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The best of GrowthLab’s YouTube channel

You’re trying to start a business — which actually means you’re trying to teach yourself how to build a business while you build the business that you want to build. You’re buried in blog posts, and your wishlist on Amazon is long enough to last you well into the next century…

Do you ever find yourself thinking things like:

  • I wish an actual person would just walk me through how they approach market research.
  • Why can’t someone just show me what I should be looking at when I run A/B tests?
  • Would someone please, for the love of God, just tell me how to get editors to open my guest post pitches before I throw my laptop out the window?

It’s moments like these that YouTube was made for.

Below, we’ve gathered together a few of our favorite videos from the GrowthLab YouTube channel, addressing the most common challenges we see entrepreneurs facing. Check them out, and don’t forget to hop over to our channel and subscribe, so you never miss a new video.

…If you’re having trouble finding the right idea

Watch: A step by step guide to finding the best online business idea [12 min]

This is one of our favorite things to help entrepreneurs with: taking an OK idea and turning it into a profitable, compelling idea to build a business around.

…If you don’t know where to start with market research

Watch: Exactly how I do market research for new products [28 min]

One of the most common questions we get from GrowthLab readers is, “How do you figure out what your target market is looking for?” Video is great for this, because it means we can show you exactly what we look at when we do market research here at GrowthLab — and tell you what we’re looking for at the same time.

…If you’re wondering how to get editors to respond to your pitches

Watch: How to pitch a guest post better than 98% of other people [3 min]

Getting a guest post published on a popular blog is a tried-and-true way to get your audience’s attention and start earning their trust. But how do you get one of those guest posts to begin with? To talk through the subtle art of pitching guest post ideas, we brought in someone who reads those pitches all the time — our very own editor-in-chief, Sean Blanda.

…If you don’t know which copy or design to go with

Watch: What is A/B testing & how to use it [9 min]

Let the data be your guide! A/B testing is a business building tool that every entrepreneur needs in their toolbelt. So we decided to go directly to video and bring in our conversion optimization expert, Kalle, to talk it out — using actual landing pages submitted by GrowthLab students.

…If you need help writing irresistibly openable emails

Watch: How to write an email that gets opened [30 min]

Email can be the lifeblood of an online business — but only if you can get your audience to open your emails to begin with. In this video, our CEO Ramit walks through the exact steps he follows when writing an email — steps you can follow to make open-ready emails happen yourself.

…If you’re having trouble dodging your inner critic and just writing

Watch: How to make a YouTube video in 90 minutes [5 min]

People get in a weird headspace when it comes to writing content. They convince themselves that every word needs to be perfect the minute it’s committed to the screen. But the reality is that sometimes the best thing you can do is just get something out and see what happens. During a recent team retreat, our team put this idea to the test in a big way. We took two ideas from brainstorming to finished video in 90 minutes flat — and we captured the whole messy, frantic, incredibly fun process as it happened.

The GrowthLab team is heading back into the studio soon. What other areas would you like to see us do a video about? Let us know in the comments below!

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