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Watch Business Casual: Our interview with Ana Flores of #WeAllGrow Latina

In this episode of Business Casual, GrowthLab product developer Heather Giannone interviews Ana Flores of #WeAllGrow Latina.

Things you should know about Ana:

  • She was named one of People en Español’s most powerful women in 2017.
  • She’s the CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina, the first and largest community of Latina digital influencers.
  • She connects those influencers with corporate clients.
  • Those clients include Disney, Neutrogena, Mazda, Intuit, and others.

Heather talks to her about the non-pushy ways you can build a client base or audience (like not asking for a partnership or a sale right away). We think you’ll dig it.

Business Casual is our YouTube series featuring real entrepreneurs sharing how they built their online business from the ground up.  

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