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"Will this work…?"

Frequently Asked Questions about Zero to Launch

Ramit Sethi

Hi, it’s Ramit. I’ve answered your most frequently asked questions here. Not BS ones like “How can I pay you more money NOW???” but real, nuanced questions about whether Zero to Launch is right for you. I’ve pledged to always be honest with you, and I’ll tell you whether this course is right for you or not.

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Will this work…?

Mental barriers and doubts

"Is Zero to Launch right for me?"

How Zero to Launch works

What if…?

Will this work…?

"What if I don't even have a business idea?" You do not need an idea to join Zero to Launch. We’ll show you exactly how to dig into your own skillset and come up with multiple ideas. Then, we’ll take you through the process we use at IWT to “test” ideas for profitability. You’ll quickly know precisely which idea will work before you invest tons of time into pursuing it.

"How is Zero to Launch different from other courses on the market?" This is the only course that has been tested with 15,000+ paying customers, in 34 industries, over 10+ years. It is the only online business course that covers the entire process to launching an online business. You get the Idea-to-Sales Formula, Zero to Launch scaling systems, our nuanced frameworks for conquering your own psychology, and ongoing support — all included in the course and yours FOR LIFE.

Zero to Launch contains extraordinarily detailed material on finding an idea, building a website that converts, and selling using our proprietary processes that we pioneered in the IWT Labs. You’ll also get access to over 40+ hours of exclusive video lessons, teardowns, case studies, and even behind-the-scenes analyses of our launches from entry-level products to highly advanced material.

To learn more about what makes Zero to Launch unique, check out this video on how I built the course:

"How do I know if I'm ready?" You’ve seen the examples and case studies of other Zero to Launch students. You’ve seen the details of the program on this page. And you may have read my material for years, or seen me on TV or in national media. You have enough information to decide. Now it’s up to you. I encourage you to look inside and decide if this is right for you. It’s natural to have doubts. We all do — the invisible scripts around starting something online are so deep, they often hold us stagnant for years. If Zero to Launch truly isn’t for you, don’t join. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings, and I’ll continue sending you my free emails. But if you’re ready to break the shackles of your job, your calendar, and your 9-5 income, Zero to Launch can help.

“Is this just for 20-somethings? I have a busy job and kids.” We tested Zero to Launch with people of different ages, locations, niches, and skill levels. (See Zero to Launch student James on this page, for example.) Age makes no difference in launching a successful online business using Zero to Launch principles. And we'll show you how to start an online business even if you have big commitments like a family or a full-time job.

"How much help am I going to get? Is there a way I can talk to Ramit for a minute if I get stuck?" Sorry, as much as I want to, I can’t do 1-on-1 calls. But the truth is, you don't need a call with me. Because of our extensive research and years of testing, we built community and support right into the course. Get answers in minutes.

Zero to Launch testimonial - Maria W.

“I have learned more about building an actual business in the last few months of using [your material] than I have by subscribing to masterminds, reading emails and books, posts, etc … in the last three years. I've also earned more money. You've taught me how to track my business opportunities, what things are important and which ones are a waste of time, and stripped away (or at least invalidated) any option that wasn't REAL, ACTUAL, ACTION-TAKING towards achieving my goals.”

— Maria W., IWT Student

"How do I convince my husband/wife to let me buy this product?" This is an important question, since starting an online business is challenging, exhilarating, and new all at the same time! So you’ll want your partner in your corner when you start. One of my Zero to Launch students, James, shared the story of his wife, who was furious when she found out he’d joined Earn1K. $200,000 later — plus James’s flexible schedule — she finally admits it was a good decision, but he said it was “one of the most difficult conversations [he’s] ever had.” I recommend showing your partner the case studies I’ve sent you. Show them some of the material online about me, including my Forbes and Fortune profiles to allay their natural nervousness. And finally, explain exactly why you want Zero to Launch — what will an online business do for you, why Zero to Launch, and why now? — and show them how serious you’re taking this. If you make the case candidly and honestly, you’ll be able to talk through any barriers they have about you joining the course.

"When can I expect to make money?" I can’t promise you specific results from your online business in a specific timeframe. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of sophistication, experience, and skill. We all have different markets. It would make no sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to like me. In fact, I’d rather be honest about the challenging nature of this material, which is why I added lifetime access and ongoing support. If you’re deliberate, methodical, and follow the action steps, you will see results. And looking back, 1-2 years from now, the amount of time you invested will pale in comparison to the recurring rewards you’re accruing — just like with my first $4.95 product that, years later, still continues to sell.

"I need to make money FAST. Will this help?" No, and please don’t join Zero to Launch. I’m not looking for people who need quick money, because when you’re in dire financial straits, you necessarily make short-term decisions. Zero to Launch is about focusing on the long term. If you’re in financial trouble, I recommend you get my book from the library, focus on getting a solid job, and come back here when you’re more financially comfortable.

Mental barriers and doubts

"Ugh, I don't want this to become yet another thing on my to-do list." The last thing we need is another thing to make us feel guilty. One of the ways Zero to Launch is completely unique is that I've baked the psychology of success and taking action right into the course. Zero to Launch isn't a brain dump about online business tactics; it's a complete, measured system for going from nothing to a working, successful online business. And with lifetime access, you can progress at your own speed, even take a break if you need to.

"Can I Go through the course on my own schedule? What if I fall behind?" Don't worry — all of my courses come with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you’re out of town, on vacation, or just swamped for a few days. Interruptions happen, and your Zero to Launch course will ALWAYS be here for you when you're ready.

"What if I live in Europe (or somewhere else)?” Yes, Zero to Launch will help you. We tested it with people around the world until they found success. We also recorded every video, including full transcriptions, so you can watch it at your convenience.

“What if I’m left-handed? What if I live near the equator? What if my hair used to be blonde, but is now brunette, and I just saw two gray hairs last night?” We call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome,” where we believe something in our lives is so unique, nothing will ever help. At some point, you’re looking for an excuse not to join. My goal is to show you that is not true, that it's just a crippling excuse. We tested this material with men, women, beginners, experienced entrepreneurs, Americans, international students, and yes, even people who live near the equator. If you truly believe you are so unique that 10+ years of the most comprehensive material on starting an online business ever assembled will not help you, please don’t join!

"What if I'm just lazy and unmotivated?" A huge myth in behavior change is that the solution is to "buckle down" or "work harder." This is false. That's why a list like "3,000 ways to improve your online business!" is a waste of your time. You don't need an encyclopedia about online business or a list of random business ideas. You need to know how to turn your skills and passions into a profitable idea, then use a trusted, step-by-step system to turn it into a business. Zero to Launch shows you every step of this process.

"Is Zero to Launch right for me?"

“Is this course right if I want to create a physical product? Sell my services? Will it cover software/apps, and affiliate marketing?” Zero to Launch is designed to help you succeed in sharing your passion and expertise with the world. I’ve tested all of those approaches — affiliate marketing, apps, etc. — and they are rarely successful. I intentionally avoid business models that are especially challenging (like physical products).

Zero to Launch will show you how to take your expertise and package it up to sell it online, without the frustrations, expenses, and hassles of physical distribution. My team and I have tested this process in 34 different industries and with multiple price points and formats. I can teach you how to turn your knowledge into products that your customers will be delighted to pay for. Zero to Launch will also show you how to earn tens of thousands via online consulting. Even if you don't consider yourself a teacher or consultant. But I won’t be focusing on apps, physical products, or affiliate marketing, because for most students, it isn’t nearly as profitable, scalable, and maintenance-free as online products are.

"I already have an idea for a Costa Rican vacation website / New Jersey fruit-of-the-month club. Will Zero to Launch work?" Zero to Launch can give you the marketing insights to transform your business — if you’re willing to apply the principles to your business. The key here is to be open to changing your mind and listening to the market. We teach you exactly how to do this, but you must be open to trying a different way of looking at product creation and marketing. That is the reason IWT has been around for 10+ years and has 15+ successful products with over 15,000 customers. If you’re not ready to change your business to follow Zero to Launch principles, please do not join.

"I already sell ebooks and do all right. Will this do anything for me?" Yes, but you will probably have to completely change the way you think about customer research, marketing, product packaging, and pricing. There’s a reason my courses sell for 10x-100x the competition. It’s not just a fancier logo or better names. It’s baked in from the first day we do research. I’ll teach you how, but it will be very challenging and different compared to what you’re used to.

"Is this just for online businesses or can it be in conjunction with my brick-and-mortar company?" Zero to Launch is focused on starting an online business. If you're looking for advanced strategies to grow your freelancing or brick-and-mortar store, check out my 6-Figure Consulting course.

“Now isn’t a good time for me. When will Zero to Launch open again?” If now “isn’t a good time,” understand one thing: it’s NEVER going to feel like the right time. It’s never the right time to get married. Never the right time to have kids. Or move across the country. Or start an online business. We can dream about that magical day when the stars align, but that day isn’t coming.

At a certain point you have to stop waiting and make things happen for yourself. Now to answer your question, I don’t know when the course will open again. At least a few months, maybe longer. If you want to start an online business, the best time to get started is today. Zero to Launch comes with lifetime access so if you have to take a break, the course will be waiting for you when you're ready again. But only if you make the leap and get started.

How Zero to Launch works

“How does the course work?" Zero to Launch is an online, 8-week video course. All videos are transcribed and downloadable. I'll email you every week with new lessons and bonus material into a private IWT site I created just for you. I also include supplementary materials, including detailed case studies, worksheets, scripts, advanced teardowns, and a thriving support community. One important thing: Don't worry about falling behind. You have lifetime access to this material, so if you need to take a break, that's no problem — you can "resume" the material any time you want.

"Is this course live? What if I can’t fly to New York?" This is NOT a live, in-person presentation, so you can get started immediately. That also means you don’t have to spend money to attend an event, take time away from your family, and come back home with a notepad full of “to-dos.” Zero to Launch lets you complete this material from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. And since all videos are transcribed and downloadable in multiple formats, you can even learn during your commute. The course comes with lifetime access, so the strategies, tactics, and scripts in this course will always be available whenever you need them.

"Do I get access to the entire course at once?" No, and that is intentional. Zero to Launch is not about me dumping tons of information on you, wiping my hands, and saying, “See ya!” I intentionally tested and structured the material with precisely the right pace so you get the best results. I release new material every week for eight weeks.

"How much time does it take to do this course per week?" 5-10 hours per week. The more time you put in, the faster you’ll see results. You can also download the material to listen to on your phone, or read the transcripts — whatever's easiest for you. 5 hours is my recommendation, but because Zero to Launch comes with a lifetime access, you can go faster or slower if you want.

"Does Zero to Launch show me how to build a succesful business website?" Yes, in Zero to Launch, you'll discover exactly what your readers want to learn, how to create products that solve their problems, and what to put on your website to make sales.

"Does Zero to Launch cover business licensing, tax structure, etc?" No. These are typically things you need to worry about much later. Your first concern should be to find an idea that people will pay for, sell enough to know the idea is valid, then implement systems to “scale” your business. Many beginners waste months and months optimizing tax structures, only to find that their idea was never in demand in the first place — something I consider a tragedy.

What if...?

“Can I upgrade later?” Yes, you can upgrade to Platinum level at any time.

"Can I get a discount for being a student? In the military? Paying in cash? Non-profit? Asian?" Sorry, no discounts. I give away 98% of my material free, and my premium courses are too valuable to discount. If Zero to Launch is a financial strain for you, please don't join. Instead, start with a more affordable program like Earn1K or even my book to make this more affordable for you. (In Zero to Launch, I’ll teach you how to create material so valuable, you’ll never have to discount.)

"Can I just buy a portion of the program?" No. This is a system, not a series of unconnected tactics.

"You say joining with credit card debt is forbidden. What if I have student loan debt?" Student loan debt is OK. Here’s why: Student loan debt is good debt — you took it on for a good reason, at a much lower interest rate, and as long as you’re financially comfortable enough to join, I invite you in. Credit card debt is different: I want you to pay your CC debt off first, using my book from the library (or any other good book). When your CC debt is paid off, come back. Zero to Launch will still be here.

"Do you have a 12 month payment plan?" Yes, we do. With our payment plan, Zero to Launch costs less than the price of lunch every day.

"What if I try Zero to Launch, and I decide it isn’t right for me?” I stand by this course with a 60 Day, 100% money-back guarantee. This guarantee lasts 60 days, which lets you explore all eight modules, risk-free. Because we extensively tested it, I know the course works, so I can take on the risk myself. Try the entire course and decide if it’s right for you. However — and this is important — only join if you intend to follow the action steps. This course is not simply to consume information. It’s designed for you to take action. If you ask for a refund, we will require you to show us you completed the work.

"When will this be available again?" I don’t know, but when I reopen it, I will likely raise the price, just as I have with previous courses. (In the case of Earn1K, I doubled the price and never lowered it again.)

"How is Zero to Launch different from Earn1K? Which is right for me?" Earn1K is about freelancing. Zero to Launch is about starting an online business. Both are very different, but both are complementary. We’ve had Zero to Launch students who first took Earn1K and were very successful. We’ve also had Zero to Launch students find success without Earn1K. If your idea involves a service-based business — coaching, consulting, writing, etc. — I recommend you join Earn1K. Zero to Launch is about productizing your knowledge.

"Can I start with Zero to Launch or do I need to take other courses from IWT first?" You can start with Zero to Launch. It starts at a beginner level and quickly ramps into more advanced material. I also provide lifetime access, plus a support community if you ever get stuck.

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