names and slogans for businesses, initiatives, or programs

If you need help, stories, funny anecdotes for #1, gimme a “hoy”… From what to do, to what NOT to do… 🙂

#5 is for me & my 9yo… I’m thinking of doing 02L with her for us to EACH launch a business!

What an awesome way to teach SO many life lessons while having fun!

Just a suggestion: the whole “101” thing..? I never got it… Here in Australia we use VASTLY different nomenclature, so perhaps target your market to Morth Americans, or research your target market to make sure they actually understand the nomenclature (and/or explain the terms to them [me *grins*] so they DO understand).

Re #1: hint – potty training your child includes not using a potty *laughs*

– How to Cook Simple, Healthy Meals
– How to Style Yourself ( a fashion guide)
– How to dine out without breaking the bank ( a cheat sheet to local restaurants); could feature different cities

Easy money saving strategies for every day.

De-clutter your home and office.

You! Get on that beer search engine-stat! You have no time to waste. 😉 Seriously though. It’s a brilliant idea.

how to teach Sunday school
producing and publishing newsletters for companies, schools,etc
search engine specifically directed at finding free educational products

1. Craft tutorials on a wide range of subjects from knitting to crochet to paper craft, specifically focusing on practical items that you can actually use usefully afterwards.
2. Business resource for small businesses that are growing past 8- 10 people, materials would include hr compliance, health and safety compliance, basic management skills, etc. Having been in a company through this transition, I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs struggle and basically don’t want the hassle of finding it all out themselves.
3. How to ace your organisational psychology chartership (UK specific). Going through this myself, there are no resources online and the last information session I went to people were bombarding the supervisors with questions.

Marie @ My Personal Finance Journey

Wow, you have nice ideas. Online business is popular now in every part of the world.

Just my opinion, but being an introvert myself, #1 comes off a bit negative to me. I don’t feel being an introvert is something you need to “overcome”. I’m assuming you’re getting at certain characteristics that an introvert might want to change? If so, I’d suggest a title that focuses on that like…”An introverts guide to starting convos at partys/meetings” or something.

thanks candice! I’m not sure what CBT nugget is…please explain! I hadn’t thought of people that would be out of town. Also busy people may not want to have travel time included so trying to find someone they like close by would be a chore. Interesting….I haven’t given this much thought but I do have video and studio experience as well as an audio engineering degree so it wouldn’t be hard for me to do this.

Hello everyone, my ideas:

Newsletter Master – Ultimate Guide to Coding High Quality eCommerce Newsletters for Freelancers and Professionals;
Enter Front-End – Course for wanting to change industry (and not having a ‘proper’ education) and become a front-end developer;
Drum Shortcut – Learn to play drums fast, join a band, and start touring!

I love your specificity. I would be interested in these courses, even though I have taken lots of photo classes and keep my pics pretty organized (but can always improve).

1) Breaking down public health trends so that anybody can understand
2) The scientific side of fitness
3) The art of great presentations

1. Teach how to :Organize organize organize – with lists, routines, reminders and calendars.
2. Teach how to stay fit after 50.
3. Teach how to teach spin and yoga for over 50 year olds.

Kristen Hill

1. Plan trips to China for people
2. Painting abstract paintings.
3. Making collectible video game/tv show dolls

Cesar S Falcao

1 – Teach computer software online (like udemy, Fewer courses with more content, quality.
2 – Computer help desk online, with a Netflix-like subscription. Major fees for phone, video contact. Offers affiliate products, services as client needs.

Hi, I’m Aaron, in San Francisco, CA, USA.

1) Help single professional women 34-40 reach their goals for marriage and starting a family.

2) Work with single male software professionals, age 30-45, who so far in adult life have dated fewer than one woman per year on average. Help them get to the point where they have the lasting ability to get a second date with a minimum of one quality woman per month.

3) Teach leaders of mid-size businesses how to leverage software automation to substantially raise revenue and profit year after year.

4) Teach technical skills to software and tech professionals in several topic areas, including: Linux system development; Python development; developing concurrent software; development practices with version control; and more.

How to Get Hired By Fortune 500 Company: Learn How to Score, Prepare, and Nail the Interview.

1. How to ride a mountain bike like a pro
2. How to be a more knowledgeable customer and stop getting ripped off by suppliers
3. Easy ways to stop annoying your other half

1. A site showing people how and why I choose to live in a camper (some people have small houses or sailboats). The art of it all. The extreme minimalism and what not that is involved with it. I have a blog already to share my experiences with friends who live out of state, but I am not currently using it to make money or marketing/branding it in any way.

2. Online store selling window cleaning products to and helping people start their own window cleaning business on a budget. I started mine in high school and made some good money. I stopped when I moved out of state to work for a startup, but now that I am back to building it, I am reminded of the crappy information and lack of suppliers with a good web presence.

3. Cigar blog similar to what Gary V. had with Wine Library TV. I love cigars and my family actually just bought a cigar shop so I think it’d be a cool marketing bit. Father. Son. Cigar.

1) How to analyze anything from a design perspective and write/present about it convincingly
2) How to needlefelt a 3-dimensional sculpture from a 2-dimensional design
3) How to find and buy rare/exclusive/limited things from Japan

1. How to be happy
2. How to meditate
3. Overcoming addiction

1. Marriage or relationship coaching
2. Wine store
3. Coffee shop for boardgames

1. Marriage or relationship coaching
2. Wine store
3. Coffee shop with a massive selection of boardgames

Wedding DIY – there’s loads of wedding DIY stuff out there but it’s not all in one space. It’s dotted about on blogs you can find via Pinterest. Once a blog post is written there’s no follow up after a few weeks, so when you find it 2-3 years later there’s just a bunch of comments saying what a great idea it is, but no one answers your questions about the tricky bit and you never find out whether it’s actually possible for someone who isn’t a pro to get it done (see for the perfect examples!)
Deciding to go DIY for your wedding can be pretty exciting/daunting/stressful – what if there was something out there with online classes (videos/images/instructions) where you could ask questions to an expert tutor and get feedback and support from fellow DIY brides doing the same as you? As someone having the crazy thought of making my own wedding dress I would definitely pay for that!

You said crazy and fun – anything
1. bellydance -but not just moves, how to build a viable curriculum and business.
2. cake decorating
3. How to plan and get a project DONE – ok this more practical than fun per se, but I have been doing it so long that I know I am good at it so the fun would be on who I would work with and what their project is.

As someone who did this successfully (and knows others who did it too) I’ll say that it takes more motivation than a good method. You still have to have a good method, but you need to focus more on the motivating. Most people are content to just get by and be understood (also certain accents are sexy)

#2 vastly tweaked: Look your best in videos & as a presenter … and instantly have more confidence & increase your credibility. I would love this. Clothes, style (how to have some style but not too much).

I’d also pay for related info on how to stand, how to move, help me eliminate annoying habits that I’m not even aware of.

Guys who are new dads: After the baby, rebuild your sex life with your wife. The Rico Suave approach will have you sleeping on the couch. Post baby, it’s a new world order.

This is a real pain point for guys.

My college freshman daughter is home on spring break. She just called me a good mom because we traveled in our rv for a year and she did middle school online. When she was in high school her dad and i volunteered with her robotics team. I know marching band families (for interviews). I can offer tips and share the resources to help families guide their experience to fit their values and live life now instead of running the treadmill of achievement.

*A vegan cooking course for “lads” and other people who love meat too much to let go
*How to love yourself
*The Ultimate Guide to Paris

If I could teach anything through an online business?
1. How to respond to an RFP (Request for Proposal) (My fulltime job)
2. How to create a professional PowerPoint presentation from start to finish
3. How to fake it (Sports around the water cooler and other dismally boring topics)

Teach and explain people in developed countries what poverty is in developing countries with real figures an pictures and why 56% of the world’s population survives with less than 2 dollars/day.

1) How to go on an adventure
2) How to surprise yourself
3) How to use art to turn your life into an adventure full of surprises


1. How to build a real estate sales funnel
2. How to save $1000 buying a car
3. How to save 10 strokes playing golf without changing your swing

Edward Byrne

Like an app that guides you through how to start an online business, monitors progress/results and compares them specifically with what steps you have taken and how they moved the needle?

I would choose to teach people to be content with themselves and love it

I like your no. 1 a lot. It seems you come from finance background ! I’m based in Delhi.

This exercise got me to stretch!

* How to host a craft beer night
* Creative ways to fundraise for small charter schools
* How to create an altar to help manifest/remind + visualize goals

So here’s a question for you Remit. Let’s say that I can create a product based on these three things, crazy ideas or small passions that I have, but I don’t necessarily want them to be my main business which is the thing that I am passionate about all of the time.

Is it possible, to make products and leverage them in a way that I don’t have to make them my main business or main focus?


1. How to Man The Fuck Up When You’ve Knocked Up Your Girlfriend

2. Web site that reminds you to follow up and contact people you already know at indicated intervals so you don’t lose touch with people who matter to you

3. Why exercise makes you happier, not just healthier

1. Dog Training
2. Knitting/Crocheting
3. Helping people reach their goals*

*So hypocritical because of course I don’t take my own advice! (Also, this is more along the lines of coaching instead of courses, although I’m sure it could be done as courses)

Brandon Carroll

How to help young professionals learn about personal finance.

– I studied investment mgmt in college, worked at Vanguard for ~2 years with high net worth individuals, and am passionate investing.
– A lot of young people have no idea how to invest (% of income, etc) and the various metrics associated with investing.
– A very specific niche, a very specific course.

Could be exciting.

A couple of ideas:
1) How to cure acne in your using diet (40+ women)
2) How to find a job after being laid off (40+ women)
3) How to develop your systems (i.e. work systems and structures) – for companies which are becoming larger then 50 people where you stop having the necessary oversight
4) How to become a paper less office when you are an accountant or lawyer

a bit all over the place but these are the latest batch of ideas.

-How local businesses can effectively market towards teens/college students
-Teach college students/young adults basic tech information to get a tech-job without learning how to code
-How to sell yourself and ideas to older audiences as a teenager/young adult

Here are some ideas, from my personal experiences.
1. How to graduate college in 3 years with a high GPA, low debt, and a social life.
2. Getting rid of speech anxiety and exuding confidence
3. Protecting your kids from the emotional effects of divorce

For #1 I have a similar goal – and this exercise has been great to help me actually articulate what it is, and put a (longer-term) plan in place to make it happen (THANK YOU Ramit!). You’ll see my comment earlier is similar, although I am not sure what you mean by “the right mastermind groups”. Do you know of anything already in this space? How would you scale it and make sure it reaches the right people? What existing skills or experience or networks do you have to make it happen? How will you make sure it actually results in behavioural change? (I would be keen to compare ideas, bearing in mind cultural contexts as I don’t live in the US but used to.)

1. How to move to Chicago from the country, and not go crazy!
2. Females survi