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How to overcome fear of success

Today’s question is really interesting.

I don’t get asked this a lot, but it’s a really important topic that I wanted to talk about.

It’s from Cheyenne, and she writes:

“I’m scared of failing or making a mistake. Is it that I’m scared of succeeding? Probably, succeeding and then messing up? In the sense of what or who I’d become if I succeeded, and would I mess up once I’ve gotten there?”

What Cheyenne is really asking about is a fear of success. This is not just a fear of failure, which most of us are familiar with, but a fear of SUCCESS.

Think about that phrase: fear of success. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I’m afraid of success.”

What are the words we use? We say things like, “Uh, if this business takes off, am I going to have to write customer service emails to 500 people?”

Feelings like that are a fear of success because you’re worrying about what things will be like AFTER you become successful.

I grew up in a very middle class family, and I learned certain values. For example, my parents taught me not to waste things, to be respectful, to save money by only eating out once per month (we even had to use coupons anytime we wanted to go to the local pizza place).

I grew up with those values, and I lived by them.

Your business works the same way. You can set your values and live by them.

As I grew my online business and as it became more successful over the years, I learned that I could take the values I WANTED to have and instill them in the business.

For example, if a customer is rude to my staff, I fire that customer immediately. No matter how much money that costs me in revenue, I refund their purchase. I ban them for life, and they are never allowed to purchase from us again.

That’s a value that I put into my business. Nobody told me I had to do that, but it’s the way I want to run my company.

Do you see what I’m saying?

You can choose what success looks like for you.

I chose to be able to run my business that way. You can, too.

If you want to give away 25% of your sales to charity, that’s awesome! Your online business can be whatever you want it to be for you.

So in the early stages, there’s no need to worry about fear of success.

The first thing you need to do is become successful. And remember: success is good problem to have.

Also, when you are successful, and when you get to the point of having to write 500 customer emails per day, you can eventually hire that problem away.

So don’t let fear of success stop you from ever going after your goals.

I remember one of my biggest fears when I started my online business was that I never wanted to be one of those “internet marketing” guys.

I didn’t want to be taking photos in front of the private jets, saying “Hey, bro! Check out this private jet. I’m so cool.”

I never wanted to do that and I never had to.

Your business is yours. It doesn’t matter what everyone else tells you. It doesn’t matter what society expects you to do. You can do what you want to do.

It’s your decision. It’s your business.

Now if you’re curious about how to grow a successful online business and stay true to your values, enter your email below for a bonus video that I put together for you.

Overcome your biggest fears around starting an online business

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Crush your biggest fears around starting an online business with this free video

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