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The “wantrepreneur” who made $67,619 in a week by scaling his online business

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Danny is a copywriter who lives in Omaha with his wife and two young kids. He spent years dreaming about having his own business but never knew how to start one.

HOW He USED Zero To Launch

The step-by-step structure helped Danny go from “clueless about business” to launching his first online course. After making 10 sales, he realized he could scale his business, reach a wider audience, and earn far more.


Though it started out as a side project, Danny now earns $25,000+/month from his online business. Since he makes sales automatically, he’s able to take afternoons off and spend more time with his kids.

“It’s an amazing feeling to know that I went through this process, followed it to a ‘T’, and now it’s paying off exactly as it’s supposed to.” — Danny Margulies

“I had no business knowledge, no website…I was totally green”

Danny was making good money as a freelance copywriter. But he had a nagging desire to start his own online business. The problem was, he didn’t know how. He tried free courses and books, but found them completely useless.

“I’d open [a business book] up and it’d say, “Establish an LLC.” And I thought “An LLC for what? I don’t even have a business idea yet.”

It wasn’t just a lack of knowledge that held Danny back. There was another barrier: fear.

Danny was afraid he’d do something wrong that would ruin his business before it even got off the ground. Or worse, that he’d make a mistake and destroy his reputation.

“Before [Zero to Launch], it was like, “What if I publish the wrong post? How do I share it around? What if people get [to my site] and realize nobody’s reading it? Will I look like a fool?”


“Zero to Launch was 1,000X better than I expected”

One day while searching for financial advice, Danny stumbled across the I Will Teach blog. He joined our email list and read our material day after day. Though he joined for finance tips, the emails that excited him most were the ones about online business.

“When Ramit started talking about Zero to Launch, I told my wife: ‘If this guy releases a program that teaches you how to start an online business, I’m joining.’”

Sure enough, Danny joined the week the course opened in April 2014. Right away, he saw that it wasn’t like other courses he’d tried. Instead of vague advice and random tactics, he had a series of logical steps to follow.

“I wasn’t expecting this step-by-step system where you follow the steps and, as long as you put the effort in, you end up with an online business. I felt like there was someone holding my hand, leading me through the process.”

Using the steps in Zero to Launch, Danny realized he could launch a course helping freelance copywriters get jobs through online marketplaces (like This was something he himself had struggled with. It was only after months and months of trial and error that he discovered how to land quality copywriting gigs online.

“Zero to Launch helped me validate this idea so I knew it would be profitable.”

dannys website

Danny’s website,

“Who’s going to buy from me?”

When it came time to build his course, Danny’s old doubts resurfaced. He didn’t think anyone would buy an online course from a random guy in Omaha.

“I think we’re trained to think, ‘Oh not me, I’m not an entrepreneur. If Mark Cuban did this, everyone would buy it, but who’s going to buy this from me?’”

Danny spent his days working his full-time job, evenings with his family, and nights working on his business. Following the steps in Zero to Launch, he grew his email list and created his first product: a $49 online course helping freelance copywriters get jobs.

Though he was afraid nobody would buy, he launched the course in October 2014. That month he made 10 sales for a total of $490.

“It was amazing to know that I had gone through this process, followed it to a T, and now it was paying off exactly as it was supposed to.”

But it wasn’t the $490 that excited him.

No – Danny realized he had a massive opportunity in front of him. If 10 people bought his course, he could sell it to 100, or 1,000. There was virtually no limit to how big this could be.

“I started imagining, ‘What if my list was bigger? Now it’s time to really scale this thing up and all I have to do is more of the same.’”

From earning $500 in a month to $60,000 in a week

Scaling meant two things: improving his course (so he could charge more) and growing his audience.

To do this, Danny talked to the people who bought his course and used their feedback to make it better. At the same time, he followed one of the strategies in Zero to Launch for driving traffic. This helped him get 5,000 subscribers his first year, then 5,000 more the year after.

subscribr growth

Danny went from 0 to 11,562 subscribers in under 2 years

By January 2015, he was earning $1,000/month. By July, he was up to $10,000/month.


Danny’s business make sales automatically

Then in October 2015, one year after his initial launch, Danny made $32,000. He continued earning around $25,000/month, right up until March 2016, when this happened:

“I sent out a 5-day email sequence (Zero to Launch style) and did an unprecedented $67,000+ in sales…in one week!”

“The freedom is incredible”

Danny has since quit copywriting to focus on his business full time. Now he’s in complete control of his schedule and how he spends his days.

“There’s no appointments. I don’t have to take meetings with people. A lot of times I’ll take my wife or my son out to a park. I’ll answer a few emails and get the critical stuff done, but I can take the whole afternoon off.”

He can take time off because the Zero to Launch system showed Danny how to take care of the hard work up front. With that done, he now continues to make sales automatically — even as he’s driving to New York to visit his family.

“I was driving to New York and spent the entire day in the car. When I got to the hotel, I realized I made 5 sales while we were driving. That’s $1,500 in revenue”

Danny now has more time to spend with his kids

Danny now has more time to spend with his kids

“I’m excited to see what happens a year from now”

In March 2015, we flew Danny into the studio to share his entire story. You can listen to the full interview below, where you’ll learn:

  • The insight that helped him discover his business idea (you’ve probably had the same experience) (0:21)
  • Why he continues to revisit Zero to Launch material even though he already earns 6 figures a year (5:25)
  • How he made the leap from part time to full time with his online business (despite his wife’s skepticism) (10:00)

Need help finding a business idea of your own?

Finding an idea was the first step to Danny building an online business. Once Danny had his idea nailed down, it was just a matter of time before he had a successful online business.

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