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Video: Tiny Empires – Ruby Le of Good Gentleman

Ever since she helped a friend in her high school Rubik’s Cube club find love, Ruby Le has always been a dating coach. Though she now owns her own successful one-woman dating coaching business, the path … wasn’t straightforward.

Ruby started and stopped med school, became a therapist, and bounced around different jobs before founding Good Gentleman, where she helps “good guys” go on dates. “I’m a modern day Hitch,” she says.

In this episode, we follow Ruby for a month as she helps Ernie, a Muppet-loving middle-aged man who hasn’t landed a date since he was 19. Can she push him out of his comfort zone? And can she balance her client work while taking care of her grandparents and cousins?

Tiny Empires is a brand new original web series from GrowthLab that chronicles an entrepreneur’s journey to grow their business to the next level.

It’s a continuation of our mission to showcase the messy but real truths of starting a business you love — and how that journey is often MUCH more complicated than it appears on the surface.

Dig deeper into Ruby’s tactics, mindset, and knowledge in Behind the Empire, an in-depth Q&A hosted by GrowthLab’s Diana Tower.

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