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Video: Tiny Empires – Ashley Jones of Love Not Lost

Ashley Jones’ entrepreneurial journey began when she lost her daughter Skylar to a terminal illness. It was then that she started Love Not Lost, a nonprofit that provides photography for families facing a terminal diagnosis.

“I realized I can only do so much [to help families like mine],” she said, “but if I started an organization where we had photographers across every major city in the U.S., how much more could we do?”

Ashley’s story is the subject of the first-ever episode of Tiny Empires, a brand new YouTube series from GrowthLab where we’ll profile one entrepreneur’s journey every episode.

In this episode, we learn the ups and downs of Ashley Jones’ quest to help as many families as possible. We join her on a crucial day in her business where she attempts to balance an extra-special photo shoot with a fundraising gala… in two different cities.

Be sure to dig deeper into Ashley’s tactics, mindset, and knowledge in Behind The Empire, an in-depth Q&A hosted by GrowthLab’s Diana Tower.

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Ashley is such a superhero. What she does is spectacular and for that she’s incredibly memorable. This was really well-done. I’m excited to see the forthcoming Tiny Empires!

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