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The health coach who conquered his fear of self-promotion and grew his subscriber list from 46 to 4,000

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Matt is a web designer and health coach who’s passionate about helping people lose weight, take control of their health, and feel amazing.

HOW He USED Zero To Launch

After years of dreaming about an online business, Zero to Launch gave Matt the structure and confidence to finally take action and build one.


He grew his list from 46 to 4,000 subscribers and successfully launched his first product. He’s able to make an impact in an area he cares deeply about and receives email from grateful readers every day.

“If you put in the work and follow the system, you’re going to be successful. It’s just a matter of time.” — Matt Jager

“I never felt like I was ready”

Matt has a deep passion for helping people improve their health so they look and feel better. For years he dreamed of having a website where he’d help people do that. He read all kinds of material on how to start a blog and get traffic, but he never applied anything he learned.

“I was scared of making a mistake. I thought, ‘If I do this wrong, I’m going to blow it and I’ll never get to do it again.’”

After two years of consuming information but doing nothing, Matt realized he needed to change.

Watch the video below to see the “light bulb” moment that took Matt from sitting on the sidelines to taking action and starting his business.

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed”

Matt was done chasing tactics and absorbing material on how to build an online business. At this point, he knew what he really needed was structure, guidance, and accountability.

So when registration for Zero to Launch opened, he was excited. As an IWT reader for 5 years, he trusted this course would finally push him to take action.

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options out there, but Zero to Launch provided a structured framework for me to work through.”

Matt explains how this framework helped him stay focused and systematically build his blog in the video below. Plus, learn why he says this system can help an average business become 10-100 times more successful.

From “afraid” to “unbelievable”

One of the biggest barriers Matt faced in building his business was his fear of self-promotion. He didn’t like reaching out to people or “selling” himself.

But Zero to Launch pushed him to finally put himself out there. First, he learned how to create remarkable content his readers would love. Then, using word-for-word scripts from the course, he reached out to popular blogs who gave him opportunities to guest post.

The results?

Within a week of launching his new site, Matt had 300 subscribers — 6X more than he had after two years of blogging on his own.

“For about 2 days I sat in front my computer watching the analytics. It was unbelievable.”

Today, less than 2 years later, he has nearly 4,000 subscribers. Many of these people find him through guest posts he wrote months ago.

subscriber growth

Matt’s subscriber list grew from 46 to nearly 4,000 in 17 months

Because of his success, Matt’s now working shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry leaders he used to idolize from a distance.

“One of my heroes recently released a book. I contacted him about doing an interview to promote it on my site and he agreed.

“I now have connections with people like him, people I wouldn’t have dreamed of approaching years ago. I feel like I’m a part this great movement.”

Turning passion into profit

Matt joined Zero to Launch because of his intense desire to help people eat better — he was never in it for the money. But as his blog began to take off, he decided to build a product that would help his readers even more.

Following the Zero to Launch system, he built and launched his first online course in the summer of 2015. This brought in a nice side income to supplement his full-time job as a web designer.


Revenue from Matt’s online course

Successfully launching his first course was a breakthrough for Matt. Now that he understands how the process works, he’s excited to create more products. All he has to do is repeat the same steps he’s already gone through.

“Now I understand the process. If I want traffic, I just have to do pull this one lever. If I want revenue, I just have to pull that one.”


Matt’s site,

“This is what I want to be doing with my life”

Matt is finally making the impact he’s wanted to make on the world. He’s helping thousands of people develop healthy eating habits and feel great about themselves.

The emails he gets every day from grateful readers motivate him to continue expanding and improving his business.


Emails from fans of Matt’s blog

“When people email me saying, ‘Thank you, you’ve made such a difference in my life’ — there’s no other feeling like that. It’s exciting and exhilarating.”

“You just have to start”

While Matt used to be afraid of making mistakes, he’s learned that the biggest mistake he made was not starting sooner.

“A lot of this stuff you have to learn by just doing it. It helps to have structure and community, but at the end of the day, you just gotta start.

“You’re going to make mistakes. It’s not going to be perfect, but the most important thing is to take that first step.”

After going through the program, Matt says he feels like he can’t fail. Hear him explain why in the video below, and learn how to know if Zero to Launch is the right choice for you.

Are you afraid to promote yourself?

One of the barriers that kept Matt from starting an online business was his fear of self-promotion.

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