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Why does this mouthwash cost $25?

This bottle of mouthwash costs $25.

Actual instructions: “swig generously & gargle prior to all public appearances”

That makes Aesop mouthwash almost 5 times as expensive as Listerine. Do you think it’s 5 times better?

Probably not.

And yet, people are happily paying that much. Why?

Yesterday, I asked you to think of one thing you would teach your younger self. This luxury mouthwash is my answer.

A few years ago, I thought people only cared about results. For example:

  • You joined our Dream Job course. How big of a raise did you get?
  • You hired a personal trainer. How much weight did you lose?
  • You’re buying a $1,000 handbag. Is it 10x better leather than a $100 bag?

So naive. Over time, I’ve learned that some people don’t only want results. Many people also want an experience.

All mouthwashes kill germs and freshen your breath. That’s table stakes. Even the discount brand can do this.

So why do some people pay more? Does Aesop kill 5 times more germs than Listerine? Does it keep your mouth clean for 5 times longer?

No. It’s about the emotion, the feeling, the packaging. It’s about the identity you create by indulging in a luxury product.

Notice our first reaction: “LOL, stupid people. Don’t they know they’re getting ripped off?”

But it’s not stupid.

Why do you think Mercedes-Benz chose “the best or nothing” as their slogan? Can’t a Honda Civic get you from place to place without premium sound or a 577 horsepower engine? Of course. But Mercedes owners want more than functional transportation. They want an experience.

This one realization — that experiences can matter just as much as results — has utterly transformed my business and my life. It’s like an entire part of the world has now become visible to me. And I can choose when I want to pay for an experience…or when I just want to get the cheapest thing (e.g., my spatula) because it makes no difference to me.

That’s where we kicked things off yesterday. No matter who you are, you know something that other people need to hear, too. (If you missed it, you can read what other people said they would teach their younger selves here.)

The surprising value of skills you take for granted

Every single one of us has something to share with the world. Surprisingly, this can be a skill we don’t think anybody would value enough to pay for.

For example…

  • You might think your ability to cook is trivial. But I pay a private chef a lot of money to do exactly that for me.
  • You might think walking your dog is a mundane chore. But some people make their living from it.
  • You might think “everyone” knows how to use popular websites. But in college, venture capitalists paid me to explain how MySpace and YouTube worked.

You don’t have to be an expert, an author, or a guru to get paid for your expertise. You just need something that you could teach your younger self.

Let me show you an amazing example.

How to build a following by sharing lessons to your younger self

Meet Tom.

Tom is a tutor who built a following of over 300 people (fast) by sharing the studying techniques he figured out in college. He doesn’t have a Ph.D. in Education or a string of Amazon best-sellers on study hacks.

What he does have is something his younger self would love to know.

In this short video, Tom explains how he went from wanting to share something with the world to actually finding the “hidden expertise” from his past that other people could benefit from.

Anyone can do this. You just have to know where to look.

For example, consider some of the key insights in this video with Tom:

  • He didn’t just pick some random experience to share. Instead, he thought carefully about something he struggled with (studying for difficult technical exams), how he overcame it, and how other students could save time by following in his footsteps.
  • He noticed that textbooks, professors, and typical studying advice were letting technical students down — and tailored his advice to fill those gaps for others.
  • He didn’t run seminars on how to study a year in advance so you can pass your exams “someday”. Instead, he focused on students who are rapidly approaching test day (because those are the people who need Tom’s help NOW).

Tom started with no readers, no website, not even an idea. Now he has hundreds of people reading his emails and even paying for his expertise.

This is the power of sharing your gifts with the world.

NEXT: 3 questions to tap into your hidden talents

Yesterday, we talked about what you wish you could teach your younger self.

Now, I want you to ask yourself three questions to start narrowing down what you could share with the world.

  1. What do other people struggle with that comes naturally to you? (Playing the piano? Managing your money? Hosting dinner parties?)
  2. What do your friends say you’re amazing at? (Ask them. Maybe it’s organization, dressing well, and reading people)
  3. What if you had 3 extra hours per week? What would you do? (Maybe read fashion blogs? Go to the gardening store? Talk about relationships?)

After you come up with some answers, start thinking about who might pay for your help in these areas. Post 1 answer in the comments.

For example, if you’re great at dissecting your friends’ relationship problems, you might say “I could be a relationship coach who helps shy men naturally attract the woman of their dreams”.

Or if you love gardening, it could be “I help people start container gardens.”

This doesn’t need to be perfect yet. I’ll help you shape and sculpt your idea over the next few weeks. For now, we’re just brainstorming. Have fun with it.

P.S. Just as our “younger selves” have a lot they could learn from us, we have a lot we can learn from people more experienced in starting and growing an online business. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to many of these experts for an “insider’s playbook” you can use to start sharing your gifts faster than you thought possible.

First up: Someone who went from a near-death experience and living on $500/month in one of America’s poorest cities to turning his talents into a $5M/year online business.

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I would coordinate weekend vacations as a service. Everything from singles/couples to large bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Mark Breen

I could be an accountability coach who helps men my age 45-50 stay accountable to working out and eating healthier to get in shape and lose weight.

I can make people coordinate their money better and help them become millionaires by saving less than their hourly income

Jim Bailey

I can teach people how to be conversational in interviews and sales calls in such a way that people naturally want to connect with them and do what they suggest.

I would teach women to treat themselves like the queens instead of handmaidens. I would coach them on strategies on how to incorporate health/wellness and beauty on the inside and outside.

Thank you Ramit for this!

as for me, energy healing comes easy for me and I can tap into other’s energy field, fix the glitch in it and heal people from negative emotions even if it has been piled for years. people told me their minds are clearer, their fear and anxiety is gone, after only 2-3 sessions with me, and they don’t pay for it.

I’ve healed anger problem, phobia, anxiety, really I swear I don’t intend to boast it but I love doing this so much. It is easier than baking cake 🙂

Zaran Lannette

I would be great at Listening to others and advising them with what they need or what like to make a reality.

I can help aspiring voice actors who are struggling with where to start, help create a solid foundation for their voice-over career. As someone who has built a successful part-time VO career while working full time, I can speak from experience about some essential steps they can take to make it happen.

I can’t narrow it down to one thing, because I love to find deals at the thrift shop and 9x out of 10 I usually find great items and things people have been looking for and could never find. I am also passionate about skincare and anti-aging foods and products that keep you looking good.

I would teach people how to use CAD software or create 3D models for people.

I can coo very well. I have become gluten intolerant and have found that most gluten free products are awful, so I make my own. I volunteer with a group that establishes gardens at schools, so I’ve become pretty good at gardening.

Yesterday, I had a coworker tell me that I have a way with words. It is something she struggles with every day but it seems so effortless for me. I have the ability to make people feel at ease and get them to talk about anything and everything. I want to teach people everywhere how to relate to one another and communicate without feeling like they have made a mistake or did something they should not have done.

Hi Ramit! Many say that I am not afraid of doing new things. That I am a natural teacher. I left a job to get into a new industry – the energy industry – and although it has been hard, I love it better than any corporate job I’ve had. Learning from those that are in the industry is key and failing is part of success. Something I hate that has top happen, but learning to understand that even though not everyone will be on board with my ideas, I just move forward. Getting no’s is a part of learning.

I took a voice over class a long time ago and loved it. And then did nothing because I wasn’t sure about the next step I should take. I hope that you continue to look into this since it would be something I would be interested in.

I would be a wine educator for budding wine enthusiasts who want to learn about European wine.

I have the ability to take any cliche movie script, book or play and turn it into something fresh and new that people aren’t expecting to see. I’ve rewritten two movie scripts just for my friends to read whenever they get bored.

I could help people take better pictures no matter of type of camera they have.

I’m naturally very perceptive when it comes to service and service design, such as how restaurants and hotels are run and the details that go into enhancing customer experiences. Using this, I could become a consultant for a service design agency or run a service-sensitive establishment.

Mia Wicklund

I am fascinated by high school age students and love to hear about what they are interested in. I can see myself as a ‘college and career coach’ who helps students and families identify meaningful majors, research schools, and guide them in the application process and final selection.

People say I have tons of patience and have a great sense for colour.
I’m also a mother and illustrator who loves outside adventures.
What can I do with that? I’m lost…

1) Making time for things that matter to me. Like training for Obstacle Racing, or making the time to meditate everyday.

2) Focusing on a goal and being persistent about achieving it

3) If I had 3 extra hours per week I would train more for Obstacle Racing.

ray Suzuki

I could be a consultant, as I can problem solve the sh*t out of anything.

Maybe I could help people to find solutions for their problems. I am a kind of person who think outside the box. I don’t like common answers because I believe everybody is a very single person.

Deborah Suggs

I am very gifted with the elderly. I would live to open an assisted living business or a visiting home business.

I can help people plan ahead and advocate for themselves when they have some kind of special need: a food restriction, a disability, etc. I can also help high school students write college essays that don’t suck.

The first two questions I still can’t answer. I’m either over-criticized or over-praised by people around me for almost the exact same things, so I don’t know what I’m natural or amazing at. But I know I like researching various sources for bits and pieces of information around a subject or task and I can easily join & present them in a structured format, a quick read if required. I can also translate data, info and methodology into a spreadsheet that connects the dots. I still don’t know what I can do with that though.

I am a realestate agent.

But can also be a consultant or a counsellor to people’s daily troubles in life & help them reason it out …

I am good at speculation, whether its strategy, analytics, or just ol’ organization. In my mind, I like to imagine and create cool marketing strategies entrepreneurs and local small businesses could used to reach niche demographics to grow their reach. I love good business and I love good and unique marketing. I could be a consultant who help these businesses grow to their full potential by helping them reach their audience in more intimate and enjoyable ways. 🙂

I can help medium-sized web based businesses launch new and existing digital products in a way that’s enjoyable instead of stressful.

I’ve already started doing it. A while ago, I got profiled in a magazine. The journalist wrote that I was making $X from freelance writing. The $X was an amount small enough that I found it embarrassing. Lo and behold, people Googled me and sent emails asking, “How did you ever manage to make $X from writing?” Since that I’ve coached people to get writing gigs, and now I’m testing out more systematic, scalable ways to teach people.

Career questions. Always looking at resumes and cover letters. Helping mock interviews. Just been something that’s come naturally to me even at 25.

I am a man who is very comfortable sharing his feelings, emotions, thoughts, worries, fears, etc. I cry when I’m sad. But I’m also a successful executive, married father of two, and think I could teach men that it is actually a sign of strength and confidence to be able to be comfortable sharing their feelings

I’m awesome at botanical illustration, ideas for t-shirt designs, and coordinating girl getaways.

I am very effective at dealing with really difficult people and working through hard situations with people.

I could help people lose weight, and maintain their weightloss, while still enjoying their junk food treats and a hearty enjoyable lifestyle (without relying on exercise). I do it and have done it since I was 17, and it seems with no effort what so ever. 🙂 I would have this program only for people who are genuinely overweight, or really need to see a big change. It wouldn’t be for people who are looking to lose 2 pounds, or something stupid like that, because for me it’s about the lifestyle change, the ‘healthy life’ rather than ‘diet’. Permanent change, barely any effort what so ever. All down to knowing what to do.

I’ve had this idea floating around for the past two months thanks to a question you asked previously. Although it was never something I was particularly interested in or had any grand ideas about off the bat; when I tell people of my weight loss, or when they see me doing what I do, they always ask “How do you do it?” and always seem so surprised. So I realised wow well maybe there can be something there. And now that you asked this question “What is something that comes naturally to you that other people find hard?” it popped up again. I’ve always known that I know, I just never thought anyone would pay for that, since I’m not some sort of professional or have certificates. But the results speak for themselves.

I’m 5ft 6, 110 pounds, whether I exercise or not (at the moment can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the gym) I’ve been able to enjoy treats, eat normally and healthy, heartily, eat everything and anything, without cutting my portions, or doing stupid things like substituting my meal for a salad who’s name you can’t pronounce – all while maintaining my weightloss ever since I decided to change my lifestyle. It’s been so easy because I have not ever deprived myself of anything. And that’s why it works.

Thanks for this post.

I’m sorry but this made me laugh. A few comments above you, some people were discussing voice over ideas for a business, and then when I read your comment, you had typoed ‘cook’ into ‘coo’ and I thought you were saying you can “coo” very well, carrying on from that voice over discussion above. Hahahaha. Teaching people to coo, now that would be something.

But about your actual idea, that sounds great. I think the gluten free cooking thing sounds like it could really be helpful. It seems specific enough that people could buy it. I’ve tried gluten free products myself, and they are horrible. I don’t have an intolerance to gluten myself, but even I would be interested in your product. I can imagine if I was gluten intolerant, I’d probably be actively seeking your product.

All the best. 🙂

How about teaching people how to control their emotions or helping them with anger management? You could help them become more patient and less reactive.

Hi Ramit,
I could teach people how to lose weight in 2 months or less. I learnt this while trying to lose weight. Finally when I nailed the strategy it took only 2 mths to lose 10 kgs. What I found out was I was doing all unwanted stuff that was not required. This is what I can help people with.

Lorraine Gallagher

I could listen to people having trouble with Depression and Anxiety and share my own experience.

Ramit, this is hard. I could help people with sewing. I could help people with their writing or drawing. I could help people with jewelry making, and I could help with their financial planning.

What I don’t see is how any of these things could be turned into an online business. They are so tactile.

Perhaps you can look at only one of those things and see if you can take it further. Looking at everything is too vague and too much. If you’re an illustrator, and you say you have a ‘great sense of colour’ perhaps something design related, or fashion perhaps? Perhaps designing palettes for things, maybe even for a house or a room, or something like that. It seems like all those things take patience, too. I personally do not have the patience for such things, and nor do I have a great sense of colour for designing things like that, but I may be someone who wants to redecorate. In that case, I’d probably benefit from someone like that. Perhaps it could be a starting point?

Maybe you can branch out other ideas from it, maybe you can design websites since that seems like it could be more relevant or in demand? 🙂

I think you should pretty much start that business now, lol. Even if it’s just literally dedicated to brownies. I can see myself there all the time haha.

I think this is a great thing. Should definitely go ahead and do it. 🙂 Maybe it could be something like “unleashing your emotions” etc for men. Empowering men to feel like they really can share, and embrace their emotions and harness that to be their full potential. That’s great! I don’t think I know of ANY programs like that. I’d buy it even though I’m not a guy LOL, I would at least recommend it to many guys. 🙂

If you could ‘help people with sewing’, and ‘help people with jewellery making’… why not sew, and make jewellery yourself? If you have that skill, you could sell your work. 🙂 Etsy is a huge online business that deals with tactile things.

That is a great idea, and I would be a person who would be interested, but I don’t think I could afford it. If I am already on a shoe-string budget, I could not afford to get a styler to tell me how to style myself on a low budget. Like you get me? Maybe it could be a bit contradicting. It is an awesome idea though, but I think a lot of people who would fit that category who would be interested, would feel the same as me “Awesome but can’t afford that.”

I think if you maybe tweaked it, and made it into a one time fee type thing rather than an ongoing service, then maybe people on a budget would think to invest some money into it, because then they would know they would get something out of it they can reuse and add to their knowledge. Etc.

I am not sure. I like to solve problems for people. I am a good listener. i always felt like i should be a life coach or something.

I am working as a fire man and i am licensed as a fire man. I got a diploma as a construction worker. I am also working as a salesman in B2B services telecommunication field for a big telecom company.
I graduated Mass Communication and Journalism University,and with all of this i feel like i don’t know enything…

I don’t think in this example its all about the experience. Listerine uses an alcohol in their standard mouthwash that has been linked as a carcinogen, hence why they’ve released an alcohol-free version. This mouthwash featured contains no dangerous medical alcohols, and has natural ingredients to improve mouth health naturally. Whilst $25 is quite expensive, I would choose this over a chemical nasty.

I can give legal advice in the criminal justice field, have a degree. I can give cooking lessons, raised a family of 5. Parenting advice as well. Can give auto mechanics advice, married to a mechanic for 17 years. Can edit and copyright. Can give real life advice in relationships, budgeting, accounting, and love. Have another degree, MBA. Have an intense interest and personal learning journey in Physics even have my own website on it with over 45,ooo readers, and other Scientists collaborating with me. And have an extremely sexy voice to do voice over work. Yeah, there’s a lot I CAN do, but where the real money and passion is differ.

The elderly need help with all things tech in their lives…especially iPads. They are the fastest growing demographic and tech is only getting more complicated. The need is huge. I teach and help independent living, senior folks in my business.

Teach them patiently how to use gadgets and you can make a decent living on a $/hr that makes sense to them and you guaranteed.

I would teach youth to take their skills, talents and interests and become entrepreneurs. Then, I would teach them n how to save, invest and how to retire.

I’m a Gemologist, a lot of end customers & traders make impulsive purchases, only to find out that their “gem” was treated or simply a synthetic. Sending those pieces to a lab to get it test it takes weeks if not up to. 2 months. I can teach people simple skills to check if a stone is what it is, and also how to cross check that with simple tools that will save them tens of thousands of dollars. I can also teach people a neat formula to check if they are overpaying for any precious gemstone like a ruby or sapphire, and how to do that research right. That will also give you a hint if someone ‘nice’ is just about to scam the shit out of you.

I’m good at helping people flesh out solutions to their problems and coming up with ways to make their idea a reality.

I would teach my younger self to say No to drugs . I wasted 15 years of my life being a junkie . So if I could have that extra time I would go around to youth clubs / schools doing that talk warning youngsters about how drugs have an impact on your life and others around you badly .
I am now good and have been for 5 years

I’m good at breaking down tech & Social Media talk for average business owners to understand. I’m great at helping people find the right solutions that fit their needs. That is why I own my own business as a business coach and creative consultant. I love problem solving and finding creative solutions that will help companies think outside the box. I am a people person and work well with others. Great article and you had great questions!

I’m good at drawing simple to complex artworks and then packaging them into a product form. Analyzing things and breaking them down seems to come natural to me. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of creativity. I’ve often thought it would be cool to branch out of just selling art and create a course whether it be online or in person.

Lots of ideas:

-Helping people dress sharper (especially when they have the money to spend but just don’t know how to)

-Enabling trained individuals to get into sub-10% body fat. Alternatively also helping over-weight individuals to get to their ideal bodyweight. The actual process is fairly simple but I believe I can work with a wide variety of issues why most people fail

-Helping people (mostly in their 20’s and 30’s) rediscover the art of cooking. Helping people identify what is actually “healthy” instead of following the latest fads.

-Teaching people the basics and the details of anti-aging. The common changes they can make to their lives to look younger, feel energetic.

-Showing people how they can beat various diseases (diabetes, high LDL etc) through natural ways (fasting, diet manipulation) and never have to take another synthetic medicine again.

-Working with small businesses on how to train employees, instill positive values and get a much better ROI than they are currently getting.

-Helping people who travel constantly how to make the best choices for food and nutrition.

-Nowadays people are people are taking dozens of different supplements and drugs without even knowing the pharmacology. I want to help individuals make a sense out of this “cluttered” supplement industry and only take what’s needed for their individual body type.

and a lot more.. I have a whole journal dedicated to ideas which is mostly just to spark my creative thinking.

Marketing is like breathing to me. I can look at an entrepreneurs business plan and break it down and give marketing branding ideas as well suggest other area to tap into to make money.

I’m really good at taking a HUGE idea (it could be about anything) and breaking it down into simple steps. Unlike coaching (which helps people discover what’s best for them), I am good at removing the intimidation factor of achieve a huge goal by identify pathways of getting to where you want via smaller steps. So far, I’ve helped people do this with things like: discovering what they want to study at university, planning vacations to Europe and making a career change.

I can help people make major career or lifestyle transitions by helping them identify and pursue a side hustle.

I am good in pest control services and always feel happy when I serve someone. Also I am gardner and fond of plants. With this profession. I helping people for making their homes more greens. In spare time I make new ideas to help others. I think of new ventures and discuss with friends.

I excel at speaking and befriending people that don’t speak English for their first language.

Cristofor, what do you do outside of your credentials? What do you do outside of work? Just curious.

I also know a lot about adjusting from college life to adult life. My first year out of college was living by myself, so I had to learn quickly!

I believe I can help people, especially younger people, overcome shyness, come out of their shell and be able to express themselves. I use the lessons from theater improvisation games.

Alice… I love this idea… coordinating weekend vacations. How about just coordinating a fun weekend for people (period)? Most weekends I’m at a loss as to what to do for fun. I’d live to have a fun weekend coordinator arrange fun things to do…:)

Awesome post! I could help people start a new life in a new country, or make the most of a stay abroad whether for work or study.

Mine would be the skills I have learned to cope with a child with autism and adhd. Sharing techniques we have learned to the emotions we have gone through.

What is Tom’s website?
(I’m a CAD technician at an engineering firm in need of a solid resource)

I totally agree! This is an awesome idea. Day trips, local things to do, or trips to somewhere a bit more distant would be awesome.

Wow! You hit a cord when you asked what my friends say I’m good at:
1. Writing
2. Getting my kids through school without student loans (1 got scholarships and grants and the other only has one small loan of $4500)
3. Marketing strategies for small businesses
4. Workshops on a variety of topics
5. Home staging

Thank you.

Maybe you could work with some sort of theater group? Ideally, they need to be able to get a lot of reuse out of each item.

Or maybe you could work with young, ambitious professionals who aren’t quite on a shoe string budget but who want to dress a bit better than their current income allows.

Helping students with essays into grad school is another possible avenue. I would think that a pre-MBA 25 year old has more incentive and is better situated than a 17 year old, but either or both sound like good ideas to me.

I would look to the people who compliment my talents and look at (1) what they all have in common and (2) how that group differs from the group that criticizes you. It’s possible that you are good at something, but not everyone is ready to appreciate it.

I’m not entirely sure what you can do with the research and data aspect, but the first thing that pops into my head is doing some digging around data science. There are so many applications- anything from dating site matching to developing business strategies and initiatives.

I’m in a similar boat, and I’ve given my heart to non-profits… That or they stole it.

Thanks Nancie! I’ll put you on my email list! (you are the only one 🙂

I would help girls come out of their shells, become more confident knowing THEY ARE ENOUGH. Having suffered from low self esteem as a young girl, and now on the other side, I know how crippling it can be to constantly have negative thoughts in your mind, to loathe yourself and just think you are NOT good enough!

I could certainly help very technical and introverted people present new business ideas to the world. I can help them build a professional image. Being social and professional is very natural for me and I hope to meet the technical people who need to bring their great ideas into the world. I would like to represent them to the world.

Customizing assessments, making early childhood educational scrapbooks, and note-taking while working with children come naturally to me.

I want to teach people how to sell themselves better and incorporate sales skills into their daily life. I would love to teach children and sports teams that are doing fundraiser the proper way to sell to customers door to door. I love teaching sales and how it can benefit people!

I love to upgrade my mind every day, so I can easily listen to a book a day in a theme that I find interesting eg money and personal finance. therefore i want to write a book that is about “what I have learned after reading the 25 best books on personal finance”. but do not know if it is legal?

that sounds cool, that sounds like the words of someone whose help i need right now

Hello all…
I teach computer literacy classes for over 10 yrs and people say I have lots and lots of patience to teach and explain everything in such easy terms. I also intensely learned the healthy route of losing weight.
(cooking, eating, exercising, routines, rituals etc..) It took me one year from 248 lb to 166 lb, and I’ve been maintaining it for 2 years now.

What can I do with that?

There are surely plenty of people struggling with parenthood and wishing to be more patient. You could help by creating illustrated stories of your experiences with your children.
Personally, I have found that reading about others’ struggles with normal-life-things has helped me realize that my experiences are pretty normal… and that makes it a lot easier to take a deep breath and be okay with the struggle.
Not sure that’s a completely-linked-together idea but it’s a jumping off point.

HD, they say that when you’ve got a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Being praised and criticized for the same thing is a good sign and an opportunity for growth. First, the good: you’re great at it! Second, you might be criticized, not for what you’re good at, but because your enjoyment of the task distracts you from focusing your super-power in the best places. Alternately: talk with your critics to understand where they are coming from. There is something to learn, about them or you or both.

You love doing research, finding trends, doing executive summaries – so work for people who need someone reliable to research complex topics and who don’t have the time to parse the information themselves. Think executive-type people in whatever field you have the most fun researching.

Use the B2B experience to sell products or services to construction companies or to fire fighters or fire houses. Or invent a product or service. How? Because you’re an insider to these industries, you can talk with people and understand what their needs are, what problems they wish somebody would solve, and you have communication and storytelling skills.

Louise Mangan

I asked my husband what I’m good at and he said ‘being a cutie’, not sure that helps me here though! I have 10 years experience in digital marketing with specialisms in driving insights from data, web analytics and behavioural economics so I think I could advise businesses, just not sure where to start.

I’ve also lived in 4 other countries so I could potentially give advice to people on moving to a new country.

I love this idea Mark. 🙂
My dad is 55 and he is working out every day. I know he doesn’t think of this as a business for himself but I’ve seen many conversations between him and people who are wondering how he can commit to working out so often and be completely healthy every time he gets the results of his yearly check-up.

Well..I’ve got an expensive taste.Really good at party ideas,interior decoration,colour co-ordination and stuff like that.Very good at contemporary art.Wish I could start something when I was in my 20’s..which is 10 yrs ago..

Hey Remit,
Im a brazillian physician and Im studying to be accepted on the specialization I dream about. I have learned a lot about studying and know a lot of people in this situation, they often come to me asking for advices. Maybe I could turn this into something? I guess the niche would be ok.

That is really cool – have you looked into “flipping” these items on craigslist, ebay, swap meets or something like that?

Wow! So many inspiring ideas here… I can’t decide. I am waffling:

1) Edible Landscape Design – fill your yard with fruit trees, berry bushes and salad greens: An area of passion but no professional experience
2) Energy Healing – I have been trained in this, and experienced it. It has been quite effective, there could be a bit of a big “skeptic” hurdle to overcome here.
3) Autism Parent Coaching/Information/Affiliate Sales: I have been an autism parent for the last three years and have learned a lot along the way. There’s a lot of information to sort through and most of it your doctors don’t tell you. My son is considered recovered from autism and is in a mainstream classroom, and I see a lot of other parents struggling, but not sure how to position myself as an “expert” here or productize this. There seems to be some concerns with offering medical advice when you are not a doctor… etc. Plus a lot of naturo-pathic practitioners seem to be getting murdered and shut down by the FDA lately, so there’s that… 🙁

I have been working at home as a freelancer and business owner for over 10 years. I could teach people how to become a freelancer and work at home or start a business from home.

I *love* those three words: Edible Landscape Design! Gets right to the point. What a unique idea, have never seen that before. I have a brown thumb, but if I could learn about this, and then eat what I grew, that would be great!

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